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Skull and Bones Portraits

Skull and Bones Portraits

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Published by juliusevola1

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Published by: juliusevola1 on Aug 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Portraits of Members of The Order of Skull & Bones
Co-Founders of The Order of Skull & Bones
Alphonso Taft (S&B 1833)
Secretary of War (1876); U.S. Attorney General (1876-1877);U.S. Minister to Russian Empire (1884-1885)
William Huntington Russell (S&B 1833)
Major-General, Militia of the State of Connecticut (1862-1870)
George Herbert Walker Bush
President of the United States (1989-1993);Vice President of the U.S. (1981-1989)
William Howard Taft
President of the U.S. (1909-1913); Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1921-1930)
George Walker Bush
President of the United States (2001-2009);Governor of Texas (1995-2000)
College Presidents:
 Andrew D. WhitePresident of CornellUniversity (1866-1885)Timothy DwightPresident of YaleUniversity (1886-1899) Arthur Twining HadleyPresident of YaleUniversity (1899-1921)Charles Seymour President of YaleUniversity (1937-1950)Daniel C. GilmanPresident of JohnsHopkins University(1875-1901)William Preston JohnstonPresident of TulaneUniversity (1884-1899)Cyrus NorthropPresident of University of Minnesota (1884-1911)Charles J. StilleProvost of University of Pennsylvania(1868-1880)William ChauvenetChancellor of WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis(1862-1869)James O. PutnamChancellor of University of Buffalo (1895-1902)
Cabinet Officials and Judges:
William M. EvartsU.S. Secretary of State(1877-1881)William C. WhitneySecretary of the Navy(1885-1889)Franklin MacVeaghSecretary of the Treasury(1909-1913)Henry L. StimsonSecretary of War (1911-1913, 1940-1945)Robert A. LovettU.S. Secretary of Defense(1951-1953)Thomas D. Thacher Solicitor General of theU.S. (1930-1933)McGeorge BundyNational Security Advisor (1961-1966)Morrison R. WaiteChief Justice of the U.S.Supreme Court(1874-1888)Potter StewartJustice of the U.S.Supreme Court(1958-1981) Archibald MacLeishLibrarian of Congress(1939-1944)
Diplomats and Bureaucrats:
 William Walter PhelpsU.S. Minister to Germany(1889-1893)Eben Alexander U.S. Minister to Greece(1893-1897)Eugene Schuyler U.S. Minister to Serbia(1882-1884)W. Averell HarrimanU.S. Ambassador to theSoviet Union (1943-46)Hugh Robert WilsonU.S. Ambassador to NaziGermany (1938)Winston LordU.S. Ambassador toCommunist China(1985-1989)Charles S. WhitehouseU.S. Ambassador toThailand (1975-1978) Amos Parker Wilder U.S. Consul-General inShanghai (1909-1914)Evan Griffith GalbraithU.S. Ambassador toFrance (1981-1985)Stanley WoodwardU.S. Ambassador toCanada (1950-1953)John H.F. ShattuckU.S. Amb. to CzechRepublic (1998-2000)George Herbert Walker IIIU.S. Ambassador toHungary (2003-2006)Victor H. AsheU.S. Ambassador toPoland (2004-2009)Robert D. McCallum Jr.U.S. Ambassador to Australia (2006-2009)David Hoadley ThorneU.S. Ambassador to Italy(2009-present)Francis Burton HarrisonGovernor General of thePhilippines (1913-1921)Henry S. GravesChief of the U.S. ForestService (1910-1920)William P. Bundy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian andPacific Affairs(1964-1969)F. Trubee Davison Assistant Secretary of War for Air (1926-1933)Harold Howe IIU.S. Commissioner of Education (1965-1968)

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