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Eleven Minutes New

Eleven Minutes New

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Published by honeymylovesosweet

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Published by: honeymylovesosweet on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Dark Side of the Moon
Joma Coronel
What is love? Is it a sex inducer? A relentless virus we can
t help but surrender at? Martyrdom creates love,and so are the evils in our lives. Love is not only a one-sided natural brute force most of us see it. PaoloCoelho does it justice in his novel,
Eleven Minutes
.It was a book that satiated my three years of not finishing a novel and relishing it after. To quote a veryfamiliar book critique phrase, it
s a page-turner. Many people have been affected by this Coelho magic somuch that his books easily sells out on bookstores; an author that easily wipes out the shelves. But forthose who know him, his works and this book,
Eleven Minutes
is not the most comfortable book for onesitting.For one, the topic unsettles the most Catholic of readers: that of a prostitute
s life. On the back of thebook is a note towards the creation of the novel, which he was working with the real prostitute who toldhim about her story and his novels
profound influence in her life. Personally, it was just my right fix of anovel. It sparked my latent interest on things realist so much so that I had a lot of questions to reflect andresearch after. For me, that
s the beauty of novels like these, for it
s reality, not the usual fantasy, you
reengaging into.Reading it won
t make one much less of an emo, or a love-deprived/despaired soul. For me, it
s likeseeing the dark side of the moon. Much of Literature has covered the light and obvious sides of the world,if not a writer
s arrogant display of postmodern creation. I
d rather delight in things behind the veil of blissand human triumph. That
s what I initially liked about the book. The narrative is so much arresting that thedetails of it won
t be as repelling as it ought to be.The book also talks about the prostitute Maria
s search for true love, which she thinks is within theattainment of total pleasure of sex. She didn
t only become a prostitute for her destitute living back inBrazil: she also liked it when she touched herself, and having enjoyed it she wanted more.Most of us would attack prostitutes on a moral level, but
the same search for ecstasy prostitutesdo be the same in our search for God, our Eternal Bliss? Maria, though initially in her erotic retreat toGeneva later on opted to search God and encounter heaven, paradise, but still through the flesh. She evenencountered the concept of Sacred Sex; but like Eve, she also discovered the dark side of the flesh.Then again, flesh is still a very tricky instrument of ecstasy to play with. Maria encountered a very unusualcustomer that taught her the pleasure in pain and passivity, subduing to a dominator to experience apassive yet strong pleasure. Maria, like almost all prostitutes, subdued to the whims of this verydominating and sadist client, albeit a special one for he pays well. Frankly, this was the part I almostagreed with and find myself reflecting after. Is pain a pleasurable act for the flesh? Are we all innatelysadists or masochists to indulge in a very pessimistic world of pain and dominance?But every ounce of depression merits redemption, as Coelho wants it in all of his novels.Maria, in the novel, has a loyal client that turned to a lover. Ralf Hart was a painter who saw Maria not as aprostitute but as herself, in her own light. After subduing to bondage, Maria was sought out by Ralf to

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