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Scale Main Table Retailing

Scale Main Table Retailing

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Published by Arathi Sundarram

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Published by: Arathi Sundarram on Aug 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table 1. Scale SummaryVariable Sample Item# inSurveySource
Given a choice, I buy American-made rather thandomestic products.
I prefer American products over domestic products.
American products are of higher quality thandomestic products.A3A10A17Proprietary(Adaptedfrom Shimp& Sharma,1987)ClothingInterest
I like clothing so much that I spend more money thanI should.
I want to be one of the best-dressed women/men.
Selecting my wardrobe is one of my favoriteactivities.
I would rather spend my money on clothes than onanything else.A18A21B24B21Lumpkin(1985)Brand-Consciousness
It is important to buy well-known clothing brands.
I try to stick to certain brands.
When I find brand like, I continue to buy it.
A well-known brand means good quality.
I pay attention to brand names.A5A12A9A14A4Shim&Kotsiopulos(1993)ConsumerSusceptibility toInterpersonal Influence
 To ensure that I buy the right brand, I observe whatmy friends are buying.
I seek my friends’ advice regarding which brands tobuy.
It is important that my friends like the brands I buy.
By buying the same brands as my friends, I achievea sense of belonging.
I buy the latest fashion when I am sure my friendslike them.
If I have little experience with a brand, I will ask myfriends about the product.
If other people see me using a product, I buy thebrand they expect me to buy.
I like to know what brands make a good impressionon others.
I achieve a sense of belonging by buying the samebrands that others purchase.
If I want to be like someone, I try to buy the samebrands that they buy.
I often gather information from friends or familyabout a brand before I buy.A2A15A7A13C1C4C11C16C34C25C24Bearden,Netemeyer,& Teel (1989)
Consumers’Need forUniqueness
 The brands that I like best are the ones that expressmy individuality.
An important goal is to find brands thatcommunicate my uniqueness.
I look for one-of-a-kind products to create my ownstyle.
I buy unusual brands to create a more distinctivepersonal image.
I stop wearing fashions when they become popularwith the general public.
Rules are made to be broken.
Being inappropriately dressed dose not prevent mefrom wearing what I want to wear.
I often try to find a more interesting version of run-of the mill products because I enjoy being original.
I develop my personal uniqueness by buying specialbrands.
Having an eye for products that are interesting and(I often purchase)unusualassists me in establishing (brands to create)a(more)distinctive(personal) image.
 Theproducts andbrands that I like best are the onesthat express my individuality.
 Things that I buy shape a more unusual personalimage.
I dare to be different with my clothes in ways thatothers may disapprove.
I dress unconventionally even when it might offendothers.
Concern for being out of place doesn’t prevent mefrom wearing what I want to wear.
When I dress differently, I’m often aware that othersthink I’m peculiar, but I don’t care.
When brands become extremely popular, I loseinterests in them.
When a clothing brand becomes too popular, I wearit less.
I often try to avoid products or brands that I knoware bought by the general population.
I dislike brands bought by everyone.
I avoid brands that are bought by the averageconsumer.B20B10B6B2B4B19B22--B17------B23B12B8----B11B25---B14B18 Tian et al.(2001)ExtendedLifeSatisfaction
 The conditions of my life are excellent.
I am satisfied with my life.
I have the things I consider important in life.
I am pleased with my self as an individual.
My life is close to ideal.
I am satisfied with my physical appearance
My actual self is close to my ideal self 
 There is nothing about my physical appearance thatI would like to change.
As an individual, I consider myself excellent.B5B9B13B3B1B7B16B15--Alfonso etal.(1996)
I am confident that I achieve the success I deserve in life.
Advertisers exaggerate claims made about their brands.
I buy those brands that I think others will approve.
I feel depressed.
Television advertisement tells only the good things about brands.
I am a knowledgeable consumer.
I do not feel in control of my success in my career.
When I try, I succeed.
I know a lot about different types of stores.
Promotions influence my clothing choices.
Television advertising does not offer useful information about brands.
When I fail, I feel worthless.
I know what is a reasonable price to pay for something.
Advertising does not influence me when buying clothing.
I consult other people to help me choose the best brand.
I buy clothes without much planning.
Promotion makes me want to buy a particular brand of clothing.
I comlete tasks successfull.C2C3C5C7C8C9C10C12C13C14C15C17C18C19C20C21C22C23C26C27?
Be one that I enjoy.
Make me feel good.
Give me pleasure.
Make me want to use it.
Feel comfortable using it.
Be one that I would feel relaxed about using.D1D4D7D8D9--Sweeney(2001)PerceivedQuality
Be reliable.
Be durable.
Be high quality.D3D6D10Adaptedfrom Doddset al.(1991)BrandLoyalty
I am loyal to this brand.
 This brand is my first choice among competingbrands.
I will not buy another brands if this brand isunavailable.F1F4F8 Yoo et al.(2000)BrandAssociationswithBrandAwareness
I can recognize this brand among other competingbrands.
I am aware of this brand.
I can quickly recall this symbol or logo of this brand.
I have difficulty imaging this brand in my mind
Some characteristics of X come to my mind quickly.F2F5F7F11-- Yoo et al.(2000)CognitiveBrandLoyalty
I would buy a clothing brand different from my usualbrand under extreme circumstances.
 There are other brands of clothing that are just asgood as the brand I usually buy.
I believe that I buy the best clothing brand available.A23--A20Muncy(1996)CONSUMERPERCEPTIONPriceSensitivity
I buy the least expensive clothing brand that I canfind.
If a clothing brand other than the brands that usuallypurchase was on sale, I would probably buy it.
If a discount were offered for a brand different thanmy usual, I would buy it.
I would be willing to pay more to buy my preferredbrand of clothing.B26B27----Muncy(1996)PerceivedUsefulnessof MarketInformation
 Television advertisements offer useful informationon clothing brands.
Information on clothing brands is available.
Information in magazine clothing advertisementshelp me identify the best brand. A24A19A22--Muncy(1996)

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