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Program Enfa5 Final

Program Enfa5 Final

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Published by Domingos Faria
ENFA5 Fifth National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy | Braga 13-15 September 2012
ENFA5 Fifth National Meeting in Analytic Philosophy | Braga 13-15 September 2012

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Domingos Faria on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Venue: Universidade do Minho / Campus de Gualtar - Braga / Complexo Pedagógico II
13 SeptemberAuditório B1Room 107
Room 108Room 109
8:30 9:30 Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)9:30 10:00 Opening CeremonyOpening CeremonyOpening CeremonyOpening Ceremony10:00 – 11:10
Invited Lecture:Ian Carter(Università deglistudi di Pavia )
Value-freeness and value-neutrality inthe analysis of  political concepts
Chair: JoãoCardoso RosasInvited LectureInvited LectureInvited Lecture
11:10 11:40CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee
Chair: Cátia FariaChair: AlexandraAbranchesChair: RicardoSantosChair:
JoãoAlberto Pinto
11:40 12:20Vera Tripodi(University of Barcelona):
Stereotypes,Gendered Notionsand Gender Gap inPhilosophy
 Blake Thompson(Virginia Tech),
Onthe Preferablenessof a Phenomenalist Ontology to a Materialist Ontology
Sam Baird(University of Edinburgh),
 Meaning without Propositions
Davide Rizza(University of EastAnglia):
 Applied mathematicalconcepts
 12:20 13:00Iddo Landau (HaifaUniversity) :
Fulfilling One'sPotential, DoingOne's Best, and the Meaning of Life
Sara Bizarro(University of Lisbon),
 Memoryand the Method of  Loci
 Stephen McLeod(University of Liverpool),
Fregeand Singular Existentials
 Eduardo Castro(University of BeiraInterior andLanCog, Universityof Lisbon),
On the Best Explanation for‘All Observed Fsare Gs’
Chair: RobertoMerrillChair: MiguelAmenChair: RicardoSantosChair:
JoãoAlberto Pinto
15:00 15:40Oscar Horta(Universidade deSantiago deCompostela),
 Equality, Priority,Transitivity and CounterintuitiveTrade-Offs
Graham Peebles(University of Fribourg),
Stateand Content- Nonconceptualism,While Distinct,Cannot Come Apart 
 Matias Gariazzo(University of London)
, Futurecontingents:relativism and thethin red line
Aldo FilomenoFarrerons(UniversidadAutónoma deBarcelona),
 Idealization and theindependence of  Laws from theenvironment 
15:40 16:20 Cátia Faria(University PompeuFabra),
 Helpingothers: a critique torelationalapproaches to moralobligations
 Olivia Sultanescu(York University,Toronto),
Concepts Judgments and  Normativity
 Ivan Mili
(University of Barcelona/LOGOS ),
Is Truth a NecessaryCondition forProper Assertions?
Aldo Frigerio(Università CattolicaS. Cuore),
 Biological speciesand classificationmethods
Venue: Universidade do Minho / Campus de Gualtar - Braga / Complexo Pedagógico II
16:20 17:00Lilith Dornhuber deBellesiles(University of Oxford),
 How Hannah Arendt's Natality ReconcilesUniversality’sPosition inFeminism
 José Gusmão(Universidade deLisboa),
Kripke’sarguments against type and tokenvarieties of materialism: A replyto some objections
 Ana Leda de Araujo(UniversidadeFederal da Paraíba)
O conceito derelevância pragmática e seuuso na explicaçãoda significação dolocutor: novasdefinições
Valeriano Iranzo(Universidad deValència),
Probability and  Inference to the Best  Explanation
17:00 17:30coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee
Chair: JoãoCardoso RosasChair: JorgeGonçalvesChair: BrunoJacintoChair: SaraBizarro
17:30 18:10Amber Riaz (LahoreUniversity of ManagementSciences),
 MoralTestimony and  Moral Expertise
Ana Paula Pedro(Universidade deAveiro),
Confusõesmereológicas emneurociências: ocaso de Libet - aacção voluntária e olivre arbítrio
 Giulia Pravato (Ca'Foscari University),
 Defining Disagreement 
 Daniel Cohnitz(Department of Philosophy,University of Tartu)and Jelena Issajeva(Department of Philosophy,University of Aarhus):
 Rudolf Carnap and Logical Behaviorism
 18:10 18:50Marta Nunes daCosta (Universidadedo Minho),
Whyinstitutions matter –assessing thenecessity for formalinstitutionalizationof democratic practices
Barbara Trybulec(Maria Curie -SklodowskaUniversity),
Genealogy of  Neurophenomenology. Within the Net of PhilosophicalTraditions
Rodrigo Borges(RutgersUniversity),
Selfless Assertions and  Moore’s Paradox
 Marion Godman(School of Advanced Studies,University of London),
 A newdilemma for thespecial sciences
 19:00 – 20:00
Assembleia Geralda SPFA
Venue: Universidade do Minho / Campus de Gualtar - Braga / Complexo Pedagógico II
14 SeptemberAuditório B1Room 107Room 108Room 109
9:30 10:00Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)Registration(next to AuditórioB1)10:00 – 11:10
Invited Lecture:João Branquinho(Universidade deLisboa)
What Is Existence?
Chair: TeresaMarquesInvited LectureInvited LectureInvited Lecture
11:10 11:40CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee
Chair: JorgeGonçalvesChair: ManuelGarcía-CarpinteroChair: SaraBizarroChair: CéliaTeixeira
11:40 12:20Tadeusz Czarneckiand BoleslawCzarnecki(JagiellonianUniversity),
 Instantiated Know-how and IntellectualGuidance
 Benjamin Martin,(University CollegeLondon),
The Inadequacy of theClassically- Assumed Account of Contradiction
 Heimir Geirsson(Iowa StateUniversity),
 In TheKnow and Still ResistingSubstitutions
Ricardo Santos(Universidade deÉvora & LanCogGroup CFUL),
Future Contingents, Aristotle and theClassical Principlesof Truth
 12:20 13:00Tero Vaaja(University of Jyväskylä),
Wittgenstein, Epistemic Asymmetry and Other Minds
 Amir Horowitz (TheOpen University of Israel)
, Culturaldivergence of semantic intuitions
Alfredo Martínez(
Universityof Edinburgh
Varieties of  Embodiment and Functionalism
Bruno MiguelJacinto (Universityof Saint Andrews),
Kaplan's Theory of  LogicalConsequence and Why (I believe) It Is Incorrect 

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