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Striking Out Isn't The End of The World: What We Can Learn from Baseball

Striking Out Isn't The End of The World: What We Can Learn from Baseball

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A short chabura using baseball as a jumping off point to talk about how a religious person deals with failure.
A short chabura using baseball as a jumping off point to talk about how a religious person deals with failure.

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Published by: Aqibha Y. Weisinger Etc on Aug 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Striking Out Isn't The End Of The WorldLessons To Learn From Baseball
 Armando Galarraga, Smiling
hug Air onditioningam! StoneSe"ond Session#$%#
&LB areer Strikeout Leaders
%(eggie )a"kson * #,+-#.#/0+./1$, +.0 2('s, indu"ted into 2OF in %0, %1 Time All3Star, %-0 AL &45, %-0 World Series &45, %-- World Series &45#)im Thome * #,+01#--/1$#/+++, .%% 2('s, + Time All3Star, #$$. AL omeba"k 5la6er, 0Samm6 Sosa * #,0$.#-0/011/+01, .$ 2('s, - Time All3Star, %7 8L &451Andres Galarraga3 #,$$0#77/01-/1 0 2('s, + Time All3Star, %0 Batting title, +Ale9 (odrigue:3#,$$$0$%/07+/+.0, .11 2('s, %1 time All3Star, #$$0 AL &45, #$$+ AL &45, #$$- AL &45.Adam ;unn 3%,-+#1%/0-%/+$%, 0. 2('s, # Time All3Star, 7 Straight Seasons <#$$13#$%$= >ith 0$? 2('s-)ose ansen"o 3%,1##../0+0/+%+, 1.# 2('s, . Time All3Star, %77 AL &457Willie Stargell 3%,0.#7#/0.$/+# 1-+ 2('s, - Time All3Star, %- 8L &45, %- 8LS &45, %- WS &45, Indu"ted Into 2all of Fame in %77&ike ameron 3%,$%#1/007/111, #-7 2('s, #$$% All3Star, 03Time Gold Glo@e Winner %$&ike S"hmidt * %,770#.-/07$/+#-, +17 2('s, %# Time All3Star, %7$ 8L &45, %7$ WS &45, %7% 8L &45, %7. 8L &45A@erage of To! %$ in Strikeouts 17+ 2('s, -0 All3Star A!!earan"es, % &45 A>ard
2ardest Batters To Strikeout In &LB 2istor6
%)oe Se>ell3  's in 7,0# 5A0%#/0%/1%0 1 2('s, $ All3Star a!!earan"es, Indu"ted into 2OF in %--#Llo6d Waner * %-0 's in 7,001 5A0%./0+0/00 #- 2('s, % All3Star Game, Indu"ted into 2OF in %.-08ellie Fo9, #%. 's in %$,0+% 5A#77/017/0.0 0+ 2('s, %+ Time All3Star, Indu"ted into 2OF in %-, %+ AL &451Tomm6 2olmes, %## 's in +,+.1 5A0$#/0../10# 77 2('s, % All3Star +Tris S!eaker, 0+ 's in %%,% 5A01+/1#7/+$$ %%- 2('s, Indu"ted into 2OF %0-, %%# AL &45.Stuff6 &"Innis #+% 's in 7,.01 5A0$-/010/07% #$ 2('s, 8o a>ards-Sam (i"e #-+ 's in %$,1#- 5A0##/0-1/1#- 01 2('s, Indu"ted into 2OF in %.07Frankie Fris"h #-# 's in %$,$ 5A0%./0./10#, %$+ 2('s, Indu"ted into 2OF in %1-Frank &"ormi"k, %7 's in .,#$. 5A#/017/101, %#7 2('s, %1$ 8L &45, 7 Time All3Star %$Eddie ollins, 1.7 's in %#,$1$ 5A000/1#1/1#, 1- 2('s, Indu"ted into 2OF %0, %%1 AL &45A@erage .+ 2('sC
Talmud Ba@li, Shabbos ++b
Four !eo!le died be"ause of the bite of the snake Bin6omin son of a'ako@, Amram father of &oshe, ishai father of ;o@id, and, alei@ son of ;o@id Are these high3a@erage hitters, or high3strikeout hittersX Are an6 of these !eo!le famousXWhat does that sa6 about >hat >e @alueX
ohelet, -#$
ץר ב
ד י
What are the !ossible >a6s to read this !assukX
Inter@ie> With Arts"roll Editor (abbi 8osson S"herman
How do you respond to critics who accuse ArtScroll biographies of whitewashing history by characterizing great rabbis as saints without faults?
Our goal is to in"rease Torah learning and 6iras shama6im If somebod6 "an be ins!ired b6 a gadol  bY6israel, then let him be ins!ired Is it ne"essar6 to sa6 that he had short"omingsX ;oes that hel! 6ou  be"ome a better !ersonX What about lashon haraX ou kno> in toda6Ys >orld, lashon hara is a mit:@ah hara"ter assassination sells !a!ers ThatYs not >hat lal israel is all about
Isn’t it a form of sheker (falsehood) thoughto write a biography and knowingly e!clude material?
Wh6 is it sheker to omit lashon haraX ItYs not 5eo!le sa6, ZWell, >h6 donYt 6ou sa6 that this or that gadol had "ertain serious "hara"ter fla>sXZ So 6ouYre not sa6ing it Is that shekerX ItYs not sheker (a@ aako@ aminet:k6 on"e said in a ZshmuessZ that if 6ou go o@er to somebod6 and sa6, Zou kno> 6ou ha@e a long ugl6 nose,Z that doesnYt make 6ou an ish emes [man of truthC That makes 6ou a rasha [>i"ked !ersonC\;oes (abbi S"herman >ant to !ortra6 gedolim as high3a@erage hitters, or high3!o>er hittersX What might be his moti@ationX ;o 6ou think that is a good ideaX

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