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The Passion Project

The Passion Project

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Published by stumbleupon

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT. CITY - DAYA warm afternoon in New York City.The slim and cool ARTHUR (26) skillfully weaves in and outof traffic on his bicycle. His ears are plugged withheadphones. He mouths lyrics as he listens.INT. HALLWAY - DAYArthur paces through an apartment building hallway with aragged paper bag dangling in his hand.He comes to a stop in front of a door, pulls the headphonesfrom his ears and knocks.There is no answer.He knocks again.No answer, again.Arthur waits in silence until, finally there comes the soundof the door unlocking from the inside. It is pulled open bythe tall, broad and handsome SCOTT (27).In Scott’s free hand is a raw steak.ARTHURHey--Noticing that Scott’s left eye is bruised, he winces.They stare at one another until Arthur lifts the paper baginto sight with apologetic eyes.INT. SCOTT’S APARTMENT - DAYArthur steps into a chic and modern apartment.Scott shuts the door and paces to the couch, where he takesa seat and presses the steak to his eye.SCOTTYou know, I was going to eat thisfor dinner tonight, but I think italready served it’s purpose.Arthur sits at the other end of the couch and offers thepaper bag to Scott.
2.SCOTTI always figured you’d punch like abitch.ARTHURMy peace offering.Scott takes the bag and digs through it.SCOTTIsn’t it kind of early for you tobe up on a Sunday?ARTHURIt’s like noon.SCOTTExactly. Normally you’re not upuntil, what, one-thirty, twoo’clock?ARTHURYour text woke me up.Scott pulls a doughnut from the bag, observes it and bites.Chewing,SCOTTGood doughnut.A beat.ARTHURSo... I kind of remember hittingyou, but I don’t remember why.SCOTTThat makes sense.ARTHURHuh?SCOTTYou were drinking like you were ona mission last night... You endedup getting thrown out of the bar.Literally thrown. Jazzy Jeffed.ARTHURWait-- Tell me the whole story.Scott finishes another bite of the doughnut before sittingforward, preparing to tell a tale.
3.SCOTTOkay. There were these two girls atthe bar. One of them, Melissa, wasinto me. Her friend, I don’tremember her name, kinda seemedinto you. So we all got to talking.ARTHURYeah, I don’t remember any of that.SCOTTEventually they asked us both whatwe did for a living, and by thispoint you were already too drunk tospeak, so I spoke for you.Arthur smirks.ARTHURWhat’d you go with this time?Scott goes for another bite of the doughnut.SCOTTI was a fashion designer and youwere a writer.A beat.ARTHURA writer?SCOTTI couldn’t think of anything good.ARTHURSo you should have just told themthe truth.SCOTTThat you’re in between jobs?A beat.ARTHURWhatever--SCOTTBecause girls don’t want to go homewith unemployed dudes, Art.(pause)But anyway, your girl seemed alittle more interested after I said

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