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Ang Bayan, Aug 7, 2012

Ang Bayan, Aug 7, 2012

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Published by npmanuel
Aug 7, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines
Aug 7, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan, published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines

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Published by: npmanuel on Aug 12, 2012
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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIII No. 15August 7, 2012www.philippinerevolution.net
nder the guidance of its imperialist master, the Aquino regimeis relentlessly conjuring the illusion of the "righteous road"and has been pouring in funds, lavishing attention and pro-viding personnel to deceptive showcase projects.
Shatter the illusionof the "righteous road"
crete changes" as individuals,without disturbing the currentorder of things and abandoningtheir personal dreams.Schools, the mass media andthe internet are awash with theAquino regime's propagandaand programs to hoodwink andseduce the petty bourgeoisie.Their closest partners in thissinister endeavor to mobilizethe petty bourgeoisie for atten-tion-grabbing but limited hous-ing, education and health pro-grams are agencies appendagedto the International MonetaryFund (IMF) and World Bank(WB), the US Agency for Inter-national Development (USAID)or the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA).Various imperialist agencies
 In this issue...
“Goodgovernance”is an IMF-WBdictate
Aquino’s gagorder onmediaassailed
This is an indication of thedepths of the crisis of the rulingsystem. The regime wants to de-ceive the people, create falsehopes of a better life and nip inthe bud their determination toput an end to the rotten exploit-ative system.These programs are particu-larly aimed at winning over themiddle sectors of society, in-cluding the urban and rural pet-ty bourgeoisie, using the frame-work of "good governance."It is crucial for the rulingclasses to "gain the trust" of thepetty bourgeoisie to maintainthe stability of the ruling sys-tem. The petty bourgeoisie areforcibly isolated from the move-ments of the toiling masses anddistanced from the path of revo-lutionary change. They are in-undated by glittering propagan-da and enticed through idealistslogans that are attuned totheir dreams of making it bigeven as they partake of "con-
2ANG BAYAN August 7, 2012
are actively engaged in adorningthe ruling system's bankrupt po-litical processes. They likewisefund programs to "reform" the judiciary, the bureaucracy, themilitary and police, aside fromsponsoring scholarships for se-lected students and professorsin universities in the US, Europe,Japan and other countries.The Aquino regime is using"good governance" propagandato portray itself as the oppositeof the corruption-ridden formerregime. Aquino claims that thepeople's poverty is due only tothe rule of corrupt officials andgovernment's failure to provideservices to the people.This tack aims to create theillusion and false hopes of achieving change under a"clean, transparent and ac-countable" government. At thesame time, the regime is occu-pied with implementing show-case programs to create the im-pression that it is doing some-thing concrete to address thepeople's grievances.The biggest of such pro-grams is the so-called Progra-mang Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipi-no or 4Ps, a World Bank-fundedand -driven project begun underthe previous regime. Through it,Aquino portrays his governmentas one that "invests in the fu-ture" of the impoverished evenwithout lifting a finger to re-solve the people's basic prob-lems, especially landlessness inthe countryside.Aquino thinks that he couldbuy the confidence of the pooreven as he condemns them to alife of exploitation, oppressionand further impoverishment.The sheen of Aquino's gildedprograms may temporarilyblind, but these schemes aresoon exposed for what they areto the hungry and suffering toi-ling masses. Even after just afew years in power, it is al-ready clear that the Aquino re-gime has failed to stop the con-tinued advance of the peasant-ry, the working class and theurban poor along the path of militant and revolutionary re-sistance.Nonetheless, Aquino and theIMF-WB will continue to invokethe slogan of "good governance"and hail "concrete gains" in"poverty alleviation" to obscurethe real situation of the toilingmasses and blind the pettybourgeoisie into taking the re-formist road.Aquino also has as his part-ners anti-communist petty bour-geois groups who have cooptedthe language of the Left to por-tray the US-Aquino regime as a"government of reform" andcover up its class and reaction-ary character.Simultaneous to this is theregime's use of the AFP's brutalOplan Bayanihan campaign of suppression against the masses.Soldiers are used to implement4Ps and other programs in thecountryside. The AFP concealsits fangs behind the cloak of "peace and development" whileunleashing brutal encirclementand suppression campaigns.The oppression, exploita-tion and poverty suffered bythe Filipino people push themtowards the path of struggle.They are aware that they haveno other recourse but to take astand and fight in the face of worsening feudal and semifeu-dal exploitation, widespreadlandgrabbing and monopoliza-tion of land by big landlords,foreign multinationals and eco-tourism projects, the displace-ment of minority peoples, theplunder by foreign companiesof the country's mineral resour-ces, the destruction of the envi-ronment, the pegging of work-ers' wages, the eviction of theurban poor, budget cuts for so-cial services and other antipeo-ple policies.For the people's revolution-ary struggle to continue to pros-per, the Aquino regime's cam-paigns of deception must besharply exposed for hewing toits imperialist master's designs.We must shatter the illusion of 
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
 Ang Bayan
is published inPilipino, Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligay-non, Waray and English editions.It is available for
at the Philippine Revolution WebCentral located at:
 Ang Bayan
welcomes contribu-tions in the form of articles andnews. Readers are likewiseenjoined to send in their com-ments and suggestions for the bet-terment of our publication. Youcan reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIII No. 15 August 7, 2012
Editorial: Shatter the illusionof the “righteous path”1“Good governance”3Arroyo released4Counter-SONA protests4
and“globalization”5Military uses 2 minors as shields7Urban poor leader killed7Desecration of guerillas’ remains8Political prisoners go on hunger strike8Gag order on media9ACT2Win founded9SOVFA violoates sovereignty102 paramilitaries killed11
3ANG BAYAN August 7, 2012
the "righteous road" and "goodgovernance."Let us rouse the petty bour-geoisie by showing them themasses' concrete conditions.We must foster their closenessto the masses through wide-spread programs of integrationand service to the democraticmovement in both city and coun-tryside.Let us raise the people's his-toric and class consciousness inorder to deepen their grasp of the need to put an end to impe-rialist domination and the ruleof the exploitative and oppress-ive classes.The rotten system of govern-ment will never be cleansed un-der a corrupt social system. Letus expose the relentlessly wor-sening bureaucrat capitalismunder Aquino's regime and howhis "good governance" has beenof benefit only to his big com-prador relatives and friends incahoots with foreign big capital-ists.Let us propagate the pro-gram for a people's democraticrevolution as the solution to thebasic problems of the people.Let us hail the people's demo-cratic government as the onlygovernment in the Philippineswith the determination and thecommitment to serve the Filipi-no people.
efficient bureaucracy, wide-spread corruption and insuffi-cient mechanisms to guaranteefree competition—all of whichbelong to the "crooked road."To solve this, the "righteousroad" aims to create "favorableconditions" to reduce costs forlocal and foreign companies todo business and ensure thattheir operations run smoothly.Aquino has time and againtalked about purging the bu-reaucracy of anomalous practi-ces and corrupt officials andlaying down technical measuresostensibly to avoid the corrup-tion that is endemic to govern-ance.These measures have no oth-er objective but to facilitate theprocess of initiating and runningforeign capitalist businessesin the Philippines. Aquinohas been fast-tracking re-forms in order to jumpstartthe Public-Private Partner-ship program. His regimehas offered every conceiv-able incentive to foreigncapitalists. On top of taxexemptions, it has allo-cated funds to guaranteetheir incomes and debtsin case their operationsgo bankrupt. The regimehas no qualms about man-gling its own constitution just to be able to accede to the
"Good governance"is an IMF-WB dictate
he "righteous road" slogan was lifted entirely from the "goodgovernance" program concocted by the International Mone-tary Fund-World Bank (IMF-WB) combine. It is part and par-cel of the neoliberal "free trade" policy under imperialist globaliza-tion."Good governance" has beenan IMF-WB loan conditionalitysince the 1980s. But its role as atool for market manipulationgained prominence after theAsian crisis of 1997 when bigcapitalists needed direct IMF-WB intervention in governingAsian countries to create a morefavorable environment for theirinvestments in the region.Among the nice-soundingprograms being pushed un-der the "good governance"framework are "transparen-cy" and "accountability." Fi-nancial institutions andnon-governmental or-ganizations (NGO) close-ly monitor and grade theIMF-WB debtor coun-tries' compliance withthese programs. Amongthese NGOs are Trans-parency International(an organization foundedby a former World Bankdirector), bourgeois US in-stitutions such as the Her-itage Foundation and broad or-ganizations of the biggest capi-talists such the World EconomicForum."Good governance" has beena longstanding demand of for-eign capitalist investors in semi-colonies like the Philippines.Aquino has stated that the for-eign capitalists' most commoncomplaintsare an in-

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