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NCERT Sanskrit Shaswati Class XII

NCERT Sanskrit Shaswati Class XII

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Published by rudragni108

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Published by: rudragni108 on Aug 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 plo!livl[< nm  NÝzN< clJ<c}Nzdg 
c{Elg nmNdk/l 
eonm hk :225 clX*l =3:6 
uDzqhk :221 ule!iw =3:3 twikf :226 clX*l =382 
RD 8T @N
kl*U«f< !lXe|ld uw} nm )lw ulXk c{e!l|l/l  cek*lo~P :225 
 (- 77-22
.w-nf-j[ -ulk-Uf- ilUkgli[  ] 12 tf-.n-.g- cxck ck g} eo{zM c{dl!lw eiFllv gx neriP kl*U«f< !lX e|ld uw}nm)lw  ulX k c{e!l|l/l cek*lo~P Kf ukeim o glv[ P w<f eoSsf  ==2 2=5 plkl c{dle!lz zEll cxesdw c{XnP .%47P wlkl</ll jm@eNU«<s .ek<lP cx]t%
wj[ eoSsf ==22:6 plkl g}eo{zM 
CXJO 6=-1472-586-=
 nil[e)dlk n}ke|lz 
 c{dl!ld df cqi[ uw}gez ix] ehwl jn c{dl!lw ix] ednf Fllv dlx Olcwl zEll  jsxDU«lQewdfP g!lfwfP c]lxUlxc{ezesecP ekdlQe@[½v uElil ednf uW< eie) nx c}w' c{<lxv  c¾ez plkl `ndl nmv{a/l uElil c{nlk/l iet[z aXM
 jn c}Nzd df ehÖf jn !lz[ ix] nlEl df vj[ aX ed c{dl!ld df cqi[ uw}gez ix] ehwl  <a c}Nzd ucwx gqs ulik/l uElil etSo ix] uslil ednf uW< c{dlk nx I<lclk plkl  `)lkf ckP c}wei[Ö< <l edkl. ck w of tl.vfP w hxrf tl.vfM
 jn c{dl!lw dl naf gqS< jn cb*J ck g}eå{z aXM kh@, df g}ak uElil ercdlj[ vj[  crf[ &eNUdk# <l ednf uW< eie) plkl umedz dlxj[ Flf nm!llxe)z gqS< vsz aX zEl glW< wafm alxvlM
 c{ dl!lw na<lx v 
uæ<|lP c{ dl!lw eiFllv'
cx ×<xeU kltli}]glk 
 g}\< `Zclow ueældlkf'
e!li i}]glk 
 g}\< nmclod'
!ixzl `Ccs 
 g}\< I<lclk áhm)d'
vlXzg vlmv} sf 
 nal<d nmclod'
.g- sls 
 nal `Zclow ue)dlkf'
uz} s nDnxwl 
ulik/l .im er0llmdw 
u;c v} Czl 
 .w- nf- j[- ulk- Uf- ix ] c{ dl!lw eiFllv ix ] dl<l[ s< 
 .wnfj[ ulkUf iX m  ]cn  Kf ukeim  o glv[ 
 w<f eoSsf ==2 2=5
 c]lxw ' 2==%:575:126=26P =22 c]fU klx@  ax sf .DnUx m  xm  !lwP alxN@xix ]kx  hwl!lm  dkf 
jNUx t 
 hX mvsqk 752 267
 c]lxw ' 262%:51:7142 witfiw U« NU Fliw  @ld9lk witfiw 
uagolhlo 862 2=4
 c]lxw ' 213%:174=445 nf@HS<qnf iX m]cn  ewdU' )wds hn NUlQ  c cewaUf 
 dlx sdlzl 122 ==4
 c]lxw ' 288%:7782474 nf@HS<q nf dlQ  GCsX Dn   glsfvlm  i 
 v}  ilalUf 16=2:=
 c]lxw ' 285=%:514653

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