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Architectones by Xavier Veilhan

Architectones by Xavier Veilhan

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Published by Patt Morrison

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Patt Morrison on Aug 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Xavier VeilhanArchitectones
The VDL house is a special house, similar to the Eames House in Pacic Palisades, it was conceived by the architectfor its own purpose, to live and work in. The VDL is a complex building, for example, it has 12 separate doors on theoutside alone. It is like a machine, a vehicle or a boat. Each room is created like a cabin; the house is both a shelter anda device to interact with the outside surroundings. The rst VDL was built in 1932 and unfortunately burned down in1963, the year I was born. It was rebuilt a year later. The house is part of the history of architecture, but also the his
tory of Richard Neutra’s private life. I believe I discovered this appreciation for modernist architecture as a child, frommagazines or movies: some houses immediately appeared to be ideal. I initially did not know that they were consideredarchitecture beyond those objects, as they felt more like autonomous manufactured objects to me.Architectones is the title of a series of works between sculpture and architecture created by Kasimir Malevich.I chose to name my project after these works by Malevich because my very concern is to establish a dialogue betweenart and architecture, in a personal list of modernist venues that I have chosen from around the world. This is not ashow about the history of architecture or another white cube exhibition; it is the answer to a question that I askedmyself: what would be the best, most challenging and most beautiful place for my work?“Architectones” begins in Los Angeles at Richard Neutra’s VDL: this is the most important modern architecturalprivate residence in America, as well as an architecture practice.The VDL is house and a machine, the result and the template of the brilliant development and vision of a young Aus
trian architect discovering the west coast and revealing his vision to his American clients.I have been lucky enough to stay in this house: it is not about façade, but about function, it is not about size or luxury,but about light and the relationship with the outside. The inside of the building has been designed like a car, a planeor even more like the cabin of a boat: it is the perfect equation between people and function.It is a unique opportunity for me to live, work and exhibit in this House: I will create a whole body of site specicworks, related to both actual experience and Richard Neutra’s life as a grid for a new type of art works narrative. TheHouse is in an in between space, halfway between privacy and public, actual real time experience and history. I want“Architectones” at VDL to seize, celebrate and extend the idea of modernity that this architecture represents.
Mobile (Neutra)The Golden Mobile is the only piece within the 12 pieces shown at the VDL that is not painted purely black. This is theexception that proves the rule. Neutra’s architecture is based on an accurate use of technology and orientated towardsnatural elements: similar to the mobile, a precisely balanced device that reveals the space and movement of an invisibleelement like air or wind. Like a large tree, the facade of the trunk and the branches will always be there but as time orcertain elements begin to interact with it differently, certain aspects of the tree, or in this case, the work, change. Neu
tra’s architecture is playing with the idea of transparency and reection, similar to me with my Golden Mobile. Fromthe rst mobile I designed in 2004, I always felt that they were a representation of people’s silent thoughts as they re
mind me of speech or idea bubbles. At the VDL, it happened to be more of an expression of our host, Richard Neutra.

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