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Excerpt From One Lonely Night

Excerpt From One Lonely Night

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Published by Chantal Boudreau

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Published by: Chantal Boudreau on Aug 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Excerpt from One Lonely NightQuinn awoke to the sound of jagged fingernails scraping on his windowpane. The shrill squeal was enough to make him start and cringe. It took him a few groggyseconds to register what had roused him from his shallow sleep, one he had finallyslipped into only minutes before, after more than an hour of trying. Then the wave of nausea and pain struck him, followed by a burst of frustration and anger.Sitting up in his bed, he launched his pillow at the window.“God damn it! There’s nothing here you want! Why won’t you give me amoment of peace?”Considering how difficult it was for him to get to sleep in the first place andhow tired he always was, there wasn’t anything much more disheartening thanhaving his rest disturbed – especially by one of “them”. The response to his outraged assault included a low rattling moan and morescraping at the window. The zombie outside his bedroom would not easily bedeterred. With a groan of concession, Quinn got up and went into the kitchen tomake himself a cup of chamomile tea. He slouched in his chair, mug in hand andheaved a deep sigh.Worse than the physical discomfort due to his failing health was the lonelinessof being the only resident in his house, something that was even harder to bear atnight than in the day. He had nobody to check on in the two smaller bedrooms, andonly a cold empty space next to him in his queen-sized bed – nothing to comfort himwhen his condition made his life intolerable, and certainly nothing that would soothehim back to sleep.

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