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Spd Lawsuit 1

Spd Lawsuit 1

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Published by ray stern

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Published by: ray stern on Aug 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTFOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONAW. Eric Hulstedt, permanent guardian andpermanent conservator of David Hulstedt,an adult, et al.,Plaintiffs,vs.City of Scottsdale, et al.,Defendants.))))))))))))))No. CV-09-1258-PHX-GMS
Pending before the Court are Plaintiffs’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment (Doc.265), Defendants’ Motion for Partial Summary Judgment (Doc. 271), Plaintiffs’ Motion forReconsideration (Doc. 333), and Plaintiffs’ Motion for Certification of Issue for InterlocutoryAppeal. (Doc. 334). For the reasons stated below, each motion for summary judgment isgranted in part and denied in part, and both other motions are denied.
On November 7, 2008, at approximately 12:20 pm, David Hulstedt (“David”) called9-1-1. Operator Christina Trott of the Scottsdale Police Department (“SPD”) answered.David told Operator Trott that he had “an emergency here” and that “I need to have JanetNapolitano come to my house.” (Doc. 313-1, Ex. B at 1). In the background, Trott could hearDavid’s two-year-old daughter, D.H., crying. Trott asked David the nature of his emergency,whether he was armed, and whether he was hurting the child, but David refused to answer
Case 2:09-cv-01258-GMS Document 347 Filed 08/06/12 Page 1 of 65
12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728- 2 -and instead hung up the phone. Trott issued a call for an “unknown problem” at David’saddress. (
at 2). She designated the call as level one out of nine levels used by SPD. Levelone, the highest designation available to SPD operators, is usually reserved for bank robberies or rapes, and is a higher priority, for example, than a home invasion in progress.(Doc. 272-1, Ex. C). After notifying dispatch of the issue, Trott telephoned the number back.David’s father, Walter Hulstedt (“Walt”), answered, but spoke only briefly before Davidcame on the line and once again asked for the Governor to be sent to his house. David’smother, Janice Hulstedt (“Janice”) then came on the line. Apparently unaware that David hadcalled 9-1-1, Janice seemed surprised that the police had called her house. As Trott spokewith Janice, D.H. could be heard crying in the background, and at least one of the men couldbe heard shouting. Janice stated that the baby was crying because they “[p]robably need[] tochange the diaper . . . and we’ve been screaming.” (Doc. 313-1, Ex. B at 4).After being questioned further by Trott, Janice explained that the family had justreturned from the doctor, that they were having a family “indifference,” and that David washaving “a nervous breakdown.” (
at 4–6). Janice spoke calmly but with a slightly nervoustone. Although Janice answered all of Trott’s questions, Trott suggested that she was beingevasive and was not providing accurate information. For example, after Janice mentioned herson David, Trott stated that Janice “said there was nobody there but you and your husband,”although Janice had in fact made no such statement. (
at 5). Janice confirmed that the babywas safe, and acknowledged that David’s behavior was abnormal. (
at 7–8). David took the phone back, stated that he was holding the baby, and asked that the Attorney General besent to his house. He then hung up the phone. (
).Multiple police officers, including Sergeant Jason Stumpf, Officer Wendy Field, andOfficer Michael Hertko, began to respond to the call. The transcripts of conversationsbetween officers over SPD radio frequencies demonstrate that those officers had been toldthat someone was asking for the Governor, a baby was screaming in the background, and that“[n]obody’s answering the call taker’s questions as far as what’s going on there.” (Doc. 313-
Case 2:09-cv-01258-GMS Document 347 Filed 08/06/12 Page 2 of 65
12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728- 3 -1, Ex. B at 9). Officer Field was the first to arrive on the scene; by the time she was there,Trott had called the house again and reached Walter. Walter sounded anxious, stated thatDavid was holding the baby, and that he needed “to take a pill so I can—don’t have a heartattack.” (
at 13). Trott instructed Walt and Janice to leave the house and speak to theofficers. Walt and Janice obeyed her instruction, leaving D.H. alone inside with David. Theywere in contact with officers outside the house by approximately 12:32 pm. (
at 16).Officer Hertko entered the covered garage area of the home. David opened the doorleading from the house to the garage; he was holding D.H. as he did so. (Doc. 272-1, Ex. Bat 19–21). As described by Officer Hertko, David was cradling D.H. against his chest. (Doc.266-1, Ex. A-3, Ex. 186–87). According to Hertko, the child was moving around while Davidheld her and did not appear to be in distress. (Doc. 266-4, Ex. N at 9). David again asked forpublic officials to come to his house, and, when officers attempted to engage him, he re-entered the home in a manner described alternately as “running” or “hurriedly retreating.”(Doc. 272-1, Ex. B at 27). He opened the door and shouted at Officer Hertko a number of times, at least once without D.H. present. (Doc. 266-4, Ex. N at 6).At 12:34, Officer Hertko stated over the radio that it “looks like we’re going to havea barricade situation.” (Doc. 313-1, Ex. B at 16). During this period, Janice and Walt hadbeen speaking to officers on the scene. Walt had informed Officer Field that a firearm washidden in the house, but that David did not know where, and that there was no ammunitionin the house. (Doc. 272-1, Ex. D). Walt further told Officer Field that David had earlierthreatened to throw D.H. out a window if Walt did not come over to him. (Doc. 272-1, Ex.D at 57). At 12:36, Officer Hertko transmitted over SPD radio that, “prior to our arrival, hethreatened to drop the child out of a window . . . . In dialogue with the police on the scene,he’s merely stated that he wants the Attorney General . . . and made no threats towards usor the child, although he is still holding the child and inside the residence somewhere.” (Doc.313-1, Ex. B at 18). / / / 
Case 2:09-cv-01258-GMS Document 347 Filed 08/06/12 Page 3 of 65

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