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A Boot Stamping on a Human Face

A Boot Stamping on a Human Face

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
We are taught that we are free but the reality of Corporate conditioning is creating a land of sheep
We are taught that we are free but the reality of Corporate conditioning is creating a land of sheep

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Aug 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Boot Stamping on a Human Face
“Why are you looking so, so…, oh, hell, I don‟t know,” asked Sue.
“Oh, I was just watching the latest Romney spot on the television,” responded Bill in a
kind of out of it way.
“And it has left you befuddled?”
“No, God no, I don‟t think anything Romney has done would ever befuddle me. I think 
what has me a bit verloren is how people can fall for the lines these politicians feed them. Imean, they talk about a plan of theirs and yet they say absolutely nothing. But then, the people inthe audience are cheering and going nuts over nothing or without thinking about what the guy is
saying or trying to put it into context with the overall person that Romney is,” said Bill taking a
seat on the sofa next to Sue with some papers in his hands.
“What are those?” she asked pointing at the papers.
“Oh, just some documents a friend gave me that I thought could illustrate a point.”
After some appreciable amount of thoughtful silence, she finally asked, “What is the point?”
“That‟s the probl
. I think that I know what it is but I just can‟t seem to put my finger on it.”
“Well, tell me what you do know and maybe we can figure it out together.”
 Bill looked at her for a couple of moments as he tried to get his thoughts together andfinally star
t, “As you know,
this depression has been a heyday for the rich at the expense of 
everyone else.”
“Nothing out of the ordinary with the rich living off of the misery and labors of everyoneelse; that is the entirety of human history,” replied Sue.
“And peo
ple never learn. They are taught to idolize these money/power addicts through
 propaganda such as fairy tales.”
“What did Romney say?” asked Sue to get things moving along.
“He said that he was working for a harder working America. I just wonder what he mea
ntby that. With this depression, unions have been extremely weakened. People who know whatthey are doing are making a killing off of the stock market.
“Don‟t forget the unbelievable killings they are making in the real estate market.”
“Oh my God yes, actually reminds me of Pompey the Great‟s
Fire Company
“You mean the one where he would rush his men to a fire. Say the house was worth
100,000, he would offer the owner maybe 25,000 for it. If the owner declined, which they wouldlikely do at that price, Pompey would start to pack up his men and off 5,000. Each time theowner hesitated or declined and the fire did more damage the price would drop until the houseburned to the ground or the owner would take whatever was on the table so they would salvageso
“Sounds like insurance companies learned a lot from Pompey the great. But I guess my
main point is that unions have been weakened, wages have been cut, prices are constantly rising,voting rights are being limited; I think that they are trying to
 push to the heyday of the 1880‟s
when the American worker was slightly better off than a slave.
“What exactly does that mean?” asked Sue.
“Well, it is all nice that we have our Bill of Rights and a government that is all about
people involvement, but I think that there is a stronger force which is conditioning most intosheep. When I taught at school, I had another teacher come to me in tears. As you know, wetaught emotional support children. She was worried that she was having no effect on thechildren. I told her that she was fighting an uphill battle. I told her that you try to teach them howto act responsibly but it is almost futile. The children are surrounded by the opposite most of thetime. We figured it out. It came out to that she only had them about 12% of the time. She hadonly a 12% influence on them. 88% of the time was watching people acting ignorant to each
other on television reality shows and their own families‟ dysfunction. I told her that you are a
pipe dream and that is their reality. Who do you think is going to have the most influence, your
12% or their 88%?”
“I think that I see what you are saying. We have the rights and a voice in our government
but most of our lives we are told that we need to keep our mouths shut and listen. If we sayanything, we are not a team player and are a trouble maker. So, our conditioning in the corporateworld is to be drones or sheep. We have spent so much time with that and are rewarded for itwith our paychecks and promotions that we have lost our will to speak up in our government. So,
more and more, we are losing control of our government.”
“A good example is Wal
-Mart. Sam Walton built his empire by using his employees ashis eyes and ears as to what was going on in the stores and even the competition. He knew thathe owed a lot of his success to his employees and their dedication. He had learned this from themilitary. He learned to treat them with respect and their dedication was his greatest asset. I wasalways told that it would be interesting to see what would happen once he died. Here is aperfectly good example. This page is an actual write up of a Wal-Mart employee.
“As you can see, it is a performance write up. I was told by the individual that the reason
they had fallen behind was because they were helping others with their binning. One associatewas binning in the trailers outside and this individual was helping the one outside to get all of the

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