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Published by Kyaw Moe Hein
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Published by: Kyaw Moe Hein on Aug 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A peal of bells piercingly pealed out resounding. It was a school-break-time-for-food. At that time, the school-break-time-for-food was the time I hate most,papa.
'Marvin…where are you now???
We were together on school-desk at the school-break-time-for-food. Whenthe school-break-time-for-food comes, schoolchildren were usually pushing andshoving in a mass beside /tajou' gji:/ Ta Yoak Gyee's rice-noodle push-cart. Disheswere prepared one after another even without washing ones. Never gotten in fullwas enough money from the schoolchildren jostling and hustling, pushing andshoving, and eating. A rice-noodle dish, on the rice-noodle push-cart in disarray anddisorder, could be easily got free of charge as long as it was taken in haste, eaten inhurry and given in hustle and you slipped in bustle. We were knowledgeable aboutthat because of the fact that my friends boasted and bragged that taking pride inpraise. I hungered for eating rice-noodle. But I did not pluck up courage so much sothat.
School-break-times-for-food on which we had ever been sitting together!!!
One day, Marvin put a question to me (the answer was he had already wellknown).
Would you love to snack?'
And then a five-pence-coin came out of his hand.
'Here it is…'
'You take this, buy snack and eat that.'
I did not remember what snack I had bought and eaten.
"The time I hate most"
One day when I went to a residence-cum-shop near the office and boughtcheroots, it was coincided with the school-break-time-for-food of a little basiceducation-primary-school. Children were playing sports and games joyfully and joyously. Some children _ buying and eating ice-lollies_ were eating and buyingthem. Some children_ buying and eating refreshment mixed with sourness andrefreshment mixed with assorted fruits_ were buying and eating them. Havingasking an old lady, residence-cum-shopkeeper, for /ngwei na'ga/ Ngway Nagarrcheroots for me, there came an Indian boy. He said:
'Please give me one packet of plum-jam'
The old lady put one packet down and handed it. The Indian boy put fivekyats in cash into the old lady's hand at speed and left there. As I paid the cost of cheroots and turned back as well, the old lady' shout was heard
'Hey!' What she said was ' You Indian come back…come!!!'
Saying and speaking so, the old lady ran after him and took of the packet of plum-jam from the Indian boy's hand.
'Here you go!!' she said, ' out6 your money was well worn!'Bells for the school-break-time-for-food are going to ring out.
How, good children!!!
What time is the time you all hate most in the world of your own???
In our MYANMA history owing to king
) /ah noja hta/ thewhole age had been developed and evolved.Theravadda (Pāli:
) Buddhism /buud-di-z’m/ or /’budizam/ has beenaccepted and practiced. Pagodas and stupas were constructed,. Neighbouringcountries were also persuaded and made to believe in Buddhism /buud-di-z’m/or /’budizam/.
In stupid and silly kiing Sawlu’s time, how bad is it to hear that_ from thebeginning of the insignificant and non-sense gambling on cowries (play of dice), itstarts to break out the war so that
great kingdom was about to bebroken up as the bunch of bundles of bamboos were unraveled. Due to the best of
kram. sac sa: 
θá ]) ability, it was again stable. Biographies of
has also come to become the history of MYANMAR.
That is why those; who have the ability well to redevelop the worlddestroyed and degraded by bird-brained and hare-brained ones; are worth callinggreat men.
"To save our earth""To save our earth"; there are so many 'ohs' and 'ahs' in the air; it is in need of action-taking-into-account. In our grandfather and grandmother’s days, each and every one has seenMother Nature in her natural beauty filled with green. In our days, we are in danger of gettinglosing such things day by day. The reason why it has been on the air is to realize the value ofthe earth.
Come to think of it!!!
Nowadays, we are facing global warming, green-house effect, ozone depletion, ultraviolent radiation and even energy revolution owing to the side-effect of abusing the earth inmisuse. In consequences, it is coming into effect on violent storms such as acid-rain storm,snow-0storm, windstorm, thunder-storm, electronic-storm, and sand-storm as well as cyclone,typhoon, hurricane, monsoon, tornado or twisters including Nargis and Tsunami as such were wellknown. What is more_ there is nothing worse than bringing pollution into effects concerned withair pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and light pollution.
Thanks God! Such crisis might be solved by saving the earth. Let me set thee exampleof global warming by conserving the forests. There are three major stages to this process.First, The sun’ ray flooded into the earth. Next, it radiates from this planet. Meantime,plantation is absorbing poisonous gases so as to clean up the air. As a result, the atmosphereholds enough temperature for the world. Thus, woods cut down heat-waves (global warming),noxious vapor (greenhouse gas), contaminated wind and burdens related to the environment(earth). Besides, natural disasters regarding contamination may be limited. With respect tothis, benefits of saving our earth are considerable by conserving the forest as a good example.As a matter of facts, saving our earth is saving ourselves. So also, Buddha preferred saving theearth (turning to naturally-sustainable-ecosystem). It is highly recommended to put naturalrecourses into use in systematic way to keep ecological balance and to take reasonableadvantages. We could not help laughing that we require our sphere even though it does not callfor us. In reality, there is enough to meet everybody’s need, but not enough for everyone’sgreed. That is to say no one is allowed to see the forest for the trees, I say, not allowed tosee the world just for the sake of the other.
As a whole, it is necessary that, we should take great care of our earth for good fromgeneration to generation. As the saying go; “There is a will, there is a way”.
Today, world looks like a fast vehicle that is moving towards the highest level. Thecountries of the worlds are making efforts for development as much as they can. Not to be leftbehind the world and catch the trends of international development. The high standard of livingenjoyed in many nations today is based on industrialization, which requires the use of naturalresources. Such human’s activities as building cities, burning forests, exploding nuclear weaponsand pollution from industry and automobiles to the atmosphere have all effects on weather andclimate.
So, it is time to respect the environment for the sake of the goodness of our planet,earth. The natural beauty and natural resources we are using today do not form in a shortperiod of time. Natural resources are the elements of nature that society uses to help satisfyhuman’s need and desire. As our earth is priceless treasure, we should not waste the gift ofnature in useless way. Since our means of worldwide communication becomes efficient, webecome increasingly aware of how effective we are controlling the force of nature. Moreover,the impact of human development on the environment has been damaging enough to arouse theirconcerns of the world people. We should try to have new ways to look at, to see even toevaluate the world around us.
Successful implementation of universal crusades to save the planet calls for closecooperation among the nations of the world. All of us are obligated to try our best in ourrespective field. Whether the world will go on being fortunate or not is depending on theworldwide activities of conservation our environment.
 “Yearning”I happen to yearn for a woman who have ever said that only just on 1
November, thewinter comes suddenly just like getting down from the bus. I miss the smell of burning dry leaves,too. I still remember a passage in which I like to warm up the hand my beloved by putting on mycheck, written by someone .The scent of night jasmine is wafted through the northerly air that I have reminiscence. Moreover, I also miss her white wool sweater. But this yearningthat I myself want to accept, or, do others mean me to be like this. I cannot say for sure.To tell the truth, I love to gain knowledge, I belief that someone is yearning for me at thistime. Please do yearn for me.
“Destroyer”If the biography of 
Albert Einstein
n /;
the most distinctive scientist in twentieth century, is considered, it can be seen thatworld history has been changed turning point. Based on his discovery, atomic energy and nuclear energy came into being. Men were able to step on the moon.Coming out computer makes human history better to revolutionized great revolution.Even scientists could not predict how it may go further!Those_ who tend to destroy and devastate things_ might also appear. The great men_ whoare capable of redeveloping things, whichever were destroyed_ by them may also appear.

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