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Senior Clan Leader

Senior Clan Leader

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
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Senior Clan Leader
The Senior Clan Leader looked up, sensing a presence in the room. She turned her bulkybody toward the door, shoved a pencil over her ear and into her frizzy geo-cropped black hair.
Sheila’s project, Mark she calls it 
, she thought.
Perhaps the Director of Genetics isachieving a modicum of success with her venture. The creature appears to have learned how todress itself as it certainly wears the uniform well and buttoned correctly.
She motioned for it to come closer. It moved forward, eyes downcast, holding a packet in its
hands. She pointed at the table to put the papers on. “These are from the Genetics Director?”
she asked.To her surprise rather than just nodding, the behavior she expected from a Three, it answered,
“Yes, My Lady, she sent this with me to give to you.”
 She appraised it as it stepped back, head down, hands held in the approved position. When afew minutes had passed,
and it had not left, she asked, “Did your lady require more?”
 On being addressed, Mar
k answered slowly, “My Lady ordered me to wait in case youwanted me to take something back to her.”
, she thought,
it almost seems human. I must compliment Sheila and find out moreabout the methods she has been using
.She handed it a tidbit f 
rom the basket she kept as rewards for the simios. “No nothing.Return to the genetics lab.”
 Accepting its treat, it bowed and backed from the room.
Watching it leave she admitted to herself,
 from the rear it almost resembles an intact humanmale, back straight, broad shoulders, not shuffling but using purposeful long strides.
Thecreature shows none of the obvious physical peculiarities, misshaped arms or legs. It has no eyesmissing or misaligned, Skin
scaly; it seemed not to have any of the usual mutations of males. Interesting.
For more than a century, scientists had worked with genetic matching, gene splicing, andcountess efforts to contain the increases of unwanted changes. Most progress occurred, of courseat the Regional Clan Center Genetics facility, one of the many in the Region under hercommand. The Senior Leader turned back to her desk and the work at hand, but found her minddrifting.
Can’t help but feel 
sorry for a woman, who ends up with a mutated infant 
, she thought
. I’ve
always encouraged women to use surrogates. Why impose on a ranking female? Leave the child bearing to less capable females, ones whose body type left them more suited to child bearing.They could serve a useful function in housing the fertilized eggs of command level women. If the
woman gets a girl off of a surrogate, she’d be no less satisfied when her surrogate bore the child 
than if she bore one herself and 
 she’d be
in better physical condition.
 All through her region, women always welcomed a girl baby. Had anyone dared to ask, theSenior Leader would say she encouraged the education of females, wanted them trained to lead,to excel in any of the many fields opened by their physical and mental abilities. Since assumingcommand, she was proud to enforce the long time law which required intelligent and talentedwomen to produce at least one, more often, several offspring. Women held all commandpositions, controlled the assets of a clan, dictated what would be grown, selected potentialbreeders, in short, ran the show and led rewarding lives.
Surrogates generally should be sterilized so the breeding stock not be further weakened orinterfere with the pregnancies carried for others. She encouraged such females to seek relationships, simple friendship or of a sexual nature among others of their sex with similar rank.Boy children, by contrast, even those who at least externally appeared human, faced anuncertain future. The chance of a normal boy child was rare. Obviously defective fetuses by lawmust be aborted and delivered immediately to the agricultural units to use.Male live births traveled an arduous path before their role was certain. Even aftercompleting the Five Courses, men were regarded of less value than a female. The Senior Leadernever doubted this was appropriate.
That x/y chain Sheila rants on about always resulted insomething inferior. The creatures that completed the Five Courses represented just the best of a
sorry lot 
.Early in her position, she commanded her officers to take them from their mother
real orsurrogate - at an early age so they would never experience anything other than the authority of women.
Those hours in history classes come in handy
, she thought,
the way owners handled their slaves was a good model for us. Slaves accepted their lot and obeyed their owner, never knew what it was like to be free. Face it, males needed to be molded the same way. If everyoneexpected them to obey the woman in charge, they did. Win their minds when they are young and they are shaped properly when they are adults.
Her police monitored an intact male who might be a bit of problem due to the insidiousinfluence of his testosterone. An officer would call on his supervising female and remind her,
“You are responsible for the males you
supervise. If any speak or act in an inappropriate mannerand cause trouble
, you will answer for his actions.”

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