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Batman: Year One Part 2

Batman: Year One Part 2

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Published by Rob2814
Part 2 of my Batman reboot
Part 2 of my Batman reboot

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Published by: Rob2814 on Aug 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Batman: Year One Part 2Script By Spidey23Batman and all related characters are owned by DC Comics.
We see a warehouseWe see two drug dealers sitting at a table with people standing around themOne is Roman Sionis. The other is a masked drug dealer called Prometheus.Roman: so Mr?
Prometheus: don’t have one, you can call me Prometheus.
 Roman: Like the movie?Prometheus: What?Roman: Never mind. So Mr Falcone tells me you got something we needPrometheus: I have the drugs, you have the money?Roman: Not here, not tonight we must make the exchange tomorrow.Prometheus: fine, if the money is not here tomorrow I will get my boys to kill youand Falcone.
Roman: You can’t kill Falcone.
 Prometheus: Watch Me.Roman stands up and gets his men and they leave.Prometheus smiles.We see James Gordon on the phone to his wife outside his office at GCPD
James: Sarah, Sarah listen to me, don’t leave Jersey.
Sarah: James, our baby is on the way, I need you.
James: Gotham is a shit hole, I’m not going to lie, don’t c
ome here ever ok?Sarah: James, my flight leaves tomorrow.James: How is little Barbara going?Sarah: she is holding up all right We see Sarah touching her stomach
James: just be careful that’s all.
 Sarah: I know James, but we will fight through it, together.James: I love youSarah: I love you to.James hangs up the phone.We see Sarah put the phone down also.James is walking to his car when he gets a phone call from Flass.James picks up
James: Yeah, Flass what’s up?
 Flass: Jimmie, get in the car and go to Wayne Road.James: why?Flass: two massive drug organisations just went inJames: How big is massive?Flass: very big.
James: I’m on my way.
 James hangs up and runs to his car he gets in and starts driving.
We see the warehouse and we see Roman’s
men walking insideJames arrives. Flass is nowhere in sight James rings Flass
James: Come on pick upThe phone dies.James: Flass!!!
One of Roman’s men overhears James Gordon.
 Roman Thug: Hey what the hell is going on over there?
Roman: don’t worry about 
it, just put these on.Roman hands every thug a black skull shaped mask Roman thug: why this?
Roman: Because it’s Milan fashion week.
 Roman hits the thug in the head.Roman and his thugs walk insideWe see James get on the phoneJames: Loeb, Commissioner Loeb are you there?Loeb: James what is it?
James: Flass is a traitor, apart from that I’m at Wayne Road, and two massive
Drug dealers are exchanging drugsLoeb: who is the dealer?James: that guy, Black Mask Loeb: I will get the SWAT team there now.James: thank you. What do I do now?Loeb: make sure they stay there.James: doneLoeb: and what about Flass?
James; don’t worry about it I will explain later.
 James hangs up the phone and goes back to his car.We see Roman and Prometheus sitting at the same table as last night.Roman: there is the money.Prometheus grabs the briefcase and looks.
Prometheus: It’s all there. I guess you want your drugs?
Roman: No I’m just giving you free money
Prometheus: don’t be smart arse to me
Roman: where are the drugs?Prometheus: here.
Prometheus’s men grab the drugs and puts them on the table.
 Roman: are they all there?Prometheus: PositiveRoman: good. Pleasure doing business with you.Prometheus: we are not doneRoman turns around.Prometheus: Now!Prometheus men set the warehouse on fire.Roman: the masks. Men get them off.As the heat goes up the mask melts onto the face of Roman and his men.We see Gordon sitting in his car.James looks over and he sees the warehouse on fire.James: what the hell?
We cut back to Roman. Who is on the floor crying.Roman: my face.We see Prometheus running.Roman: get back here.Roman grabs a gun from the floor and shoots
Prometheus’s men
 Prometheus keeps running the warehouse is slowly falling to pieces.Roman chases after Prometheus.Prometheus escapes but Roman runs outside straight into the S.W.A.T. Team.James: Your surrounded, put your hands in the airRoman does as told.We see Bruce Wayne walking around the city closest to the castle he saw on theplaneBruce walks up to the mountain, which the castle is onWe see him walking up the mountain.He passes by many people, the people stare at him, and they know who he is.Bruce approaches one of the men.Bruce: what is up there?Bruce points to the castle
Asian Man: Ra’s Al Ghul
Bruce: Ra’s Al Ghul?
 Bruce continues to climb the mountain he finally arrives at the castle.Bruce opens the door.Bruce walks inside
Bruce: Hello? Ra’s?
 We see a man appear
Bruce: are you Ra’s…
Ra’s Al Ghul: yes I am. I know who you are
Bruce: I’m a bit 
of a public figure
Ra’s Al Ghul: here they consider you a god.
Bruce: that’s nice of them.
Ra’s Al Ghul: Why are you here?
Bruce: I’m scared.
Ra’s Al Ghul: of what?
 Bruce: is there somewhere we can sit down and talk about it.
Ra’s Al Ghul: yes follow me.
Ra’s takes Bruce through his wonderful home; he has many people helping him
sustain a real life.Bruce: what is that?Bruce points to a door
Ra’s: that is a door Mr Wayne. Follow me through here.
Ra’s opens a door and inside is a room, with many chairs and
a table.
Ra’s: please sit, tell me about this fear.
Bruce: When I was younger, I… I fell down a well.
 We see a little Bruce Wayne, jumping on the wood. The wood snapsBruce: My dad, he told me to stop jumping. I did not listen
Ra’s: go on.
 Bruce: I fell down, and I moved a rock. And it left a doorway I touched the doorway and then bats came swooping out.

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