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Asylum expert panel recommendations

Asylum expert panel recommendations

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Published by ABC News Online
The asylum policy expert panel's 22 policy recommendations.
The asylum policy expert panel's 22 policy recommendations.

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Published by: ABC News Online on Aug 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 2012
Report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Released
The Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers today released its Report containing 22 key recommendationsto Government on the policy options available to prevent asylum seekers risking their lives ondangerous boat journeys to Australia. (See recommendations attached).The independent Panel was appointed by the Prime Minister on 28 June and comprises Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston AC, AFC (Ret’d), Professor Michael L’Estrange AO and Mr Paris AristotleAM.Air Chief Marshal Houston (Ret’d) said the Panel had proposed a way forward that it believed wouldaddress the challenges that Australia faced over the short, medium and longer term.“The Panel has made 22 key recommendations to Government. These are an integrated set of proposals,” Air Chief Marshal Houston (Ret’d) said.“We recommend a policy approach that is hard-headed but not hard-hearted. That is realistic notidealistic. That is driven by a sense of humanity as well as fairness.”
Professor L’Estrange said the Panel believed that Australian policy settings and regionalarrangements needed to be adjusted.“It is the Panel’s view that the balance of risk and incentive must be shifted in favour of regularmigration pathways and established international protections, and against dangerous maritimemigration,” Professor L’Estrange said.“We also believe that a ‘no advantage’ principle should apply whereby irregular migrants gain nobenefit by choosing to circumvent regular migration mechanisms.From late 2001 to June this year, 964 asylum seekers and crew have been lost at sea on boatscarrying asylum seekers to Australia. Of these, 604 people have lost their lives since October 2009.Mr Aristotle said the Panel was deeply concerned about the tragic loss of life at sea.“To do nothing is unacceptable – so we have proposed a new approach. One that is comprehensive,integrated and equitable,” Mr Aristotle said.“We believe our recommendations meet the tests of reasonableness, fairness and humanitarianneed.”Air Chief Marshal Houston (Ret’d) said the Panel believed the prospect of further losses of life atsea was one that demanded urgent and decisive action on the part of the Australian Parliament.“The current impasse must be resolved. The Panel hopes our recommendations can contribute to aproductive outcome,” Air Chief Marshal Houston (Ret’d) said.
The Panel’s Report is available on online at: 
Media contact:
Tanya Cleary. M: 0418 615 280.
Report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, August 2012
suMMarY of reCoMMendatIons
Recommendation 1
 T pl  tt t llwi
ul  autli liyki ylu k iu ( 2.6-2.22): 
 T iltti   tti, iv  itt  tttbli t, iu  l-t iiti  i ylu  ixiti fw  t i. 
 T vii  itiv  ylu k t k tti tu  il yt. 
 T ilitti   il ti  tti wk tt i itti t i  ylu li, t vii  it wil t li bi   t ivt  ubl ut. 
 T liti   ‘ vt’ iil t u tt  bt i itu iuvti ul iti t. 
pti   ibl, i   autli huiti p. 
 a by autli t it ittil bliti.
 Australia’s Humanitarian Program
Recommendation 2
 T pl  tt
 ali’ hmii pm
b i u: 
 T huiti p b iitly i t 20,000 l  u( 3.3-3.8). 
o t 20,000 l   t huiti p,  iiu  12,000 l ul b llt  t u t wi wul ublt ut llti ( 3.3-3.8). 
subjt t vili i iut, t it  t p i( bv)   i ivi  tiv il tit, iti b iv t ii t ub  l i thuiti p t u 27,000 witi v y ( 3.3-3.8).
 T huiti p b  u  ylu-k fw vi u uti it sut-et ai ( 3.3-3.9).
Report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, August 2012
Regional engagement
Recommendation 3
 T pl  tt i ut  t ut vlt   il tiwk  tti  ylu yt, t autli gvt x it lvt
cciy-bili iiiiv
i t i  iitly i t llti  u  ti u ( 3.26-3.28).
Recommendation 4
 T pl  tt
bill ci  ylm k i wiIi
b v   tt  uy, tiully i lti t: 
 T llti   i ub  huiti p ttlt l Ii ( 3.20-3.22). 
e ti  jit uvill   tl, lw t   u iti ( 3.20-3.22). 
c t autli lw i lti t Ii i  t wiulwul bt vy  Ii t autli ( 3.20-3.22).
Recommendation 5
 T pl  tt autli tiu t
vl i villy imci wi Mlyi  ylm i
, ilui t t   ubttilub  u t b tk ully  mlyi ( 3.23-3.24).
Recommendation 6
 T pl  
m civ wl--vm y b vl i wi c ci
 ylu k t autli, wit  u  iit i i ttlt l vi by autli t t mil et  aii ( 3.29-3.33).
Regional processing
Recommendation 7 
 T pl  tt
lili      l  ilci m b ic i  ali plim   m cy 
( 3.54  3.57). Ti lilti ul qui tt y utuiti   uty   it l  i b iv tu
 liliv im  wl vi  iy   aliplim  llw  illw  im
( 3.43).

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