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Aisha - Truth

Aisha - Truth

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Exposing wife of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure progeny)
Exposing wife of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure progeny)

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Published by: Sayyed Dilaawar Al-Naqawiy on Aug 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Aisha: The Truth is Revealed
Has the Prophet (PBUH) ever mentioned Aisha as of the Greatest Women of the World? What do our Narrations tell us, here we will point to nothing but the narrations of our Sunni brother’s and sister’swhich where they themselves accept these narrations as Authentic!
 Aisha the greatest/excellent of Women?
So is Aisha of the most excellent of the women in paradise? Just because the Quran gives you the title of Om al-Momineen, this does not protect you from anything, or gives you a special status. Wasn’t thewives of Prophet Noah (as) and of Prophet Lut (as) as well called Om Al-Momineen? Weren’t they alsocursed in the Holy Quran? Nevertheless, this is not our topic at hand. Our first question will be answerdwith these two narrations here:Imam Ahmed records:
 Anas narrated that the prophet (s) said: "The most excellent of the women of all worlds are: Mary the daughter of Imran, Khadija the daughter of Khuwaylid, Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad,and Asiya the wife of Pharaoh" 
Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Volume 3 page 135 Hadith 12414Shaykh Shoib al-Arnaut stated:
‘Sahih on the conditions of two Shaykhs’ 
We also read:
Ibn Abbas narrates that Rasulullah (s) made four lines on the earth, then He (s) said to his companions, ‘Do you know what is this?’ They replied: ‘Allah and his messenger know best’. He (s) replied: ‘The most excellent of the women of Paradise are Khadija the daughter of Khuwaylid,Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad, Asiya the wife of Pharaoh, and Mary the daughter of Imran’ 
Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Volume 1 page 293 Hadith 2668Shaykh Shoib al-Arnaut stated:
‘The Chain is Sahih, the narrators are reliable (Thuqat), narrators of Sahih (books)’ 
So never has the Prophet (PBUH) in any way shape or form every has mentioned Aisha as of the greatestof women.
 Ayesha's jealousy of Khadija (as) is clear proof that she was not the most beloved wife
In Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5 Tradition 166, Ayesha herself narrates:
"I did not feel jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet as much as I did of Khadija though I did not seeher, but the Prophet used to mention her very often, and whenever he slaughtered a sheep, he wouldcut its parts and send them to the women friends of Khadija. When I sometimes said to him, "(You treatKhadija in such a way) as if there is no woman on earth except Khadija," he would say, "Khadija wassuch-and-such, and from her I had children."According to wikipedia “Jealousy typically refers to the negative or angry thoughts, feelings, andbehaviours of insecurity, fear, and anxiety that occur when a person believes a valued relationship isbeing threatened by a rival, or when another person is percieved to have some type of advantage” .Jealousy is a trait inherent in a person who is envious of the superior position of another, and Ayesha'sadmission "I did not feel jealous of any of the wives of the Prophet as much as I did of Khadija", is clear proof that Ayesha was fully aware of the superior rank of Khadija. Had Ayesha indeed been the mostsuperior wife there would have been no need for her to be jealous.These four women are the most superior in rank amongst women. Only one wife of Rasulullah (s) isselected in this group and that wife is Khadija (as) NOT Ayesha. This tradition PROVES that Khadija is theMOST superior amongst Rasulullah's wives. If Ayesha was, then why did Rasulullah (s) not elevate her tothe station of Leaders of women in Paradise?
 Aisha accuses the Prophet (PBUH) of bewitchment?
One of the first things that Aisha lied against the Prophet (PBUH) is that she accused the Prophet of being bewitched! That the jews bewitched the Messenger of Allah and his bewitchment lasted for sixmonths, and that he imagined that he did things, but in reality did not do it. That he also imagined thathe would have sexual relationships with his wives, but in reality didn't.i.e. Meaning that his mind was confused, meaning bewtichedThis claim that Aisha say’s about the Prophet (PBUH) one cannot reject it since it comes from the mostSahih of their Books (authentic), in Sahih Bukhari.Open up this book:Arabic Version: Volume 4, page 91English Version: Volume 4, Book 53, Narration #400in the Chapter “The Character of Iblis and his Soldiers’If you gowww.sahih-bukhari.com/Pages/Bukhari_4_53.phpChapter is also called ‘One-fith of Booty’Bukhari put this narration in this Chapter, so why? we know that Magic is that of the Accursed Satan, amagician seeks the help of Satan in order to affect the bewitched one by his magic.
So this is of the character of Iblis, and imagine that they were able to control the Messenger of Allah andbewitch him.
 Aisha says: Once the Prophet was bewitched, so that he began to imagine that he had done athing which in fact he had not done.
Meaning that Prophet (PBUH) would imagine he would enter into bed with his wives, but in REALITY hedid not, why because he was bewitched.Bukhari has added a commentary in this narration by Sufyan, the Son of ‘Uyaynah, the narrator of thisNarration:He says: “That is the most intense of magic as it has such an effect”This means that the Prophet (PBUH), according to Aisha’s claim, was bewitched by the most of intensemagic there is!So, how do you answer to Aisha? How can you believe Aisha’s claim? With these words Aisha herself contradicts the Holy Quran, and supports the claim of the disbelieving polytheists. Her claim confirmthat Satan has power and control over the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), because he had been bewitched!Can we accept this? That Satan have control over a believer with a sincere faith? The Seal of theProphets?Prophet Muhammad is The Master of the Believers, is hard to accept...this is just one of the narrations, infact she has many narrations saying that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was bewitched. Theseaccusations by Aisha can bring the concept of Prophethood to fail, someone that can be controlled bythe devil’s cannot be considered a Prophet!What does Allah (swt) say about Satan?Indeed, he has no power over those who believe and put trust in their Lord. HIs power is only over thosewho befriend him, and those who polytheist in Him. (Nahl:99-100)So Satan cannot have the power over a believer, but his powers can be over that the befriends him. Over the disobedient, the sinner, the disbeliever, the hypocrite, and the rejector!If we would’ve confirmed that the Messenger of Allah was bewitched, it means that Satan had power over him! This contradicts the Holy Quran, everything just fail’s because of Aisha’s claims.Allah (swt) in the Quran Promised and said:Allah will suffice you (for defense) against them. [Quran 2:137]Allah will suffice him from the evil of the devils, magicians, disbelievers and hypocrites.

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