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Social Security Guide, 2012

Social Security Guide, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Aug 08, 2012
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Social Security Guide August 9, 2012________________________________________________________________________________
Meet your Rapid City Social Security team
Gay Klima TollefsonAttorney at Law 
•Wills•Probates•Powers of Attorney 
TollefsonLaw Office
(605) 859-2783
PO Box 848
Philip, SD 57567
Fax: (605) 859-2743Email: grekt@gwtc.net
“Owned by those served”Bison, SD605-244-5211West River CooperativeTelephone Company605-244-5213
To contact the Rapid City Social Security office, call 1-866-964-7416.
________________________________________________________________________________Social Security Guide • August 9, 2012 •
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 Visit the website at www.socialsecurity.gov
Doing business with Social Security online is fast, convenient, and se-cure. You can get a quick and accurate estimate of your future retirementbenefits, use the online planners to prepare for retirement and even applyfor Social Security retirement, disability, and Medicare only online.It is also a valuable resource for information about all of Social Security’sprograms.
Call the toll-free number
 You can call Social Security toll-free at 1-800-772-1213. All calls areconfidential. Specific questions are answered from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondaythrough Friday. Information is provided by automated phone service 24hours a day. (The automated response system can be used to change an ad-dress, get proof of your benefit amount, or request a replacement Medicarecard or direct deposit.) If deaf or hard of hearing, call Social Security’s TTY number, 1-800-325-0778.
 Visit a local office
605 Main Street, Suite 201 Rapid City, SD 57701Phone toll free 1-866-964-7416; Fax 605-342-7840The Rapid City office is open to the public Monday – Friday 9 a.m.to 3:30 p.m., except Federal holidays.
How to contact Social Security
My wife and I bothworked under Social Secu-rity. Her benefit estimatesays she can get $850 amonth at full retirement age andmine says I would get $1450. Do weeach get our own amount? Someonetold me we could only get myamount, plus one-half of that amountfor my wife.
Since your wife's ownbenefit is more than one-half of youramount, you will each get your ownbenefit. If your wife's own benefitwere less than half of yours (that is,less than $725), she would receiveher amount plus enough on yourrecord to bring it up to the $725amount.
My spouse and I bothworked under Social Security. He'scurrently receiving benefits but Iwant to wait until age 70 so the de-layed retirement credits will makemy benefits higher. Someone told methat, when I reach fullretirementage(66) later this year, I can justapply for benefits as a spouse. Arethey right?
 Yes. If you are betweenfull retirement age
age 70, andyour spouse is receiving Social Secu-rity benefits, you can choose to fileand receive benefits on just yourspouse's Social Security record. If you only collect benefits as a spouse,you can continue to earn delayedre-tirementcreditsup until age 70.
I'm retiring early, atage 62, and I receive investment in-come from a rental property I own.Does investment income count asearnings?
No. We count only thewages you earn from a job or yournet profit if you're self-employed.Non-work income such as annuities,investment income, interest, capitalgains, and other government benefitsare not counted and will not affectyour Social Security benefits. Mostpensions will not affect your benefits.However, your benefit may be af-fected by government pensionsearned through work on which youdid not pay Social Security tax.
Will my retirementpension from my job reduce theamount of my Social Security bene-fit?
If your pension is fromwork where you also paid Social Se-curity taxes, it will not affect yourSocial Security benefit. However,pensions based on work that is notcovered by Social Security (for exam-ple, the federal civil service and somestate, local, or foreign governmentsystems) probably will reduce theamount of your Social Security bene-fit.
Get the facts about Social Security
The Rapid City staff answers the most frequently asked retirement questions
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