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The Building

The Building

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Published by stumbleupon

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 I’m writing because I’m bored. And because I’ve got this idea for a short story stuck inmy head that I think is actually pretty cool. Too bad I can’t write stories. But practice makes perfect. So, here we go. I don’t expect this to be good at all, just saying. I’m just experimenting.
The large building was empty. Eerily empty. No noise, no body heat from people whomay have been there recently, no evidence that the building was occupied at all. The man stoodin the middle of the wide hallway, staring down the corridor. He had been here before.The man had been trying to find his way out of the building for some time now, but thewide hallways seemed to go on endlessly. Sometimes he would come to a door, and the doorwould lead outside into the night, but the man was blocked in by fences and other extensions of the building. Wherever he went he was in the same place.The building was dimly lit, with only a few fluorescent lights hanging just enough tomake out the shape of the hallway. It was as if someo
ne had left in a hurry and hadn’t closed up
properly. Some departments of the building had empty desks, some chairs and tables, some were just large empty rooms as if used for storing. He had tried the phones on the desks, but no luck.He had no watch and he had nothing in his pockets.The man was starting to get scared. As he walked down the hallway, he kept checkingback over his shoulder. His pace quickened, but the sound of his footsteps growing louder andfaster was a leading cause of his fear. Soon he was running full-speed, straight for a small graydoor in front of him. He burst through the door and the noise echoed.Outside. The stars shone brightly but the moon seemed distant. He looked around.Pavement covered the ground, inviting him to continue walking to the next department of the
building. Fences blocked off other sections. Nothing grew between the cracks in the pavement.The man had been here before. Still, he was growing used to the constant feeling of failure andhopelessness that came when opening a door or turning a corner in this place.Large crates lay around, all empty. Close to them was a ramp leading to an open slidingdoor. The man had seen this sliding door already. A forklift sat by the ramp. No key in theignition. No objects left in the seat.The man walked steadily down the pavement, desperately searching to get away. Therewas no sound of cars on roads in the distance. No wind whistling. Nothing moved. The freezingair grabbed at the man, forcing him to protect himself. The man walked up to the nextdepartment, a large rectangular building with the same gray doors as were all over, as if testingthe man to try them. He walked inside to see a room with a counter in the middle and two doorsto the sides. He had been here before. Although he tried to take the straightest paths he could, healways seemed to end up back where he started. He could not find his way out.Hours passed. The man grew angry. The man grew desperate. The man grew tired.As he frantically raced around the construction, he became increasingly illogical. Hepaced. He walked around in circles. He jumped over fences. He screamed he cried he ran he sathe thought he waited.He had no memory of arriving at the building. He did not know where his friends orfamily were. He had no idea if any of them should be near him, or if he was utterly alone. He hadno clue as to what the building was even constructed for.
After a while he started hallucinating. Seeing people standing out of the corner of his eyethat evaporated as he turned. Movements at the end of hallways that disappeared just as helooked. When he blinked he would see his someone standing in the middle of the corridor. Whenhe shut his eyes he would hear bumps or thuds that came from nowhere.He ran f 
rom room to room, outside to inside, department to department, I’ve been hereI’ve seen this before I was just here I was just
there how is this happening I just came from here
I’ve been here before
.He stopped running and found himself in the tower, the tallest department in the place.The man had been here before. He stood still. He looked out the window at all the places he hadbeen so many times. The hallucinations continued. He heard the bumps the voices he saw thefaces when he shut his eyes
I’ve been here before
there is no way out.
There is…no way out.
 The man jumped out the window and fell down to the pavement head first.The abandoned asteroid continued to float through space.

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