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North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation

North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation

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Published by Banita159
North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation
North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation

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Published by: Banita159 on Aug 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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cig mi g
 th suh haf f Ws Ausaa xpcs c, wws ad g h dy sus. ou ca s y sa ha f ay cus suudg h mdaa Sawh gads ha  paccg h a f cusad ha dpd dsc sys f gad  su hca ad ss. A mdaa sy gad fs  w  WAwh h addd us f h gad f g a  chsf a y wd ag f pas f h h mdaaaa as w as u w a fa. Wha’s gh f yu wdpd  h sz ad sy f yu gad ad h affc yu wa  ach. F yu mdaa gad  succssfu ad wadg yu w d  cay u sp p  pag, uch af pag, ad saa ffc ga sys.
S p shud  cad u p  pag. th s s p s gac a. i daacay cassh su ad u hdg capacy f sady s adcuags h a pa s c faua ha a a fhahy pa gwh.ipg h s s a sp pcss:
Dg a h 25  30c dp ad, a a u,3 s h wdh f h p. th wd h .
rpac haf h s wh gac a.
mx hughy ad pac  h h  a shawsauc shap.
tak h pa u f h p ad pac  h f h sauc.
Wa  w, appyg a wg ag f cssay.
ogac a ca  puchasd as cps,s p  s cd.i add  gac a, h fwg ca as cpad  h s a pag :
b cay (sady ss y).
Gypsu (ac cay ss y).
Spg ad z (a s yps).
Wa sag pys sd as gaus   sad ags.Wh kg f pducs f usd h h, kp yuy u f h Sa Appd Wamak a (Ausaa’s wacsa a, dfyg ad pgpducs ad scs whch hp sa wa).
ba s cuags wds, wass wa ad cass sssup pas. A waws uch spad  a dph f 5  10cw duc apa f h s sufac. i w as ps, duc wds, duc pau fucua  hs, swy ak dw    fd h s ad ph a appaac f h gad. A gd waws uchs  ha has ag, chuky pcs ha hd , f ay, wa.Aways kp uch jus ca f ss ad uks ad ppad  spad  uch  h sufac as h aaaks dw  fd h s.
 th s ffc ga syss a hs ha dh gh au f wa  h gh pac, a h gh ,wh a wasag. th sps ad s ffc sysaaa  h h gad s kw ausy as su-ga, gad dpp  - dpp. i s sp sa ad ds wa dcy  h  sys wh   apa ss. F fuh fa ad xp asssacwh ga, cac h yu ca Waws Gadiga  Waws iga Dsg Shp. t fd yu cssWaws Spcas chck 
 ca h Waws Hp 
13 10 39
Hydzg s gupg pas wh sa wa dsgh  a ff    wa ffc. ths s f h s pa s  cs wa  h gad,ad hp sa yu y.F fa  yu wag days s u ws. th a ay waws pas aaa ha a suaf yu g.Yu ca Waws Gad Cs ca asss wh pasc ad wa ds. t fd yu css WawsGad C, chck 
 ca h Waws Hp  
13 10 39
mrtrv trCK L
The information in this brochure is tailored to the North West region. This covers theKimberley and Pilbara region, from Onslow,Paraburdoo and Newman upwards.

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