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Digital Camera

Digital Camera

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Published by Matt N Johnson
What happens when you capture something on your digital camera that doesn't want to be seen?

A group of friends on a camping trip find out.
What happens when you capture something on your digital camera that doesn't want to be seen?

A group of friends on a camping trip find out.

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Published by: Matt N Johnson on Aug 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Digital CameraBy Matt N JohnsonMy favorite part of campingis the cookout. We all gatherround the fire pit after a longday of hiking, swimming or just hanging out doingnothing much at all.I’m drawn to the fire. The heat, the light, the glowingcoals as the fire dies down and the red flames playshadows across the faces of my fellow campers. Wavesof orange heat dancing over ashy wood like cracks inthe surface of some distant alien world or the burningcorridors of hell.Sometimes someone will feel moved to tell a ghoststory. I like those nights best.Except this night. This night was different. This nightthe ghosts came to sit with us putting their incorporealfeet up, setting their translucent hands on our
shoulders, and draining the heat from the fire with theirlong dead icy souls.It started with a camera. Just a simple digital camera.Nothing special, right? At least that’s what I thought.“Take my picture Mark!” said Amy.“Okay, smile.” I said smiling myself as if to modelthe proper way to smile for a photo.Click. The flash went off. I checked the screen. It wasbad. I should’ve turned the flash off.“Hey, Mark. Not tonight. Enough with the camera.Seriously. You’ve been snapping pics all day. Can’t we just sit. You know, without documenting the momentfor posterity.” Jean said. She didn’t much like meanyway. At least that’s the way it seemed. It was all shecould do to acknowledge my presence. Heradmonition may have been the most she’d said to meall day.“Right Jean. Got it. I’ll just point the camera awayfrom you. How’s that?” I said, following up with“happy now” under my breath.
I pushed a button on the back of the camera turningthe flash off.“Amy.” I said. Amy turned her head toward me.Click.Much better. The dark background, almost black, theorange light on her face. A nice moody photo. Akeeper.“That reminds me of a story.” Peter said.“What’s that Peter.” I said.“Your camera. The fire. The darkness closing inaround us.” Peter said.“Ohhh. I have goosebumps already Peter!” Amypushed Peter in the shoulder. Peter smiled and pushedhis curly hair out of his eyes.“Yeah, it happened to some campers, just like us.Well, actually it was a family, but they were camping.Somewhere, not too far from here.” Jean seemed to perk up and started listening moreintently.“What happened?” I asked.

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