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Bust Ice

Bust Ice

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Published by Jessica Sideways
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Published by: Jessica Sideways on Aug 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sideways 1Jessica E. SidewaysGregory Grobmeier PHI 112: Ethics2 November 2011“Bustice” As Pornography on the G4 Network Per Longino, pornography is an image that degrades a woman sexually, is not respectfuland is hurtful, where her humanity is not affirmed. I would assert that the G4 network uses their actress Sarah Underwood as a pornographic image, especially when they have her play the role of “Bustice”, advertised as a sort of “superhero”. In their advertisement for a month of programmingthey have dubbed “Epictober”, they have used a picture of a naked woman riding a bike andadvertised “The Return of Bustice and her Super-Endowed Sidekick”, along with a cut to a malehost saying “God, that makes me happy”.The G4 network’s use of Sarah Underwood in this manner is degrading to women in that physical attributes are valued more than intellectual or emotional attributes. This, in turn, leads toher objectification and creates an expression that degrades Ms. Underwood. Furthermore, it is notdone in a way that can be considered respectful towards her and is seen as very hurtful. Her humanity is definitely not affirmed by this portrayal and it seems as though she is simply beingused as a means of “fan service”, a term generally used with Japanese anime to discuss the portrayal of overly sexual scenes done explicitly for the viewers (or fans), for the male viewers of this television network.It also does not meet the definitions of what isn’t pornography, either as erotica or as amoral realism. It is not erotica in that it is not a representation of a sexual encounter that is basedon mutual respect and a lack of objectification. It is not a moral realism in that the use of “Bustice”

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