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Singapore Power

Singapore Power

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Published by shokei

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Published by: shokei on Aug 09, 2012
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SAP Custm Succss Sty - Utlts Sct
“To build a world-class energy utility company,we want to empower and retain our besttalents. With an integrated SAP Human CapitalManagement system, we can now streamlineend-to-end HR processes to improve productivity,provide more responsive employee service andincrease efciency in the HR department.”
Ms Lynn Loh, Head of Human Resource and Administration, Singapore Power.
SingAPore Power
emp sta th  fccy 
Singapore is on a ast growth track, and there is much the island state can look orward to given the exciting array o initiativesaimed at propelling its economy even urther. The onlydampener, however, may be the shortage o talent.In a rapidly tightening labour market, the battle amongemployers to hire and retain skilled workers is gettingincreasingly competitive. Although an attractive pay package iscritical, the companies that attract and keep the right talent arethose that invest resources in developing their sta’s career and in oering work-lie policies.Singapore Power (SP) is one such orward-thinking company.It provides electricity and gas transmission and distributionservices, and marketing support services to more than a millioncustomers. Its vision is to provide reliable and efcient energyutility services to enhance the economy and quality o lie.
 A Ppl-td oasat
SP recognises that to meet the business challenges o today and tomorrow, it has to maximise the potential o its workorce,enabling efciency and swit response to changing globaland local regulations. This requires transorming traditionalhuman resource (HR) unctions into a comprehensive humancapital management (HCM) programme—one that integratesemployee processes and knowledge with business strategies and talent management.
 AT A gLAnCe
Singapore Power, one o thelargest corporations in Singapore,and a leading energy utility company in Asia Pacifc, wassupporting its employees rom anarray o separate HR systems.To ensure that it is able to manageits human resources efciently and eectively, the company implemented an integrated HCMsystem.
Key Challenges
HR unctions were operating ondisparate systems
Time-consuming manual processes
Multiple entries o the same datainto separate systems
Project Objectives
Enable workorce-related decisionsusing real-time inormation
Plan, monitor, and optimise humanresource strategies
Support and integrate all talentmanagement processes so as toattract, hire, and retain sta
Provide scalability to support thecompany’s uture growth
 Allow the HR department toprovide strategic value-addedservices to their sta versusbeing occupied with transactionalactivities
Solutions and Services
SAP ERP Human CapitalManagement includingOrganisation Management,Personnel Administration,Personnel Development, TimeManagement, Benefts and Payroll,Perormance Management, TravelManagement, e-Recruiting andLearning Solution
Employee Sel Service based onSAP NetWeaver® - SAP EnterprisePortal, SAP Composite ApplicationFramework and WebDynpro
Why SAP Solution
Rich unctionality and technical ft
Features a ully integrated HCMsystem
Key Benefts
Greater inormation transparency 
Higher data accuracy 
Scalable system that will grow withthe company 
Improved efciency 
This will then enable the organisation to attract the rightpeople, develop and leverage their talents in line with corporateobjectives and retain top perormers.As one o the largest corporations in Singapore with assetso S$18.3 billion, SP Group has 2,700 sta in our businessunits: Singapore Power Holdings, SP Services, SP PowerGrid,and PowerGas. With such a large sta strength to manage, SPneeded a single, integrated HCM solution to improve workorcepotential and support thecompany’s uture growth.However, the companyhad been using an array o customised in-house HR systems since its inception in1995, and they were unable toscale up and help ulfl SP’sHCM objectives.“We wanted an integrated system, one that will helpus grow into the uture and adopt best business practices.SAP Human Capital Management solution seemed the best ft,”said Ms Choo Shiao Bing, Deputy Director, Human ResourcePlanning, Singapore Power.
Spaat Systms
Prior to the SAP implementation, SP was using a number o systems which were developed in-house. As the company’sneeds grew, separate modules like training management and leave application were added. However, the lack o integrationbetween these modules made it increasingly difcult tomaintain. In addition, to generate certain reports, they had torely on IT sta to extract relevant data.
Bst Chc, Pct Ft
SP evaluated a number o solutions and eventually selected theSAP Human Capital Management solution.Key reasons or the choice include the solution’s richunctionality and technical ft o the solution, and the act thatSP was already a SAP ERP user.“We examined SAP against its peers and we liked their integrated platorm approach. As Singapore Power is already a SAP ERPuser, it made sense to take advantage o the seamless integrationbetween the HCM system and the rest o the SAP platorm,”explained Ms Choo.The HCM system was implemented in two phases, whichtook about a year to deploy. Phase One was or the core HCMmodules and went live on 3 January 2007. Phase Two, started towards the end o Phase One, and included the e-Recruitment and Learning Solution module whichwent live on 1 March 2007.The Learning Solution Moduleprovides a single platorm or theorganisation to support its sta’slearning and development needs.The employees are able to selecttheir learning activities, and learn acourse at their own pace and time.It also helped that SAP was ableto directly support SP during theimplementation to ensure the project’s success o the project.“SAP consultants were supportive and responsive during theimplementation and the project was completed on time,” said Ms Choo.
emp Sta 
In November 2006, SP leveraged the SAP Enterprise Portalsolution to set up its intranet corporate portal, which allows thecompany to communicate with its sta. Employee sel-service o HR services are also available via this platorm.“We didn’t want the SAP system to be used by only the HR team.We wanted a system that the employees could access and tomanage their work processes too,” said Ms Choo.Besides applying or leave and training sessions, sta can alsoupdate their particulars, claim allowances such as transport and mileage, and do their appraisals—all online. Administrativepaperwork has been reduced.Employees are now able to view their payslips online, and nolonger have to wait or the hardcopy to be sent to them
“We wanted an integrated system, onethat will help us grow into the utureand adopt best business practices. SAPHuman Capital Management solutionseemed the best ft.”
Ms Choo Shiao Bing, Deputy Director, Human Resource Planning,Singapore Power.
And though it is taking some time or SP’s sta to get used to thenew system, many are discovering its ‘powerul’ eatures.For example, in the previous standalone perormance appraisalsystem, inormation rom the appraisal system cannot begenerated and combined in the same HRMS report but has to betyped in manually.With the new system, relevant inormation can be easilygenerated and extracted. “It’s only been six months since weimplemented both phases,” said Ms Choo. “As we use more o theunctions and inormation in the new system, we look orward toimproving the operating efciency in HR .”
“SAP consultants were supportiveand responsive during theimplementation and the projectwas completed on time.”
Ms Choo Shiao Bing, Deputy Director, Human Resource Planning,Singapore Power.

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