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Fencing Parries

Fencing Parries

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Published by: Antonio Maria Fracchetti on Aug 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NameDescription (foil and épée)Description (sabre)PrimeBlade down and to the inside,wrist pronated. Sometimesknown as the "Looking atyour watch" Parry.Blade points down and"cutting edge" faces awayfrom the fencer's flank side.SecondeBlade down and to theoutside, wrist pronated. Arm half-extended laterally,blade pointing forward withdownward incline, cuttingedge facing towards fencer'sflank side.TierceBlade up and to the outside,wrist pronated. Not oftenused in either Foil or Épée.Standard en garde butrotated so cutting edge facesfurther in the flank direction,i.e. guard kept low, swordupright with a slight forwardtilt, cutting edge facing 45° tothe flank side.QuarteBlade up and to the inside,wrist supinated.This parry can be Lateral or Circular, as can most allparries.The Counter Parry. TheCircular Parry, also known as"Contre Quarte", is a circular or oval shape. It begins ineither the neutral or quarteposition, and with a twist of the wrist it ends in the carteparry.Similar to tierce on the chestside or prime flipped upside-down; guard low, cutting edgefacing away from flank, swordupright with slight chest-direction tilt.QuinteBlade up and to the inside,wrist pronated. Not oftenused in Foil or ÉpéeBlade held up almosthorizontally with bent arm,cutting edge facing upward or forward, blade has a slight tiltmeaning that the point ishigher than the guard.SixteBlade up and to the outside,wrist supinated.This parry can be Lateral or Circular.The Lateral Parry is fromQuarte to Sixte. The Circular Parry, also known as"Counter Sixte", is a Dshaped parry, dropping thepoints and bringing it up onthe inside bringing your pointThe arm position is a mirror image of quinte (supinated,forearm vertical on opposingside of head). Point isdiagonal across the bodycovering the head, buttowards the opponent, andslightly upwards (or forwardsfor a direct riposte inopposition).

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