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What the Zombies Saw

What the Zombies Saw

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Published by stumbleupon

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 1.FADE IN:INT. CABIN - DAYAn OLD MAN sits in a chair, looking down, seeming a bitgloomy.Finally he glances up, looks into the camera, clears histhroat and takes a deep breath.OLD MAN
 out in these hills for all
 to show you...(pausing; swallows hard)
told anyone about it.I had my reasons. But...
beeneating away at me for eighteenyears. I felt like it was time.Looking back on it now, it wasprobably the beginning of everythingthat happened afterwards. The worldwas never the same again. It was --I guess yo
say -- ground zero.He stands, picks up a video tape, studies it. He walksto a TV.OLD MANIt was June sixth, nineteen ninety-four.There was a small earthquake thatmorning. But there was no damage. I
think too much about it. Afterlunch I hiked out to the lake to dosome fishing. There was a campsitethere. Everything was...(shakes his head, troubled)... a real mess. And then I found thistape on the ground. I brought it home,watched it and...
 you see for yourself.He puts the tape in a VCR, pushes a button.
trees.EXT. WOODS (ON VIDEO TAPE) - DUSKA handheld video camera pans through the woods. The
 2.We SEE bushes, trees... and a tent in an open area.Another tent. And a campfire.Sitting around the campfire are three college-age kids:two GIRLS and a GUY. They roast marshmallows, drinkbeer, enjoy the peaceful evening.One of the Girls looks at the person holding the camera.GIRL #1
for onceand get over here!
 get any marshmallows!CAMERA GUYOkay, just a minute...As the camera approaches the campfire, the others lookinto the lens, waving, laughing, making faces, goofingoff.One Girl holds a flaming marshmallow up to the lens.CAMERA GUYOooh, scary!Suddenly a CRASHING sound in the woods. They all looktoward the woods, as does the camera.CAMERA GUYWhat the hell?The camera moves toward the sound.GIRL #2Where are you going?!CAMERA GUYI bet it was some kinda cool animal orsomething -- maybe a deer.The camera peers into the woods -- nothing.The camera turns to the left -- nothing but a tree. Itturns to the right -- nothing. Silence.Then the camera turns back to the left -- and a pale,grotesque ZOMBIE peers into the lens.The Camera Guy SCREAMS. As he turns to run, we brieflysee four other Zombies surrounding the campfire. Theother three kids SHRIEK, terrified.The picture becomes jittery. The SOUND of footsteps,skirmishes, more wailing.
a menacing GROWL as the Camera Guy SCREAMS. Thecamera falls and CRASHES to the ground. The picture andsound turn to STATIC.FADE TO BLACK.EXT. WOODS (ON VIDEO TAPE) - NIGHT
then we see grass. The camera is still lying on the
 Someone picks up the camera. We see shrubs, trees,woods. The image is jittery.We see the campfire. Then...We see four Zombies hovering over human remains,devouring them.The camera clumsily moves in various directions. Theperson holding the camera accidentally aims the lens athimself --
one of the Zombies. He looks into thelens, puzzled by the contraption.He turns the camera back toward the campfire. Again wesee the other zombies eating human remains.Then... the picture and sound become STATIC.EXT. WOODS (ON VIDEO TAPE) - NIGHTA jittery camera shows a Zombie holding a bag ofmarshmallows.The Zombie clumsily puts a marshmallow on a stick andholds it over the flames. The marshmallow catches fire.The other zombies watch it burn, puzzled.STATIC.EXT. WOODS (ON VIDEO TAPE) - NIGHTThe camera approaches a tent.The Zombie with the camera turns the lens toward himselfagain, trying to get the hang of it. Then he turns thecamera back toward the tent.Stooping down, the Zombie crawls into the tent. We SEE
backpack, sorts through it and pulls out various items:clothes, first aid kit, book, toothbrush, etc.

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