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The Feast - August 19, 2012 Issue

The Feast - August 19, 2012 Issue

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYAugust 19, 201
 H A  B A  G A  T A  F T E R M A  T H
 See  pages 4 -7
Today, I receive all of God’s love for me.Today, I open myself tothe unbounded, limitless,
overowing abundance of 
God’s universe.Today, I open myself to
God’s blessings, healing,
and miracles.Today, I open myself toGod’s Word
So I would become
More like Jesus every day.Today, I proclaim that Iam God’s beloved,I am God’s servant,
I am God’s powerful
champion.And because I am blessed,
I am blessing the world.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.
If God Calls YouTo Do Something, You’ll Love Doing It
PEOPLE ask me all the time, “Bo, how can I know God’s
mission for my life?”
As we shared in the past few weeks, God’s missionfor your life is discovered through the raw materials of 
your personality, your family, and childhood experiences
--bad or good. But there’s one more factor to consider—and Ifeel it’s one of the most important ingredients: Your Passion.One of the most powerful elements of business successis passion. If the entrepreneur works like he’s not working,but playing, enjoying everything he does, gets lost in what hedoes, will do what he does even if he doesn’t get paid—even if he makes all sorts of mistakes at the start—by the end of his journey, the likelihood of success is gigantic.These recent years, I’ve been coaching people in theirsmall businesses. I’m no expert, but when I get stumped, I link up with mentors better than me.Yes, I do know of a few businesses where the owner is“miserably successful” with it. But sooner or later, the ownerwill have to scratch his itch and do what he loves to do, evenif it isn’t protable—while using the prots of his “miserably
successful” business.
In the same way, when God calls us todo something, He would give us the passionto do it with all our heart. We will ndourselves happy doing it in the long-term,even if we’ll have to go through unhappy
times in the short-term.
Have a remarkable Feast today!
May your dreams come true,
OVERFLOW! From an esmated 6,500 every week,the number of Feast aendees last Sunday swelledclose to 7,000 to the nearby Forum tent. Mounngan instant Feast at the tent, clockwise from tople: a new set of choir; Bro. Bo swaying with thedancers; Bro. Jill Ramiscal, president of Shepherd’sVoice Publicaons, giving away
Bro. Bo raising the
Novena to God’s Love
and thensigning books for aendees. Feast passion to the
Photos by CES ARCILLA and ELS
In the Womb of God
IN the Gospel last Sunday,according to John 6:41-58, Jesussaid, “I am the Bread of Life.” Fr.Alex Balatbat said Jesus meantthat He is the Main Source of our sustenance. A baby in his mother 
womb is nurtured with her esh
and blood --the mother’s placenta.In the same manner, during theHoly Eucharist, when we receivethe Communion host, we partakeof the Flesh and Blood of Jesus,thus we do live in the very wombof God. If not, we die.Since we are in God’swomb, we should trust Him -- thateverything that happens to us willturn for good-- even bad situationslike the recent Habagat onslaught,when heavy southwest monsoon
rains ooded Metro Manila and
other regions of Luzon.Fr. Alex said that sinceJesus said He is the Bread of Life,we can trust Him to nurture us.He said especially in times of crises, we must allow God to beGod—allow Him to move and takeover, especially when there’snothing more we can do about our crisis situation.Fr. Alex lamented thatalas, people believe in God, butthey disregard Him—as we areexperiencing in the controversyover the Reproductive Health Bill,where people propose that wecan solve poverty by limiting thenumber of our population. The problem, Fr. Alex pointed out, issecularism – that is, when we actlike we don’t need God.But Jesus said He is theBread of Life, the very source of our substance, He who promisedthat if we are in Him, we will not be impoverished. We will live onlywhen we’re connected with God.Fr. Alex concluded: If you’reclose to God, even in the midst of a storm, you’ll still feel strength.Everything is from the power of God. You can say, “”I am a powerful person because I am inthe very womb of God.”
-- Bella Estrella
You Birth Order:
Your Past Was Not Perfect,But It Is Perfect for Your Purpose
WHAT makes you“YOUnique”? First is your  personality, as Bro. Bo Sanchez
 pointed out in our rst talk in
the series. Another one is your 
 Birth Order 
. Job 10:8 says,“Your hands shaped me andmade me.” You are unique because
God handcrafted you
.You are unique because youwere planned-- when and wherewill you be born, which familywill you belong to, whichschool will you go to, whatwork will you do, among manyother things!Bro. Bo pointed out thisdivine logic:
Your past wasnot perfect. But it is perfect for  your purpose
. God uses your  past to bring about your futureand be perfect for your purpose.Bro. Bo likened our lifeto a jigsaw puzzle. A piece of a jigsaw puzzle does not makesense by itself. But if you putall pieces together, it creates a perfect picture. Your past is agigantic puzzle with billionsof pieces! God is putting the pieces together to create your  perfect destiny.
God is working behind the scenes in your past 
.Bro. Bo shared hischildhood experiences on how
he disliked having ve “bossy”
sisters. Being the youngestamong the siblings, he had torun errands for his sisters, likewhen they commanded thathe buy soft drinks for their suitors. Today, he thanks God
he has ve sisters who now
help him in his ministries and businesses. Not one, not two,
not three, but ve!
He said right now, youmight not understand why youexperience unfortunate events.But in hindsight, you will seethat all those were just perfectfor your purpose.He presented threeelements in your past that mayexplain your present situation:
1. Position.
A big
inuence to your personality is
Bro. Bo’s sisters, from le: Tina, now managinginternaonal Kerygma Family and the Catholic Family Academy;Angie, taking care of Kerygma Family in the United States; Beckie, nowmanaging Beaconlight corporate and public seminars; Chelle, Bo’sexecuve assistant; Pinky, managing Truly Rich Club. Guess who is thatcute lile guy in the middle.
your position, or rank, or birthorder in the family.
a. Eldest Child.
 Responsible. Conscientious.Bossy. Nurturer “good child”who has a keen sense of right and wrong (sometimeswith black and white
Happy kid turning pensive-- maybe because he doesn’tlike wearing bellboom pants... or wondering how to face another day withhis sisters? At right, making the pieces t.
THE FEAST August 19, 2012
Talk 3: Your Passion
 Do What You Love—  And the Blessings Will Follow
James 1:7-8
 If you are unable to make up your mind and areundecided in all you do, you must not think that youwill receive anything from the Lord.
Psalms 139:14
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfullymade; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Job 10:8
Your hands shaped me and made me.
Personal Reection and Group Discussion:
What do you love to do? How does your passion blessothers?
 _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________ thinking), organized, andmeticulous list-maker.
b. Second Child.
try to de-identify from the rst
child and carve his own wayof getting attention. Perhapshe’ll go into sports. Or music.Or art. Or he actually rebelsand drops out. This sometimeshappens when the eldestchild is a superstar—andthe second child can’tseem to cope.The third child may then“de-de-identify” and moveaway from the path of thesecond child’s path and may act
like the rst-born.
c. Middle Child.
May bethe second, third, or fourth— as long as you’re not theyoungest. According to bestselling author KevinLeman, the middle child is the
hardest to dene because he
can go to different directions.General characteristics:amiable, a good team player,reliable, steady, loyal, andfaithful, wants everyone toget along, doesn’t stand out inthe crowd; more secretive than
rst-borns and last-borns.
d. Youngest Child.
 Outgoing and high on socialskills, funny, natural actors,emotional, affectionate,least likely to get punished,sometimes thinks he can getaway of wrongdoing, takesrisks more easily than hissiblings, may be rebellious attimes, has short attention span,gravitates towards careers insales, arts, and music.
2. Parenting.
Bro.Bo pointed out that the kindof parenting you receivedis the biggest factor thatmade you who you aretoday. He presented threekinds of parenting:
a. Punitive Parenting.
 Parents rule! Bro Bo said: “Asa child, you woke up everymorning feeling like you’vedone something wrong already.Punitive parenting producestwo kinds of children: 1)totally compliant, but lacksspontaneity, creativity, andindependent thinking; and 2)a rebel who can’t handle a job because he can’t work with any
kind of authority gure.
b. Permissive Parenting.
  No Laws in the house. Or if there were, you wiggled your way out of them with impunity.Sadly, permissive parenting can produce criminals.
c. Poisonous Parenting.
 Every day, you werecriticized, belittled,ridiculed, and embarrassed.Poisonous parenting producessmall people who havelow self-esteem.
d. Positive Parenting.
 Parents believe in the innategoodness in their children andthink, speak, and act out fromthis belief. But the parentsalso discipline by allowingtheir kids to experiencethe bad consequences of their decisions.Bro. Bo emphasized:
“Your past wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect for your purpose.
Even if the parenting youreceived was bad parenting,God will use that bad parentingfor your good purpose.”
3. Patterns.
Bro. Bosaid most likely, one has thecharacteristics and beliefs of the people he hangs out withmost of the time. We have been surrounded with patterns.Exodus 34:7 says,
“I lay the sins of the parents upon their children and grandchildren;the entire family is affected--even children in the third and  fourth generations.
 A son of an unfaithfulhusband is most likely tocommit the same sin his father committed. But the son canalways make the decision tocut the generation of sin. It’s allabout the response.
Your past 
can inuence your future, but doesn’t dene it. What denes it 
is your response.
Bro. Bo gave as anexample the story of BlessedMargaret of Castello. BlessedMargaret was born lame,dwarf, and blind. She didn’thave a loving family, and waseven locked up in a cell for 14years. But a priest introducedher to God. She served Godwith her all in her prison andhospital ministries. BlessedMargaret didn’t have a bright past. But it was how sheresponded which gave her a bright destiny.
--Kristine Anne Mutuc--Feast photos by ELS --Photos of the young Boand his sisters from the Sanchez family album
THE FEAST August 19, 2012

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