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Writ100 MM Guide

Writ100 MM Guide

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Published by Andrew Davis

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Published by: Andrew Davis on Aug 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Multimodal Project Sample AssignmentWriting 100Instructor
Multimodal Assignment (
, Chapter 53)
Science and Technology: Composing A Technology Review Website for Ole Miss Students
 "After all, when you come right down to it, how many people speak the same language even when they speak the
same language?” ~ Russell HobanIn your last paper, you reviewed a mobile technology product in a very traditional, academic form, the
argumentative essay, using a moderate, academic voice for a general, academic audience over the age of 30. For this assignment, you will change the form, the voice, and the audience of that paper. Your assignment is to rework your mobile technology review into a webpage for a technology review website that you will create by yourself or with one other classmate. Yo
ur website may contain any of the information you used for your argumentative paper, but it may also include personal anecdotes, funny graphics, and pictures. It should also address student issues like
whether this product is too expensive for the average student, whether it is too heavy or fragile to carry around in a backpack, how likely it is that this product will be stolen from your library cubby while you are grabbing a cup of coffee, how much the product increases your personal attractiveness, or any other issue that would interest an OleMiss student. The purpose of the website you design is to provide student-to-student reviews of mobile technology products. The website design should appeal to Ole Miss students.
Learning Objective:
To develop skills in composing electronic text for a specific audience and to develop skills inworking collaboratively.
Ole Miss students.
Provide Ole Miss students with information about a product, an evaluation of the product, and anengaging argument supporting that evaluation.
Format for website:
A home page; two or three review pages (depending on group size) and any additional pagesthe group decides to include.
This assignment is worth 15% of the final grade. You will be assessed on your ability to design awebsite that engages a specific audience and to compose a website that presents a well-supported evaluation inelectronic text that engages a specific audience.
Due Date:
Weekday, Date 
Multimodal Project Sample
Calendar f 
or Students
First Class
 Before class:
Read Chapter 53, "Electronic Text," in
. Then visit one of these technology websites:engadget.com, gizmodo.com, reviews.cnet.com, or lifehacker.com. Read the sites, and think about Norton's adviceon electronic text. Write a journal entry (
R.J. 13
) reviewing the site in light of the advice given in Norton. Does thesite seem to follow Norton's suggestions regarding electronic text? What was engaging about the site? Whatseemed wrong or out-of-place in the site?
 In class:
Elements of electronic compositionSecond Class
 Before class:
Read pages 215-16 of Norton on collaborative writing. Then write a journal entry (
R.J. 14
describing a group project that you have worked on previously. How well did the group follow Norton’s advice?
How well did the group succeed? What were the group’s strengths? What were the group’s weaknesses? Then
explain your choice to work alone or with a partner for this project.
 In class:
Collaborative writing Third Class
 Before class:
Plan the website with group members
 In class:
Work on the website.Fourth Class
 Before class:
Continue working on website
 In class:
Work on the ePortfolio. Fifth Class
 Before class:
Work on website
 In class:
Work on ePortfolio. Sixth Class
 Before class:
Prepare a peer review draft
 In class:
Peer review.Seventh Class
 Before class:
Revise website
 In class:
Editing in an electronic mediumEighth Class
 Before class:
Prepare final draft
 In class:
Project due; metacognitive reflection 

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