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Cindy Gerard - To the Brink - The Bodyguards 3

Cindy Gerard - To the Brink - The Bodyguards 3



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Published by Mietei Bongos Ikoli

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Published by: Mietei Bongos Ikoli on Aug 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To The Brink 
Cindy Gerard
The Bodyguards Book #3
This book is dedicated to the brave men and women of the United States military who defend, on a dailybasis, all that we hold dear. And to my sister, Wanda Burrows. I love you, Sis, for all you do, for all you are.
I received an extraordinary amount of assistance from some equally extraordinary people who kindly provided me with relative details and countless hours of their time. I am blessed to call them friends.Very special thanks go out to:SSG Ian Trammell, USAREC, for his expertise and generosity of time and for being such a nice guy andstand-up soldier.
2nd. Lt., Ret. (Canadian Armed Forces) Darryl Hadfield, who didn't know me from Adam when I accostedhim in cyberspace, and was still giving of his time and knowledge, and for his wonderful Web site:www.Rotorhead.org.SG Jorge Sanchez, U.S. Army, l-15th IN, my "adopted" son, provider of a wealth of information, and bravedefender. Stay safe. Stay strong.Catherine Mann, amazing author, and her foxy flyboy hubby, Lt. Col. Robert Mann, USAF, for filling insome critical blanks.Rhodora (Doddie) Householder and Ana Angelica for their invaluable information on the beautifulPhilippine Islands. Ladies, your gracious giving of time and detail is so very much appreciated. Thanks alsoto Marie Nicole Ryan and Sherry Weddle from the KOD/CNN loop for putting me in touch with thesewonderful women.Once again to Cynthia Clark, Psy.D., forensic psycho-pathologist, for her expert assistance in medicalissues.Jim Newberry, Jet Aviation international planning office, for developing the "critical" flight plan.Jim Connell, all-around great guy, pilot extraordinaire, and my go-to guy concerning luxury jets and air travel regulations. Plus, he's a super proofreader!Susan Connell, dear friend and my source on all things Peru. Someday we will go there together. Heck,maybe we'll even take the guys along.Leanne Banks, my book buddy. Thanks for the lift when I needed it most.Kylie Brant and Roxanne Rustand, talented authors both and my conference roommates for life. Thanks for the grins and giggles and support but mostly for not posting certain New York City photos for all to see.Any mistakes are mine and mine alone and would have been legions had it not been for the assistance of these wonderful people.
. U
. H
. I
. . . D
."Darcy Prescott had known this call would be hard. She hadn't talked to Ethan Garrett inthe five years since their divorce. So yeah, dialing his number had been good and hard;saying his name—even into his answering machine—was painful. Emotions strong withit made her voice break.Gripping the receiver with both hands, she dug deep for a steadying breath. "Look. I... I
think I might be in some trouble here."The admission was as difficult to make as the phone call. Saying the words out loud gavethem credence. It did horrible things to the rhythm of her heart, which had been getting ahelluva workout in the past few hours.That would show those misinformed souls who wondered in admiration and awe over her seemingly unflappable control.
 If they could only see me now.
"Maybe some bad trouble," she confessed, still reluctant to believe it as she dragged ahand through her hair. "It's ... it's almost midnight here in Zamboanga. I can't... I can'tthink, you know, how that equates to West Palm Beach time. Maybe one in the afternoon?Two? I'm not sure."She paused again when she heard a thread of hysteria creep back into her voice. She blinked up at the white ceiling of her hotel room.
God. This is great.
Piggybacked with her current state of mind—which was only a littleto the left of full-blown terror—she felt like she was spiraling out of control.Okay. That soaked it. She'd never dreamed
would be a part of her vocabulary. Not in this lifetime— 
which may not be all that long,
she reminded herself with a grimcompression of her lips."Okay, look," she said, if not steadier, at least resolved to calm herself down. Sheabsently repositioned the base of the phone on the rich mahogany nightstand sitting beside her bed. "I'm at the Garden Orchid Hotel. It's on ... let me think. Governor CaminsAvenue. Here's the phone number."Can you ... can you call me, please? As soon as possible, okay?" Darcy slowly closedher eyes, forced them open again. "I'm in Room 333. If... if I don't answer when you call,well, try again, okay?"Look, Ethan. I—" She cut herself off as a tear surprised her and trickled down her cheek.She brushed it angrily away with the back of her hand. "Just call. And hurry."She hung up the phone. For a long moment she sat motionless, staring at the cradledreceiver. And praying that he would get her message.Before it was too late.It probably should have bothered her that her ex was the first person Darcy thought to callthe moment she'd realized she had a problem. And it
have if she could function ona level separate from the fear. So far that wasn't happening.

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