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Bosnian Fortune Telling

Bosnian Fortune Telling

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Published by zemerijas

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Published by: zemerijas on Aug 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
Bosnian fortune telling
BOSNIAN FORTUNETELLING WITH GRAIN OFBEANSor"throwing beans"(bacanje graha)
One of the most popular methods offortune-telling in Bosnia and Herzegovinais certainly divination with beans or
 falanjeu grah
. Falanje or fortune telling comesfrom the Arabic word
, to bode, or
which means positive fortune telling. InBosnia, a person dealing with thedivination in the beans is called
if it is a female person.According to ethnological data 41 beangrains fortunetelling originates fromKazakhstan (
) where from, Turksbrought it to Bosnia.However, when wetoday analyse Kazakhstan way of beangrains divination and the one typical forBosnia a huge disparity may be observed.For divination in the beans fortune tellerneeds the red rag on which he or she linesup 41 grains of white beans. Before shestarts placing the beans on the ragshetakes the beans into the right fist , placesthe fist close to her mouth and recites theprayer: “
Rabbi yesir vela tu'asir, rabbitemmim bil-hayr 
” three times and thenblows into her fist three times.Red colour is traditionally considered tobe excellent protection from “evil eyes”that may disrupt everyone’s destiny.Besides, probably red colour has, inBosnian fortune teller’s interpretation,power to lift their awareness to the higherlevel in order to perceive someone-sdestiny as thorough as possible.Then she divides the beans into threesmaller piles and from each takes the fourseeds making a figure of three rows withnine beans pile where each individual pilecan have 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed. The left verticalline represents a female person and theright male person. The vertical line in themiddle is called the house or heart. Inaddition, females and males lines aredivided into three symbols: the head,arms, legs and the line in the middle isdivided on: the cushion, fireplace anddoors.The method of divination in the bean isextremely broad and requires much effortand space for an explanation, howeverthere are several shorter versions ofdivination which people mostly use to getthe answer to a specific question.
Page 2
Bosnian fortune telling
The group of 41 beads of white beans thefortune teller arranges three times:-The first arrangement is for the past and itsymbolizes childhood and youth-The second arrangement symbolizes theclients present and the middle of his life-The third arrangement symbolizes thefuture, and is treated as the mostimportant part of the complete fortunetelling. It symbolizes the latter part ofsomeone's life.A B CD E FG H ITEHIR or TIMEThe first row (A,B,C) is called „
“ or"the surface", and its characteristic is that itcan only have an odd sum of numbers 5 or9 beads, when compared to the secondand third row. When there are five beadsin the first row (212, 122, 221), and in thebottom that symbolizes time (or their) 5groups each having four beads (or fivehatmi) then that shows speed to thefortune teller, favorable progress of thesituation, or as they like to say: „the beansgo in your favour!" The first rowsymbolizes intelligence, thinking patterns,thought processes,. and that's why there isa "male" and "female" head inside and a"pillow".The second row (D,E,F) representsemotion and the house. It can be said thatthe second and third row are connectedwhile the first row is separate andindependent. The one thing that mostpeople don't know is that only in thesecond and third row there can be forexample a combination of infidelity, loss,moving, tears but also travel, gain, etc.The third row (G,H,I) is a symbol of thethings that are outside or in front of thedoor. It is a symbol of movement andaction which is confirmed by the male andfemale foot prints (or legs) and the"threshold". The more beads there are onthe threshold the more guests in the houseor if there is only one bead onthethreshold-the news will arrive inside thehouse, two beads "open door" that is theone whose fortune is foretold will travel orthe like.Tehir or time symbolizes a specific periodwhen a prophecy might come true, forexample, if there are five groups that havefour beads in the "time" row, that meansthat the foretold will come about soon, ifthere are four groups each having fourbeads then the client has to be patientbecause the prophecy will not come aboutsoon, etc. Fortune telling of four groupseach having four beads is called „hatma“.Besides this, each fortune teller with beanscan foretell for three types of persons-girlfriend, wife, widow or boyfriend,husband, widower. For example, if amarried person receives the "HazratFatima fal" it is not interpreted as to theother groups. While to the other groups itforetells marriage, to the married ones itforetells divorce or the like.When fortune telling is performed in orderto get the answers regarding someone’shealth or even more concrete; whethercertain person will get well or die certainnumbers in 3 rows are monitored andanalysed. Since every fortune telling isrepeated for 3 times (past, present, future)hence the final answer is obtained in thethird round.The example in which bean grainsannounce death to the sick person follows:3 1 11 1 21 2 144444441 1 31 1 24 2 2
Page 3
Bosnian fortune telling
4444441 2 22 1 12 2 4444444In Bosnian way of bean grains fortunetelling particular attention is committed tothe interpretation of each grainpositioning. Direction in which the grain isdirected, its horizontal or vertical position,whether one grain is attached to another,or tree or more, is very important data inthe process. An example concerning onelove couple follows:1.
Woman is burdened with loverelationship and displays seriousinsecurity. She easily gets angry with theman and then she terminatescommunication with him.2.
Man and woman are together.3.
Man has got similar temper aswoman he gets angry easily and than hedoes not communicate to her.4.
Woman loves man5.
Regardless certain problems incharacter and communication themselves,as a couple, go along fine.6.
Man is quite introverted; he does notdisplay enough emotions or affection.7.
Woman is indecisive; she often doesnot know what to do to improve theirrelationship.8.
Communication seems to be a greatproblem. They both communicate morewith others than with each-other.9.
Man is more oriented towardscarrier, income,money.If this combination of grains appeared inthe first cast of beans than analyse isinterpreted in the past tense. This, in fact,interprets the relationship of partners inthe past. However, if it appears in thesecond cast than it represents theirpresent, while in the third cast hasnegative connotation and may indicateproblematic love relation.When in all 3 casts of bean grainscommitted for love fortune tellinghappens that only one grain appears inone of the 3 rows that is a certain sign thatconcerned love wish is not going to fulfil;partners will not stay together or that thepossibility of realisation of connectionwith the partner is very minimal.
In simpler form of divination 38 grains of white beans is used a piece of bread, one coffee grain and a metal coin. Before deviation canbegin a grain of bean is highlighted in red paint which will represent the person who asksthe questions in the process of the divination.Then the fortune teller takes all beans into her hand and person who has come for the fortunetelling raises the question she would like tohave answered. After that fortune teller blowsinto her fist and throws the beans on the floor.With this is the first part of the divination iscompleted. After that the analysis of the position taken by a grain marked in red starts.If the grain fell nearer to the piece of bread itrepresents a symbol of happiness -the wishwill be fulfilled, in love ones will marry, workwill progress and etc.On the other hand if the red bean fell nearer tothe coin, that person can expect the cash gains

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