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The Sound Stumb

The Sound Stumb

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Published by stumbleupon

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. MOTEL ROOM, ECONOMY STYLENot a dump, but not the Ritz. Eight men are crowded intothe room, all of them wearing nondescript business suits.Five look vaguely middle Eastern, one of them Asian, two Anglos.Everyone smoking cigarettes as they help each other wrapSikh-style turbans around their heads. Nobody is laughingor grab-assing around.The Asian and a heavily muscled man, FRANCISCO, at a table,lean over some equipment bags.HABIB, early 40s, glasses, scholarly, looks up from a bookat the SOUND of a bag being ZIPPED UP.HABIBThe equipment is packed?The Francisco hefts one of the equipment bags, tosses it tothe floor. It lands with a heavy THUD.FRANCISCOThe cameras are ready.EXT. PUBLIC PIER, BELLINGHAM WASHINGTON -- AFTERNOONBellingham: small college town, 50 miles from the Canadianborder. Perched on the edge of the Puget Sound, a city ofretirees and students. Quiet, clean, no graffiti yet, nogangs, mostly seasonal work. A narrow road leads past grassy rolling fields down to asmall, but well-kept pier/park. A new community center onpilings juts out over the water.Signs to one side of the half-empty parking lot. "Parkingfor Whale Watches Only."Two docks beside the community center. At one, a charterfishing boat is tied up, the four-man crew cleaning up, hosingdown the boat, glad their day is over. Another boat appears, coming around the curve of the land.Sixty feet long, blue, twin-impeller motors, with a catamaranhull, it motors smoothly toward the second dock.It's the FAT CAT, a whale-watching boat. The Pilot House isset about 3/4 of the way back on the deck. Forward of that,rows of seats, the better to see the whales. Rails alongthe sides.Right now, the front row is occupied by WALTER, early 40s,his sister, KAY, mid-thirties, a little too much makeup and
2.hair spray, and Kay's daughter, JENNIFER, a serious 11 year-old.WALTERThat was a goddamned waste of time.KAYWalter...JENNIFERBut the water was very pretty, UncleWalter.WALTER(looks around)Where's...Back by the Pilot House, a bright, perky nine-year old boy,GARY, chatters contentedly with LINDSEY, late twenties, dark-haired, attractive in an outdoorsy, clean-scrubbed way.GARYThere were probably plesiosaur heremillions of years ago. Did you knowthey were air-breathers?Lindsey grabs a couple of large rubber "fenders" from alocker.LINDSEYYes, I did. Gary, I need you to sitdown now.Gary hangs back a moment, and looks at the Pilot House.LINDSEY (CONT'D)(opens Pilot Housedoor)Go 'head. A large black Labrador retriever frisks out of the PilotHouse and onto the boat deck.GARYSpot!Spot WAGS his tail happily as Gary pets him enthusiastically.GARY (CONT'D)(sadly)I wish we could have seen some whales.She tousles his hair gently.LINDSEYIt happens that way sometimes. Sitdown so we can dock, please.
3.He walks to the seats slowly. Spot follows him, anxious formore pets. Lindsey glances back toward the cabin. Thewindows are washed with glare...impossible to see inside.Lindsey hangs the fenders over the side, and the boat driftsexpertly against the pilings with barely a bump. Lindseyquickly ties the boat to the pier.INT. PILOT HOUSEClean, neat, shiny. Long wide console, polished wood surfacewith gauges inset. Twin chrome throttle levers, one chairbolted to the deck.The Captain, DAVID JONES, mid-thirties, methodically shutsdown the various pieces of electrical gear in the cabin.Lindsey steps insideThrough the windows, we can see the family gather up theirbelongings.LINDSEYThey really hoped they could seesome whales.David digs into his wallet.LINDSEY (CONT'D)They don't want a refund. Tomorrowmorning they go back to Nebraska,where all they'll ever see is cows.They want to see whales...especiallythose kids.DAVIDI've got a charter this evening.Lindsey finds a clipboard, scans it.LINDSEYThe boat won't even a quarter full.I bet your charter wouldn't miss thefour extra seats.David turns toward her slowly. She's looking over the topof the clipboard at him with an expression of completeinnocence. Behind them, the family is climbing off the boat.DAVIDYou've only been here two weeks.LINDSEYUh, huh.

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