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Tyagi Report

Tyagi Report

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Published by: Kondamadugula Sudhakar Reddy on Aug 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a) HelicopterType and Model : Bell 430Nationality : IndianRegistration : VT-APGb) Owner/Operator : Govt. of Andhra Pradeshc) Date of Accident : 02.09.2009d) Time of Accident : 09:28 IST (Approx.)e) Last Point of Departure : Begumpet Hyderabadf) Point of Intended Landing : Chittoorg) Geographical Location of Accident : At a distance of 26 kmfrom Atamkur
:N 15° 47´04.7¨E 0742´ 40.9¨Altitude: 1230 ft.h) Type of Operation : General Aviation i) Phase of Operation : Cruise
(All timings in the report are in IST)
On 02.09.2009 Andhra Pradesh Government Bell 430 helicopter, VT-APG metwith an accident while operating flight from Begumpet Hyderabad to Chittoor.Initially, there was confusion regarding occurrence of accident. However, later itwas confirmed that helicopter had crashed and the wreckage was sighted at09:20 IST on 3.09.2009 by Indian Air Force helicopter. The accident occurredwhile the helicopter was on its way to Chittoor in Rudrakodu hills of Nallamallaforest range.The accident was investigated by Committee of Inquiry appointed under Rule 74of Aircraft Rules, 1937. As per the obligations under ICAO Annex 13, notificationwas sent to National Transport Safety Board (NTSB), USA, the State of enginemanufacture and Transport Safety Board (TSB), Canada, the State of helicoptermanufacture. TSB, Canada and NTSB, USA appointed their accreditedrepresentatives and authorized engine manufacturer M/s Rolls Royce and M/sBell Textron to associate with the investigation of engine, ECU and Wreckage.The CVR data was downloaded at the NTSB facility in USA in presence of therepresentative of the committee.The helicopter took off from Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad at 08:38 IST and wascleared for altitude of 5500 ft enroute at a radial of 172
. It had been encounteringclouds from the beginning. At 9:10:50 IST and at a distance of 64 nm thehelicopter entered the clouds. As per CVR readout helicopter weather radar waspainting red. Last radio contact with Approach Hyderabad was made at 09:12:52IST and that was the last contact the helicopter had with any ATS units during itsflight. The helicopter painted on the radar screen of approach radar Hyderabadup to 9:13 IST and at distance of 79.2 nm from VOHS Airport. Till the helicopterpainted on the radar screen it was maintaining an altitude of 5500 ft and groundspeed of around 140 kts.At 9:13:17 IST due to weather they decided to be slightly on the left of the track.Although they cleared the red zone as painted on helicopter weather radar,
however they continued to fly through the clouds. At 9:16:31 IST they observedthat clouds were more on the right of the track and quantum of clouds wereincreasing. They decided that after crossing Krishna River they would turn left.At 09:21:07 IST they encountered the snag of transmission oil pressure.Thereafter they got engaged in finding out the procedure in emergency checklistfor the transmission oil pressure and they were not able to find it. 09:27:24 ISTonwards, there were repeated callouts from co-pilot to “
Go Around
”. The EngineControl Unit(ECU) readout shows that during the last 14 seconds the rate ofdescent was in excess of ten thousand feet/minute indicating that the helicopterduring this period when the co-pilot was giving callouts for go around wasencountering very high rate of descent. Thereafter helicopter crashed due to lossof control resulting in high rate of descent in down draught. The helicopterimpacted the ground and all occupants on board died due to crash injuries.

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