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Request for Proposals: 3rd Party Digitization Initiatives, Library of Congress

Request for Proposals: 3rd Party Digitization Initiatives, Library of Congress

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Published by LJ's infoDOCKET

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Published by: LJ's infoDOCKET on Aug 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DRAFT RFP – 8/8/12
DRAFT Request for Proposals
This solicitation #_______ is for the no-cost procurement of digitization services for the Library of Congress (Library). The Library seeks proposals from commercial and non-commercial entities inthe digital content community, such as e-book publishers or distributors, educational institutions,libraries, archives, and others involved in the development of digital collections and disseminationof digital materials, to digitize Library materials in an effort to increase accessibility to theLibrary’s collections.
Offerors may propose multiple projects, but each project shall be considered separately for the purposes of evaluation and will result in a separate contract. Each proposal must contain separateand complete information for each individual project (i.e., every set of materials) proposed by anofferor in order to be considered by the Library.All proposals submitted in response to this solicitation shall be arranged and delivered as detailedin section L. Incomplete offers may be rejected without further consideration. The information provided in the proposal shall be concise, specific and complete.All offers shall be compiled and submitted as a signed electronic copy. Offerors should retain acopy for their reference.
This is a standing solicitation continuously open for offers. Offers will be reviewed twice a year in February and August.1 of 44
DRAFT RFP – 8/8/12
This contract will involve no cost to the Government for digitization of materials. The Contractor shall furnish the necessary personnel, material, equipment, services, and facilities (except asotherwise specified) to perform the statement of work included in section C. The Contractor’stechnical proposal, entitled _____ dated _____, is made a part of this contract. In the event of anyinconsistency between the provisions of this contract and the Contractor’s technical proposal, thecontract provisions take precedence.ItemDescriptionPrice1Project management (including, but not limited to:development of project plan, reporting on project status,oversight of contract work) No cost2Shipping of material to the contractor and return to theLibrary (if off-site digitization to be performed) No cost3Preparation of materials for digitizationNo cost4Digital conversionNo cost5Quality assurance review and necessary corrective actionNo cost6Cataloging/metadataNo cost7Delivery of files to the LibraryNo cost8Production of derivatives (as applicable)No cost9Production of OCR for text retrieval (as applicable)No cost10Rights clearance (as necessary)No cost Note: The Library is seeking contractors at no cost to digitize collection materials on a project basis in a format agreed upon between the Library and the contractor. The contractor agrees todigitize the materials and provide the deliverables noted in the other sections of this contract. Inreturn for access to the Library’s materials, the contractor may market and resell, for a limited period, access to the digitized collection to cover the costs of digitization. The objective of thiscontract is to provide the Library with high quality digital copies of physical originals thatultimately can be made accessible to the public. The Library is seeking innovative solutions for the digitization of its materials and is receptive to all no-cost alternatives.2 of 44
DRAFT RFP – 8/8/12
The Library’s collections materials include millions of items in formats such as monographs,serials, bound newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, sound recordings, films, videos, sheet music, photographs, posters, microfilm, and maps. Its collections enable the Library in its mission tosupport the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledgeand creativity for the benefit of the American people. One means of accomplishing this mission isto make collections materials available, not only on-site at the Library, but through digital copiesof the materials on the Library’s web site. Moreover, the digitization of Library materials assists in preserving the collections for future generations.In order to respond to increasing expectations for collections materials and related items to bemade available on the Library’s web site, the Library seeks to supplement its existing digitization programs by entering into no-cost contracts for the scanning or digitization of Library materials for the mutual benefit of the contractor and the Library in accordance with the attached principles (seeSection J, Attachment 1).
Regardless of the specific material identified, at a minimum, and as describedfurther herein, the Contractor’s responsibilities will include:A. digitizing the materials at the Contractor’s expense, including providing its ownequipment and personnel to perform the digitization;B. providing the Library with a copy of the digitized materials in the format designated for the individual project materials, as agreed upon between the Library and the Contractor,which the Library shall be permitted to make immediately available on-site;C. providing the Library with core metadata for the digitized materials in the formatdesignated for the individual project materials, as agreed upon between the Library and theContractor;D. providing the Library with free or discounted access to the Contractor’s productsresulting from the digitization irrespective of and during any period of delay in publicaccess that is granted to the Contractor in exchange for recouping first copy costs for non-commercial uses by on-site patrons and Library employees; andE. making materials widely available.
In exchange for the no-cost digitization of the Library’s materials, the Library will provide the Contractor with access to Library materials. The Library also may provide theContractor with:3 of 44

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