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Forex Breakout Strategy

Forex Breakout Strategy

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Published by Reggie Marcello
Forex trading breakout strategy
Forex trading breakout strategy

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Published by: Reggie Marcello on Aug 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tim Trush & Julie Lavrin
Forex Trading Strategy
Your guide to financial freedom.
© Tim Trush, Julie Lavrin, T&J Profit Club, 2007 – 2012, All rights reserved
Table Of Contents
Chapter I: Introduction
I.1. Why
What makes the
strategy different and
I.2. What is really a “breakout”?_______________________________________________________3
Identify “good” breakouts and “false” breakouts. Good breakouts result in nice profits, but false breakouts turn back tolosses. The next paragraph will reveal the secret why false breakouts occur more often and who is responsible for this phenomenon.
I.3. The secret behind false breakouts___________________________________________________4
Have you heard about the old famous
? Have you ever tried it? Have you tried to trade the breakouts? Forget it.Let's explain the insider's secret why most traders lose money trying to catch the breakouts. Let's discover the myth.
I.4. Julie comes with a genial solution: Enter the breakout before the crowd!__________________5
This is the heart of the
strategy. Julie has found a tricky way to distinguish between good breakouts andfalse breakouts. Moreover, her eyes see a breakout before it happens!
“Amazing, I can't believe I'm doing this!”
Chapter II: Entry
II.1. Chart set-up____________________________________________________________________6
Prepare your chart.
II.2. Entry rule______________________________________________________________________7
Enter the market only when your system tells you. Emotionless trading.
II.3 Practical implementation_________________________________________________________9
Recognize a valid entry step by step.
Chapter III: Exit
III.1. Chart set-up__________________________________________________________________11
Prepare your chart.
III.2. Exit rule_____________________________________________________________________12
Remember: Exit is much more important than entry! Knowing when it is time to exit the market is a very important task.Some traders get out too early of a winning trade because they do not follow a given system. Some traders enter the market blindly and they nervously watch the chart and ask themselves: “Should I close the position now... or NOW?!”. Their emotions control their trading and they consistently lose money. Remember, it is a discipline that separates winners fromlosers.
Chapter IV: Maximize your profits and achieve exponential earnings
If you strictly follow the money management rules, it is a very easy task to become a Forex millionaire in a relatively shorttime. Can't believe? Let us show you the math.
Chapter I: Introduction
I.1. Why
Enter the market before the crowd.
With this strategy you will be able to predict breakouts before the momentum traders arrive.
MagicBreakout is a conservative trading strategy
It's safe. You risk a small amount of money on every trade.
Trade by following a set of simple rules.
Easy to implement.
Convince yourself that trading is really easy!
If you stick to the rules and go through a series of losing trades, you will finally become profitable.
Our MagicBreakout strategy has become a key of the top traders.An improved
strategy can make +67% in one month.Our student made 5400% in one year using his own exit rules.
I.2. What is really a “breakout”?
A breakout happens when the price breaks a significant high and makes a new high. This is thedefinition. Let's give an example.Another breakout happens when the price breaks a significant
and makes a new

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