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KSLIA - Constitution Original

KSLIA - Constitution Original

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Published by Jack Owiti

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Published by: Jack Owiti on Aug 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE CONSTITUTION OFKENYA SIGN LANGUGE INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATIONKenya Sign Language Interpreters Association (in this Constitution referred toas KSLIA) is a non-political, non-governmental, non-profit making society. TheOffices of the Association will be at University of Nairobi 8-4-4 Complex,Kenya Sing Language Research Project Department of Linguistics and AfricanLanguages. P. O. Box 22024 Nairobi, Kenya.An Interpreter is a person who facilitates communication between the Deaf andHearing community through Sign Language.OBJECTIVESa)
To secure official recognition by the Government of S.L Interpreters profession b)
Encourage and promote initiatives in improving the standards of SLinterpreting and interpreter training and pay scale of interpretersdepending with their level and skills of interpretation throughcertification.c)
Cooperation with other recognized bodies concerned in the welfare of thedeaf and in provision of S.L Interpreters throughout the world.d)
Awareness creation on Deafness and SL. Interpreters through publicationof information materialse)
To collect and raise funds for the achievement of goals and objectivesthrough membership fee, subscription, contribution, gifts or donations,commissions and payments, fund raising whether in money or otherwisefrom both members and non members.f)
To maintain and administer a register of S.L Interpreters in Kenya.
Membership to KSLIA is open to all Interpreters. There are categories of membership as follows:(i). Membership fee 1000Ksh. All practicing Interpreters.(ii). Associate members (Students, other interested individuals) 500Ksh. b)
Every member shall pay an annual subscription of 1000Ksh.c)
Any member desiring to resign from KSLIA shall submit his/her resignation to thesecretary, which shall take effect from the date receipt by the secretary of suchnotice.d)
Any member may be expelled from membership if the committee so recommendsand if a general meeting of KSLIA shall resolve by a 2/3 majority of the members present, such a member should be expelled on the grounds that his/her conduct hasadversely affected the reputation or dignity of KSLIA, or that he/she hascontravened any of the provisions of the constitution of KSLIA. The committeeshall have power to suspend a member from the membership until the next generalmeeting of KSLIA following such suspension but not withstanding suchsuspension a member whose expulsion is proposed shall have the right to addressthe general meeting at which his/her expulsion is to be considered.e)
Any person who resigns or is removed from membership shall not be entitled to arefund of his/her subscription or any moneys contributed by him/her at any time.f)
Any member who falls into arrears with his/her annual subscription for more than2 years shall automatically cease to be a member of KSLIA and his/her name shall be struck off the register of members. The committee may, however, at itsdiscretion, reinstate such a member on payment of the total amount of subscription outstanding.OFFICERS OF KSLIAa)
The officers of KSLIA shall be-I.
Treasurer IV.
Regional Representatives- Coastal, Central and WesternV.
Ex OfficialAll of who shall be fully paid up members of KSLIA and shall be elected at the annualgeneral meeting to be held every two years at a special meeting. b)
All Officers shall hold office from the date of election until the their terms expireaccording to rule (a) above subjected to the conditions contained in subparagraphs (c)and (d) below but shall be eligible for reelection.c)
Any officer who ceases to be a member of KSLIA shall automatically cease to be anofficer thereof.
Officers may be removed from office in the same way as laid down for the expulsion of members (in rule on membership) and vacancies thus created shall be filled by the persons elected at the annual general meeting resolving the expulsion.
The Chairperson shall, unless prevented by illness or other sufficient causes, presideover all meetings of the committee and at all general meetings. b)
The Secretary shall deal with all the correspondence of KSLIA under the generalsupervision of the Committee. Incase of urgent matters where the committee cannot be consulted, he/she shall consult the Chairperson. The decision reached shall besubjected to the ratification or otherwise at the next committee meeting. He/she shallissue notices convening all meetings of KSLIA and it’s committee and shall beresponsible for keeping the minutes of all such meetings and for the preservation of all records of proceedings of KSLIA and of it’s committee.c)
The Treasurer shall receive and disburse, under the directions of the committee, allmoneys belonging to KSLIA and shall issue receipts for all moneys received byhim/her and preserve vouchers for all moneys paid to him/her. The Treasurer isresponsible to the committee and to the members that the proper books of accountsof all moneys received and paid by KSLIA are written up, preserved and availablefor inspection.d)
Regional Representatives will represent the members from their regions andrepresent KSLIA to the members in matters concerning the implementations of its policies and objections during their term of service.e)
There will be an Ex Official to the committee their main service will to assist thecommittee with holding an office which will be vacant due to sickness, other commitments and incase of suspension of an officer until a new officer is elected.THE KSLIA COMMITTEEa)
The Committee shall consist of all the Officers of KSLIA and the Patron appointed by the members at annual general meeting; such officers shall hold office until thefollowing annual general meeting. The committee shall meet at such times and placeas it shall resolve but meet not less than once every three months. b)
Any casual vacancies for members of the committee caused by Death or Resignationshall be filled by the Ex Official until the next annual general meeting. Vacanciescaused by the removal of an Officer will be dealt with as shown in the clause onKSLIA Officers above.c)
The committee shall be responsible for the management of KSLIA and for that purpose may give direction to the Officers as to the manner in which, within the law,they shall perform their duties. The Committee shall have power to appoint such subcommittee as it may deem fit desirable to make report to the committee upon whichsuch action shall be taken as seems to the committee desirable.d)
All moneys disbursed on behalf of KSLIA shall be authorized by the committeeexcept as specified by the finance clause.e)
The quorum for the meetings of the committee shall be not less than 4 members.GENERAL MEETINGS OF KSLIAa)
There shall be two classes of general meetings –Annual General meeting (AGM) andSpecial General Meetings (SGM). b)
(i) The AGM shall be held not later than December in each year. Notice in writing of such AGM, accompanied by the annual statement of account and the agenda for the

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