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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining



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Published by michaelmack
Read this ebook story and discover how meditation changed a youngs girls life forever.
Read this ebook story and discover how meditation changed a youngs girls life forever.

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Published by: michaelmack on Jan 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 © www.project-meditation.org 
Every Cloud Has A Silver LiningBy Louise Parker
 Alleviate your depression through the power of meditation 
©www.project-meditation.org No part of this e-book may be reproduced in anyway. This e-book is DMCIregistered. Reproduction of this work is prohibited.
 © www.project-meditation.org 
Have you been depressed? Do you love someone who suffers fromdepression? Do you livewith someone who suffers from depression? An answer of yes to any of these questions saysyou know depression is a devastating illness that, at its most severe, results in suicide attemptsand, more often than anyone wants to admit, death.Childhood depression is a most misunderstood phenomenon and as such goes under diagnosed and in some very sad cases dismissed as attention seeking. If, you feel you mayhave had childhood depression or are worried a loved one had it or has it now, do NOT stopreading this story.Reading this story may be the most loving thing you do for yourself or for your loved one,because it tells of a young women’s struggle with childhood depression, its devastating impacton her life, and her triumphant recovery.The story begins when Louise Patricia Parker was born on a beautiful morning in March andSarah and Billy Parker became the prouder than proud parents of a bouncing, healthy 8 poundbaby girl. The Parker and Wilson clans were at the hospital awaiting the news that their firstgrandchild had made its entrance. When the door opened and the goofy smiling new dadwalked in, you could hear everyone suck in their breath awaiting the announcement.A healthy baby girl was waiting to get a good look at her grandparents and would be ready for meeting them in five minutes. The first look at Miss Louise took everyone’s breath away again.She was perfect in every way and no one could take their eyes off of her. The nurse was takingher temperature, putting a little pink stocking cap placed over her red, yes red, hair, and littleLouise was suffering all of the indignities of having her parts (eyes, ears, nose, toes etc.)checked out for completeness.Baby Louise was an easy baby, toddler and young girl. She looked at life as if it was magicaland it had been conjured up just for her sheer pleasure. She was precocious and learned towalk and talk before most children her age. She was ready and willing to give hugs, kisses andsnuggles to any one who looked like they needed some.When she was only past toddling, Louise’s parents enrolled her in Tumbling Tikes classes,drama groups, and public library offerings. She seemed to enjoy the activities that let her climb,roll around, and jump to her hearts content the most. She was the fastest runner on the blockand all of the kids knew they couldn’t say, “Bet you can’t beat me”.Louise started kindergarten already reading and ready to help her teacher teach the other children. She was a social butterfly and had a way of wrapping school staff around her littlefinger. Life was good for the Parkers and they thanked their lucky stars everyday that they hadso many blessings.But one day, life dealt a devastative blow to this happy contented family. Louise and her parentshad taken their van on a weekend camping trip. When the Parkers were returning home from
 © www.project-meditation.org 
the peaceful weekend, the weather took a sudden turn for the worse and the rain was falling insheets.The visibility was less than right in front of your face so Billy decided to pull to the side of theroad and wait out the storm. He knew there was a rest area not more than 50 feet up the roadwhere they could wait. When he turned into the rest area, he had no idea he had turned into atraffic lane for semi trucks coming the other way. He left his lights on for safety.Reports say a semi turned into the rest area going too fast and hit the Parkers van head on.Billy and Sarah were killed instantly. Little Louise was in the backseat and had been knockedunconscious by the impact. Louise was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. The sheriff said hebelieved she did not see or hear any of the recovery operations.Louise’s grandparents were overcome with grief. Billy’s mom was given medication to calm her because she screamed and cried for hours on end. Billy’s dad sat and stared out the windowand cried. He wouldn’t talk to anyone. He sat there until the day of the funeral when he got up,put on his Sunday suit, and went to the funeral home to say good bye to his son.Sarah’s parents were in a state of shock but they put their heart breaking grief aside to assistwith the funeral arrangements and to sit with little Louise while she was unconscious. You couldtell they were there in body but their souls were gone. They were only zombies.Billy and Sarah were laid to rest in one grave. Sarah’s casket was lowered into the grave on topof Billy’s. The sobbing and wailing in the cemetery was deafening. After the graveside service,the ladies auxiliary served a meal and the townsfolk had a chance to comfort the family andeach other. A tragedy of this magnitude shook everyone down to their bones.As Louise gained consciousness she said she wanted her parents right away. When her grandparents told her that her mom and dad had gone to heaven to be with God, she went starkraving wild. She sat up in her bed, opened her mouth and screamed a scream that sounded likeher heart had been ripped out of her body without anesthesia. As one scream left her another one followed it. Her grief was palpable, fresh, and terrifying to everyone around her.No one knew how to help the seven year old girl who knew well enough that when life ended itwas over and she would never see her mommy and daddy again. She would never have her mom hug her again. Her daddy would never kiss her and tuck her in again. Oh my God, Oh myGod!Arrangements had been made for Louise to stay with her mother’s parents until her dad’sparents recovered from their grief reaction. Everyone felt it was best that Louise be with the nextbest thing to her parents, her grandparents. Louise stayed in the hospital two more days. Whenshe got to her grandparents she found they had taken all of her things out of her old house andhad moved them into her new home. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t going back to her house.How could she not have her parents and not have her house too. God was not good. He wasbad!

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