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The Path of The Righteous Man: Miracles, Prophecy, and Pulp Fiction

The Path of The Righteous Man: Miracles, Prophecy, and Pulp Fiction

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A shiur on Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction". I'm rather proud of this one.
A shiur on Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction". I'm rather proud of this one.

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Published by: Aqibha Y. Weisinger Etc on Aug 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Path Of The Righteous ManA Chabura On Miracles, Prophecy, and Pulp Fiction
 Do you want to continue this theological conversation in the car, or in the jailhouse with the cops?
Shock And Outrage Should Be irected To!Aki"a #eisinger 
and$uentin Tarantino
%&ekiel '(!)* and Prophecy
JULES Yes ya did Brett. Ya tried ta fuck 'im. You ever read the Bible, Brett? BRE !i" s#asm$ Yes. JULES here's a #assa%e & %ot memoried, seems a##ro#riate for this situatio"( Eekiel )*(+. -he #ath of the ri%hteous ma" is beset o" all sides by the i"euities of the selfish a"d the tyra""y of evil me". Blessed is he /ho, i" the "ame of charity a"d %ood /ill, she#herds the /eak throu%h the valley of dark"ess, for he is truly his brother's kee#er a"d the fi"der of lost childre". 0"d & /ill strike do/" u#o" thee /ith %reat ve"%ea"ce a"d furious a"%er those /ho attem#t to #oiso" a"d destroy my brothers. 0"d you /ill k"o/ my "ame is the Lord /he" & lay my ve"%ea"ce u#o" you.- he t/o me" E12Y their %u"s at the same time o" the sitti"% Brett.
+s it eird to -uote a bible "erse before killing so.eone/ #hy or hy not/
And + ill e0ecute great "engeance upon the. ith furious rebukes1 and they shall kno that + a. the 2OR, hen + shall lay My "engeance upon the.34
#hat is Prophecy/
56789:8;;9<=7>:?5@58567D  ?7DE:D !E@6: 4?G;H?I769@:<ID8D8?6;J?:I6><66:@6
>96<8:56=:?69H?KL <8D:56=:7955:88DID;@79D:@;>5D
E:D6D6;@8D8D8><865J7<;?6;J6:9657;D86D:6?: ?;J976:8?;5;>86;D8DD6?;J97695;86?:5:79D668;5;?@6<@55D7
>5DD6ID8677 8<;965768DNo does the Ra.ba. understand the e.ara/Rabbeinu issi. of eroni, rashot NaRan Qsu..ari&ed at dafyo.i3co3ilGThe Ran e0plains instead that Rebbi ochanan refers to a person ho not only prophesies for hi.self,  but ho prophesies for the entire eish people3 To .erit Nashe.4s presence on a personal le"el re-uires only that one be on a high spiritual le"el3 Noe"er, a a"i ho trans.its Nashe.4s ord to the entire nation .ost be highly respected by all3 %"en the si.ple people ho do not recogni&e the true "alue of isdo. and good Midos ne"ertheless respect physical poer and ealth, and thus they ill listen to the a"i4s ords3 The Ran cites support for this e0planation fro. the e.ara in Ta4anis Q)Ua hich says that hen a Ta4anis is declared, all of the residents of the ton gather together and one of the elders deli"ers ords of rebuke, and if there are no elders, a .an of physical stature deli"ers the rebuke3The Ran adds that it is necessary for a a"i to be physical poerful so that he not be afraid of the  people to ho. he relates the prophecy3VNo does the Ran differ fro. the Ra.ba./No .ight they "ie prophecy differently/+s ules fulfilling the role of a prophet at this point in the story/

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