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Kontra Daya's Review of Partylist Groups Seeking Posts in the 2013 Elections

Kontra Daya's Review of Partylist Groups Seeking Posts in the 2013 Elections

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Published by Rappler Philippines

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Published by: Rappler Philippines on Aug 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SEEKING POSTS IN THE 2013ELECTIONS (As of August 12, 2012)
Ang Mata’y Alagaan
The first 3 nominees of this group all came from the family of Justice Presbitero Velasco
First NomineeLorna Q. Velasco is his wife; Second and Third nominees Atty. Tricia Nicole Velasco-Catera and VincentMichael Velasco are his children.Justice Ve
lasco’s other son, Lord Allan Jay, is currently a Congressman representing the lone district of 
Marinduque.None of these nominees, and even AMA itself,have any track record in adhering or advocating for theinterest of the sector they wish to represent.Neither do these nominees belong the marginalized and underrepresented sector they wish torepresent. Even at the minimum, they do not belong to any marginalized and underrepresented sectoras required by law.On the contrary, the Velascos are very powerful politically and economically, considering that they haveas head of the family a sitting member of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the highest court of thiscountry. They are also represented in the House of Representatives, through Rep. Lord Allan Jay Q.Velasco, the Congressman for the Lone District of Marinduque.By this, clearly AMA has no bona fide intention to represent the sector they claim to represent, butrather to represent the interest of the already powerful, well-connected Velascos.
Aksyon Magsasaka-PartidoTinig ng Masa
Even a glance at the group’s first nominee of this supposedly peasant/farmer group would show that it
has no business in joining the party-list system of elections and created merely by the landlords of thiscountry to circumvent the law.
The first nominee of this group is Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco, governor of Tarlac for 6 years, wife of Jose “Peping” Cojuangco, owners of Hacienda Luisita, a vast sugar estate which was recently ordered by
the Supreme Court to be distributed to the farmers. Cojuangco has no business representing farmerssince she is a big landlord.The land dispute surrounding Hacienda Luisita has resulted to the death of 14 farmers and injury to atleast 200 workers in November 2004. It took the farmers of Luisita at least 45 years to attain land reformwhich was denied to the by the Cojuancos, and necessitated the intervention of the Supreme Court. This
clearly shows that Margarita Cojuanco’s track record negates any advocacy of uplifti
ng the rights andwelfare of the farmers.Aside from having interest adverse to the sector she claims to represent, Cojuanco already served as aformer governor of Tarlac from 1992 to 1998.Moreover, Cojuangco intended to run for vice governor of ARMM under PDP-Laban last year but her nephew, President Aquino, pushed to postpone the electionsand synchronize it with the 2013 elections.Without even commenting that Cojuanco does not belong to ANY marginalized and underrepresentedsectors, it shows that she has the financial and political machinery to compete in regular elections.Participation of this group as represented by Cojuanco will put the electoral process in mockery anddisrepute, in the same manner that Ang Galing Pinoy through Mikey Arroyo placed the party-list systemin mockery and ridicule of the entire nation.
Alliance of MindanaoElders
A perusal of its first nominee would clearly show that this group not only failed to comply with therequirements of a party-list group, but also show that it has no bona fide intention to representMindanao Elders in Congress. Its participation, through its nominee, would only result in the mockeryand disrepute of the electoral process.Its first nominee is Jorge L. Banal is the father of Quezon City Congressman Bolet Banal and an appointedacting member of the board of directors of the Poro Point Management Corporation (PPMC). Jorge L.Banal served as a Quezon City Councilor for 4 terms.Banal does not belong to the sector he claims to represent. He comes from a political family andpresently very close to the Aquino administration.A known Quezon City political figure, Banal has no track record of being an advocate of the welfare of the Minadano peoples, nor of Mindanao elders.
Abante RetireesPartylist Organization(ABANTE RETIREES)
First nominee Plaridel M. Abaya does not belong to the marginalized and underrepresented sector.He was previously Congressman representing the First District of Cavite from 1995 to 2005.He is the father of current Cavite Congressman and House Appropriations Committee Chair Jun Abaya of the Liberal Party.These credentials and background reveal that Abante Retirees, through Abaya, have no business joiningthe party-list system because as proven, he can win in the regular election system.It is also of note that the Abaya family has close ties with the present Aquino administration.
Ilaw Ng Bayan ILAW
ILAW claims to represent the marginalized and underrepresentedsector of urban poor. However, its firstnominee is Gerard Hilarion M. Ramiro, is the farthest from belonging to the urban poor sector.
Ramiro’s father is long term Congressman Hilarion Ramiro of the 2
District of Misamis Occidental

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