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Feeding Grandpa - Pilot - 20

Feeding Grandpa - Pilot - 20

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Written by: Diana Orem _____________________________________________________________________________________ACT ONEFADE IN:
MORNINGWe see CASSANDRA and her brother, PHILIP, seated across from a very serious looking neurologist seated behind animposing mahogany desk. Credentials and diplomas hang behind him and his name plate reads DR. STERNMAN.CASSANDRAWe want to thank you again for seeing us Dr. Sternman. We know that a man of your repute is quite busy.DR. STERNMAN
It’s my pleasure. I’m
sorry to hear about your father’s
condition, it will be a great loss to the community.PHILIPYes, well Dad came to love Phoenix like a second home.CASSANDRAWe tried to talk to him about
retiring and moving back to California, but he won’t hear of it. Dad’s
become a differentperson lately. He always said he wanted to move back, live on the beach. But now he
afraid of anything unfamiliar.Sometimes he even seems confused in his house, with his own family.PHILIP
Even simple things upset him. I tried to take him to the store the other day, but he thought we were being followed. It’s
I’m doing my best to see that he is cared for around the clock, but it’s
hard. I’m a single working mother, and I just worry
that he is going to wander off, or leave the stove on
all pitching in. Cass is living in the house full time now, and our younger brother Richard is staying in the guesthouse.CASSANDRAWe
taking shifts, making sure that Dad is taken care of, getting fed.
But I don’t
know how much longer we can keepthis up. There are a lot of things related to his business and finances that have fallen by the wayside.DR. STERNMANDo you have any outside help? A nurse, or someone to deal with the business end?CASSANDRA
No, it’s just the three of us.
I think part of it was just thinking that maybe this would pass, you know, maybe he wouldget better (tearful).PHILIP
But we feel it’s time for profes
sional intervention. You know, Dad raised us to be self-sufficient and try to keep familymatters private, but we
finally realized we need help.DR. STERNMAN
Well this certainly sounds serious. From what you’ve described, it does sound like you
r father may be showing signs of dementia, probably early to middle stages.CASSANDRA
I was afraid you’d say that.
I talked to a friend whose father was just diagnosed and she recommended we see aneurologist right away. Then she said we
need to talk to a lawyer about his will and something about a
declaration of incompetence.
it’s a bit
overwhelming and I
’m not even sure
where to start.DR. STERNMANWell, you did the right thing by starting here. If your father does meet criteria for dementia I can refer you to a colleagueof mine about a competency hearing
. But let’s start with your father’s
history, so I can establish his baseline level of functioning. Tell me about him
his education, business background, how he handled his personal affairs. Could westart there?CASSANDRAWell, Dad is your classic self-made man.
Although he didn’t have as much formal education as you’d
think, he made anumber of shrewd investments in his early 20s.2. EXT. KENTUCKY DERBY (1955)
DAYFlashback - we see a drunken young man (GRANDPA/JAMES SR.
age 22) in the stands. He is cheering and holding onto
a handful of betting tickets. We can tell by the crowd’s reaction that the race just ended.
 GRANDPA(Disappointed) Shit. Thanks for nothing, Blue Baby.3. INT.
(cont’d) –
two announcers in 1950’s garb sit
side by side in a booth.ANNOUNCER 1What an upset! The heavy favorite, The Blue Baby, beaten out by The Teal Kid!ANNOUNCER 2Odds on The Teal Kid listed as 99 to 1
well whatever lucky son of a gun bet on this one is going to be celebratingtonight!ANNOUNCER 1
Ya’ know, it’s funny because if you didn’t know what the hell you were doin’ you might have accident
ally bet on The TealKid,
you know ‘c
ause the two names are kinda similar!ANNOUNCER 2I dunno, that sounds like kind of a stretch, Bill. I mean, y
ou’d have to be a real bozo to mix those two up! I
don’t buy
it, buddy.4. INT. BAR
- later that night, Grandpa is at a fancy bar, surrounding by rich society types and fat catscongratulating him. He is eating it up.FAT CAT #1
Congrats on the big win buddy. (Lowers voice) so tell me, how’d y
do it, how’d ya know it was going to be The Teal Kid?
The funny thing is I didn’t! I got mixed up and bet on the wrong damn horse. What’s the difference between
anyway?FAT CAT #1(Beat, followed by knowing smile) Ha, I gotcha buddy. Got an inside tip, didya?From across the room, Grandpa spots a beautiful young southern belle, BUTTERCUP PERCY.GRANDPAPleased
to make your acquaintance. I’m James Norris, at your service.
 BUTTERCUP(Heavy Southern accent) Oh good, my drink is running low and I am dreadfully bored. Anything you can do about that?GRANDPA(Sly smile) Maybe.BUTTERCUP
I’m Buttercup Percy (holds out white gloved hand).
 5. INT.
He married our mom in 1956 and was named VP at Percy’
s Peanuts shortly after. Mom always said the Norris charmdefinitely comes from Dad (smiles knowingly).CASSANDRA(Shoots him an annoyed look, quickly regains composure). But to be clear, he earned his way to the VP spot. I
t wasn’t
handed to him just because he was
Poppy Percy’s
son-in-law.6. EXT. BRIDGE (1957, SOMEWHERE IN GEORGIA)
NIGHTFlashback - scene depicts a very drunk MIDDLE AGE MAN in a three-piece suit swerving dangerously as his
1950’s vehicle
approaches a bridge. A YOUNG WOMAN is laughing in the passenger seat. The car hits the guardrail and goes over thebridge. We see the woman has escaped and is swimming away as the car sinks.7. INT. FUNERAL HOME
we see a young Grandpa at a funeral with a large picture of the deceased man draped in a wreath of flowersin the background. Grandpa reaches his hand out as if to shake hands with another man in a suit (MR. PERCY
only seen
from behind) who hands him a desk plate which reads “Vice President –
Percy Peanuts.”
 CASSANDRADad continued moving up in the agricultural world, and eventually he decided to branch out.DR. STERNMANI suppose the business seemed little more than
to a man like your father.CASSANDRA(Beat, followed by forced laughter). Yes, well Dad always dreamed of coming out West and expanding his horizons, so tospeak.9. EXT. CAR RACES DOWN DESERTED HIGHWAY

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