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CD Newborn

CD Newborn

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Published by Andrea
Step by step picture tutorial on how to cloth diaper a newborn baby.
Step by step picture tutorial on how to cloth diaper a newborn baby.

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Published by: Andrea on Jan 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Motherhood Naturally Publications – www.motherhoodnaturally.com/store
Using cloth diapers can seem like a daunting task all on its own. Trying to use cloth diapersright from the start as you try to get a grasp of motherhood can seem like an overwhelming task…After all, you’re not only trying to get to know your new baby, but trying to learn the ins and outsof cloth diapers, AND compete with the dirty laundry cloth diapering brings along (in combinationwith regular household laundry, and the additional laundry a newborn accumulates). The nicething is that it doesn’t have to be hard, or time consuming at all. Here are some tips for you.
Learn about cloth diapers before your baby gets here. Decide what kind of cloth diapers youwant to use, attend a cloth diapering class, read “The Cloth Diapering Handbook”. If youplan to use prefold or flatfold diapers exclusively, find a copy of “Diaper Maps” which is ahandy, laminated guide dedicated to teaching you about folding diapers.
If you plan on using prefold or flatfold diapers, practice folding before baby gets here (onbaby dolls or stuffed animals – or a friends baby!).
Avoid stocking up on one type or brand of diaper before baby gets here. Every baby isshaped differently. Many diapers have different measurements with each size. This canmean what works great for a friend may not be so great for you because of your baby’sshape and the diapers shape. Ask around for diapers that seem to be the most versatile, ordecide to use prefolds (they can be folded to fit any baby’s body type) until you have timeto order different diapers after you’ve tried a few and know what will work
Prewash all of your diapers before your due date. If this is your first, this will probably bedone before you enter your third trimester purely out of excitement. This is fine! If youhave brand new diapers like prefolds, they will need to be washed and dried several timesbefore they will be ready for use. This removes the stiffness, helps them “quilt”, puff upand get soft for your new baby’s bottom.
Get your diapers assembled and ready to go. Once your diapers have been washed anddried, it’s time to find out how to store them. Generally, diaper stackers will work fine forpreemie/infant prefolds and other diaper styles. But once you get into bigger prefolds (orright from the start!) you might consider the Cloth Diaper Storage Sling™ for clean clothdiaper storage. This sling also allows you to assemble your covers, diaper fasteners andother supplies all in one place. You can store your diapers in this or on your changing table,if you use cloth wipes you can store them in a disposable wipes container and once babyarrives you can make your own diaper wipe solution and pour it right on your wipes in theplastic box.
Get to know how you wash your diapers. It may even be helpful to post a paper on yourwashing routine right on your washer so that whoever is doing laundry will know exactly howto wash them without having to ask you.
Let your family and friends know you do intend to use cloth diapers when your baby is born.If you have a baby shower or people ask you what you want, you can make up a “wish list”of cloth diapers (include the businesses you would want them bought from, including brandnames and sizes), or ask for gift certificates to your favorite cloth diapering stores.
If you choose to use pocket diapers, try to have them pre-stuffed so there is no workinvolved when you start to use them. Include them in your hospital bag or birth supplies(depending on where you plan to birth) so you have them with you and ready for use.
If you will be using an all in two, have the diapers ready to go with the inserts snapped in
Cloth Diapering a Newborn

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