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14/08/2012 No Safe Exit for the Murderous Military Council

14/08/2012 No Safe Exit for the Murderous Military Council

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14/08/2012 No Safe Exit for the Murderous Military Council
14/08/2012 No Safe Exit for the Murderous Military Council

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: الاشتراكيون الثوريون on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No safe exit for the murderous military council
14 August 2012
The Revolutionary Socialists
http ://revsoc .me /statement/l-khrwj-amn -lmjls -lqtl-lskry The masses of the Egyptian people came out on 25 January 2011 to demand the fall of theregime and everything it represented in terms of tyranny, oppression and dependency.Through their steadfastness and the blood of their martyrs, they were able to get rid of theregime’s head Hosni Mubarak. Then the very generals of his military council—those who hadshared in his repression and corruption—came out and announced that they had takenpower. They tried to deceive the people by claiming to stand with the revolution and protect it,when in fact they were its primary enemies. But the revolutionary masses were not fooled for a single day. They came out in a roaring wave of revolutionary uprisings to demand theoverthrow and trial of the military council.The masses paid a high price for this. The council of criminals killed and injured youngpeople, assaulted girls, imprisoned and tortured thousands in the military prisons. Over a year and a half the masses have offered martyrs to expose the ugly face of the military council. Itsviolated legitimacy has fallen away, and it is no longer acceptable that the military councilshould govern the country. Rather the council should be put on trial for its crimes against thepeople and the revolution. Its members deserve to hang on the gallows. Meanwhile theMuslim Brotherhood stands alongside the military council, defending and justifying its crimes.Today Mohammed Mursi issued a number of decisions, including the cancellation of theSupplementary Constitutional Declaration and the removal of some members of the militarycouncil headed by Tantawi and Anan. We see these decisions as gains for the revolution. Butwe affirm that they would not have happened without the sacrifices made by the martyrs andrevolutionary masses, particularly during the events at Mohammed Mahmoud Street, theCabinet Offices and the Ministry of Defence. If the masses hadn’t imposed themselves on thescene with such force, if they hadn’t refused to accept continuing rule of the military council,these decisions would not have been taken. Nor will the masses accept a “safe exit” for thegenerals. Mursi promised retribution for the blood of the martyrs. Their killers are the men hehas just honoured with the highest decorations and medals, instead of transferring them tocourt on charges of murdering revolutionaries.The Egyptian revolution called for the cleansing of the security, media and economicinstitutions of the state from the corrupt military figureheads of the regime. It called for an endto the policies of repression, exploitation and dependency. It did not call for a mere change inpersonnel. So how can General Ahmad Fadel, who looted the Suez Canal, be replaced byGeneral Muhab Momesh? The Suez Canal workers went on strike at the start of therevolution to demand Fadel’s dismissal, prosecution and replacement by a civilian director.Sorry, Mursi, but the revolution is not calling for the replacement of soldiers by more soldiers,or the old regime’s remnants by the Brotherhood. Social justice is a fundamental goal of therevolution. It will only be achieved by transforming state institutions to serve the people andby putting wealth into the hands of the poor.Instead Mursi offers a neoliberal government which demands the people “ration consumption”as it prepares austerity measures to restart the “wheel of production”. Meanwhile he threatens

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