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The Hammer 1st 20 pages

The Hammer 1st 20 pages

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Published by J. Neff Lind

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Published by: J. Neff Lind on Aug 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The HammerbyJ. Neff Lind&Monika Lind
Insert Text: “Meminerunt omnia amantes.”“Lovers remember everything.”-Ovid 19 BCInsert Text: 25 years from now...EXT. CITY STREET - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTAn ultra-modern city. Gleaming steel and glass. Perfectlytrimmed hedges. Everything pristine except:A HOMELESS MAN stands on a street corner, swayingunsteadily, bottle of wine in his hand. He takes a swig,almost falls over. His face tells his story, skin liketanned leather, bulbous alcoholic nose, blood-shot eyes.In the distance a pair of headlights appears. The car isa black futuristic looking police cruiser with:“BlackWall” on the hood.A uniformed BlackWall PATROLMAN is behind the wheel,radio up loud, rocking out, singing along as he adjuststhe stereo EQ.PATROLMAN(sings with radio)Keep on rocking in the free world!The Homeless Man is oblivious to the approaching car, thePatrolman focused only on his own bad singing.The Homeless Man staggers into the road, directly intothe car’s path. The impact spins him up over the hood and windshield, leaving him crumpled and motionless behindthe cruiser. The patrolman screeches to a halt, gets out.CAR RADIO IN BACKGROUNDKeep on rocking in the free world!He sees the body behind his car, looks up at thebuildings around him, sees multiple cameras trained onthe street. Beneath each camera is a sign that reads:“Relax. BlackWall is watching.” He can’t run from this.PATROLMANSHIT!I/E. BLACKWALL MEDICAL FACILITY - MOMENTS LATERThe cruiser screeches into the emergency drop-off area.The Patrolman jumps out, drags the Homeless Man from theback seat. An ORDERLY with a pistol on his beltapproaches. This is clearly a high-security facility.
ORDERLYWhat’s with the civilian? Why’d yabring him here?PATROLMANCause I’m the one that hit him.INT. BLACKWALL MEDICAL FACILITY: PATIENT ROOM- LATERThe Homeless Man lies in a hospital bed in a typicallooking hospital room, unconscious. A DOCTOR and NURSEenter, looking hassled. The doctor checks his clipboard.DOCTORAnother John Doe?NURSEYes sir. No wallet or keys,appears to be indigent.DOCTORDo a bio-scan, get his paperworkfilled out.The Doctor leans over the Homeless Man, starts feelingfor broken bones while the nurse holds what looks like aremote control with a small screen (a bio-scanner) to theHomeless Man’s neck, hits a button. The screen reads,“Searching Database.”The Nurse turns around to use a counter to fill in somepaperwork, her back to the doctor and patient.The Doctor opens the Man’s eye, shines a light in it. Henotices something strange, pulls at the man’s eyelid.The Homeless Man’s hand suddenly shoots out, hitting thedoctor in the solar-plexus, as the Doctor hunches over,the Homeless Man punches him, knocking him out.The oblivious nurse looks at the bio-scanner’s screen. Ithas a picture of a handsome 20 something man on it,definitely not the guy she just scanned. The text says:James Wallace. Wanted: Conspiracy, Treason, Sabotage.Send alert: Y/N. She looks confused, turns around, says:NURSEDr. Neff, I think you should-The Homeless Man is up, hits her with a swift knock-outpunch, catches her as she falls, lays her on the floor.HOMELESS MANI hope you’ve got insurance.2.

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