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Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Full Report

Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Full Report

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Published by ABC News Online
Read the expert panel's full report and recommendations on asylum seeker policy.
Read the expert panel's full report and recommendations on asylum seeker policy.

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Published by: ABC News Online on Aug 13, 2012
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RepoRt of theexpeRt panel on asylum seekeRs
 August 2012
Report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers, August 2012
Index o Tables In The reporT 3Index o Igures In The reporT 4 The reporT 5oreWord 7 Terms o reerence 9oVerVIeW: The approach underpInnIng ThIs reporT 10summarY o recommendaTIons 14chapTer 1: asYlum seeKIng: The challenges ausTralIa aces In conTexT 19g iti 20 T i ii i t ai pi 22 ati’ it 22‘p’  ‘’ t 26chapTer 2 ausTralIan polIcY seTTIngs: an InTegraTed approach ToWards a regIonal cooperaTIon rameWorK 31 T v  ati’ ti iy tti 31 T itiv   i ti   tti  y 32chapTer 3: an ausTralIan polIcY agenda 37pt a: p  t ati iy tti t    twy  itti tti  tiiti  38pt b: m t i t   i ititv t ati 47 aTTachmenT 1: The global and regIonal conTexT 59 aTTachmenT 2: people smugglIng and ausTralIa 71 aTTachmenT 3: ausTralIa’s InTernaTIonal laW oblIgaTIons WIThrespecT To reugees and asYlum seeKers 79 aTTachmenT 4: ausTralIa’s conTrIbuTIon To InTernaTIonal proTecTIon 85 aTTachmenT 5: asYlum caseloads and rsd raTes In ausTralIa  and globallY 93 aTTachmenT 6: ausTralIa’s InTernaTIonal and regIonal engagemenT on Irregular moVemenT and InTernaTIonal proTecTIon 109 aTTachmenT 7: reTurns and remoVals o persons ound noT Toengage ausTralIa’s proTecTIon oblIgaTIons 117 aTTachmenT 8: approaches To managIng Imas To ausTralIa 125 aTTachmenT 9: changes To The humanITarIan program 135 aTTachmenT 10: legIslaTIon changes requIred To ImplemenT  The panel’s recommendaTIons 141
rt  t et p  ay sk, at 2012 aTTachmenT 11: lIKelY cosTs o The panel’s recommendaTIons 143 aTTachmenT 12: parTIes consulTed 145 aTTachmenT 13: submIssIons receIVed 149 aTTachmenT 14: glossarY o commonlY used acronYms and Terms 155

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