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Lifegroup 15th August

Lifegroup 15th August

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Published by Marvin Tang

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Published by: Marvin Tang on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lifegroup 15th August 2012
Faith Forensics 3:Sherie: God’s promises that he will do what he promises. But if he didn’t we can only hope.And this is when it is hard. What do we do when God keeps Silent.There are times where God doesn't answer or intervene. What are we to do?Will we trust that he will bring us through in Grace and Mercy?Give some examplesVicky: Beginning of this year was a very stress period. Asking God why he didn't help.Wondering what God was doing. Didn't have faith at that time because it was all so fast.Until when the LG started talking to me. Thankfully of the Christians around me. Throughprayer, I found my faith. At that time if I continued that way and feel down, I might havewalked away due to the stress. Through that I found that God will be with you in the lowestpart of your life.Jona: I am wondering why I can’t remember anytime when God say No. I realize becausewhen God says NO, I just shut my self and walk away. I don’t think about it. I think for mewhen God says No, I walk away but I don’t pause to wonder why God says no. In a longrun something happens do we take note what happened.Sherie: My mom loves to travel. But there was this one year she wanted to go Korea. Sheprayed and in her dream God said no to Korea. She was wondering why? Then the secondtime she asked the Pastor and he confirmed a No. But she didn’t know why?I realise that God is testing her obedience. If we chose to obey God will bless her with oth-er things.Gladys: I think for me. We are all humans. We often put ourselves in the center of theprayer. Can u imagine God always say yes, we will take God for granted. I realise that inthe times he says No. I realise that it was the best time we will grow and put our trustSherie: When God says no, its a reflection of our faith. Its a chance for God to showcasehow good he is. That is what faith is. Paul was doing God’s work. He was preaching the gdword. Yet God allowed him to have this evil spirit. God said No. “My grace is sufficient”God wanted to humble paul and realise that God is all he need to depend on. Most of thetime when we face suffering, what do we do? Do we recognise what God is doing and trustin his deliverance. One of the promises is “There will be trouble”. There are times hechoose he will help and not help. Through this times of suffering we are moulded the most.At the end of the situation we find that our faith has grown. God knows this will help usGod.
Lifegroup 15th August 2012
Amanda: Earlier this year I was trying to get the programme. God has been showing meverses and he has been around me. But yet I didnt get the programme. Now even in thisphase of getting this job thing, God was really quiet. I realise that at the beginning that Godwas giving me that starter pack and now he is teaching me to lean very very closely to himand listen to him. When you want God to be your focus and he gives u the choice. He willsupply your needs and trust that your safety net is there.YM: When the sermon was preached last year, In the past when my mom was sick, Goddidnt heal her and I was angry. I prayed through out and didnt give up. But the miracle did-nt happen. I kept coming to church but my heart was far of. But I didnt want my heart tostray. God told me” Now u don’t understand but one day you will”. God spoke to me thatthrough the verse “My grace is sufficient.......” I realise then that God gave me the gracethen to push me through and my only regret is that I don;t learn it earlier.Sherie: Right now, sometimes when we pray we expect God to answer. But we never cometo some point of acceptance. Or see that somethings happen for a reason. But during thistime, we should humble ourselves and understand that God can bring us through. But thisis also not the reason to not have the spirit of excellence. Of course we should excel inwhat you do and believe God will bring you through. And through this we remember that ifits according to his will it will happen. Good example is how he is our father and we hischildren, what happens to us now is done because he wants to teach us and discipline us.Make us who we are today. Every single time we face anything, whatever he have for us,there will be a purpose.Gladys in now PAULA AHBOO! Because she is the Paul in our lifegroup.Jona: In some version we call it a handicap. I think its to teach us humbleness. God tellsus not to be idle. When I’m idle I feel like I’m in control. Sometimes, handicap is a gift be-cause it pushes us closer to God. Through this when we face things we have problems.This is where God became greatest and let him lead us through.Sherie: What kind of God do we want. Do we want a Genie? Most of the time we forgetthat we seem to want to be God and we want to control things. We are not asking but de-manding from God. These are times we need to see that it is his will and this is what wewant.Jona: When Pastor talked about the Genie I remember how a Genie is that we are MasterYM: I remember how pastor was talking about this father. It reminded me about my mom.Thats why when I grow up, I want to be like my mother. During when my mom went aroundlooking for answers. Only after awhile, she finally accepted. Her life was so different. She
Lifegroup 15th August 2012
shared to the people around us, people sent flowers to the family to show her joy that sheshared around. When pastor shared, it reminded me of my mom. Even in the mid of every-thing, still be able to share. Gladys in a inspiration because despite all the things, gladysstill do so much. Nothing is more difficult then what Gladys is going through.Gladys: I have come to a point that God love is unchanging. He is the same today and to-morrow. He will not love me less then before. he will not abandon me. My foundation isbuild on God and I need to trust him because it will happen at his own time. In my weak-nesses, God will shine. The world is against you, and my parents do not understand. Butnow my parents gets a chance to see how tangible God is. His grace is always available.Even when I feel down, when I come to his throne I feel like crying and be humble towardsGod. He is the same. he doesnt change therefore my faith is based on him.Amanda: The time when I first came, YM sent me a verse: Isiah 40:31. When you reachthe verse before that. The lady said, do you know why he use an eagle. he hardly misseshis mark. He always goes up and glides down. Even when he misses, he fly back up andglides back down. He didnt flap the wings, and glides down. When we get a no, we panicbut an eagles just glides.Testimony:Sherie:1.Thank God for the chance to share with a old friend. she was the one who brought me tothis church. She is now a cellgrpup leader. However her church is completely different. Igot the chance to share with her the things we learn. Because the place she is at is verydifferent and the people are not done in structure and because she was in YI, Pastor is aconvicted man. She is placed there for a reason to impact the committee. I shared the ser-mon and it encourage her alot. Through this sharing I learnt how bless we are that I cannottake for granted where I am. In Singapore, very few churches are as passionate. I thankGod.She was very inspired.2. In School. now in 4th week. Alot of work and it is flooding me like crazy. But the differ-ence, even with more work. There is this sense of motivation of not giving up and keep do-ing what I’m suppose to do. During this feel days, I feel quite tired but I still have to preparefor so many things. But at the same time, when I feel this way I get this sense of energy. Itsa change from last time. I thank God for the perseverance to move on and not stopping.YM:I was hoping to get in to a Bank internship. Reason being that it pays more. Results cameout that I didnt get a place. I got a place of NCS an IT company. I was complaining whyGod place me there. I decided that God will us me. I found out that I had a friend in Gym

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