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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
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EXT. APARTMENT COMPLEX - DAYThe sun bounces off the gray-toned pavement that divides mirroring-imaged brick buildings. We dip down to the leftbuilding where a matte-black four door sedan pulls up to theentering walkway of the complex. A woman of Polish decent with long black flowing hair exitsthe passenger side of the car.Her wild orchid-color one-sleeved rouched top is slightlykissed by the summer breeze.We cannot see who the driver is, but as we follow the woman'sBelmont heels we hear a rustic voice.MAN (O.S)CATTLEYA?The title 'Tone' appears in the lower right corner of theframe.Then CATTLEYA WILLIAMS stops, and we make our way up from herZelda color jean leggings all way up to her light green eyes.We pull back from her as she turns towards the voice. Shesmiles as if she was giving the greatest gift.MAN (CONT'D)Tomorrow?Closing in on Cattleya, her eyes shut very softly and shesmiles even more as she bites her bottom lip.CATTLEYA ()lightlyTomorrow...She turns and we follow her inside.CUT TO:INT. LOBBY - DAYWe get a close-up of Cattleya's French manicured nails pressthe "up" button on the elevator.She turns around to look at the large floor mirror to fix herhair and blow a soft kiss at herself. She turns once shehears the DING when the elevator comes to rest. As the door opens, Cattleya steps back to let a happy coupleout. She smiles at them as the exit.Once in, she faces us then presses the button thatcorresponds with her floor; the doors shut with a CLANK.
2.INT. ELEVATOR - DAYWhile she waits to reach her floor, Cattleya hums and tapsher hand on her purse.We get a look at the number on the elevator as it changes to3. With another DING the elevator stops, we close in on thedoors as they open. Cattleya exits to the left.CUT TO:INT. HALLWAY - DAYCattleya has a little pep in her step as we follow everystride she takes on the old carpet of the hallway.We get a closer look at her purse, which we can make out isthe CC logo.From the back, Cattleya's stride is long and tight, just likethe way her leggings hug her rear.She stops at a door, and we get a great look at the numbers1303.Cattleya starts digging in her purse for her keys. TheJINGLING from the buckle and CHIMING of her keys echo downthe dimly lit and empty hallway.We get a close up of her inserting the key into the door.CUT TO:INT. DOOR WAY - DAYFrom the point of view of Cattleya we see her entering herapartment, and a blurry figure in the foreground.Her feet freeze in their tracks and her voice cracks as sheyells at the sight she just walked in on.CATTLEYA ()YELLINGMich- MICHAEL!Her foot digs into the ground as she pushes off with suchforce, we see her kind of lose her balance. As her left foot starts to exit the frame, her purse entersthe frame from north to south with crashing force.CUT TO:
3.INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSIn the middle of the living room a wooden chair with a metalback is placed in the dead center of the floor. MICHAELTAYLOR, an African American male in his early 30's, we cannot tell at this point the he has an athletic build by the way he is hunched back in the chair.CATTLEYA (O.S)()SCREAMINGMICHAEL!We are planted right at Michael's hand, watching blood dripfrom his index finger.CUT TO:INT. BEDROOM - DAY - FLASHBACKThe early morning sun rays are split between wooden shades asthey enter a quiet bedroom.The silence is broken by a soft female giggle underneath a white comforter that drapes over the queen size bed.When we come to the foot of the bed we see large feet thatrepresents Michaels feet.We slide under the covers to get a closer glimpse of Michaeland Cattleya horsing around with each other.Michael grabs Cattleya, and pulls her closer to him.MICHAEL()PlayfulGet over here.Cattleya puts her hand on Michael's bare chest and pushes outof his grasp.CATTLEYA NO!She slides away from Michael and tosses the sheets up off ofher and runs out of the bedroom with the body language saying"chase me."When she exits the room, we push in on Michael. With asadistic grin he flies out of the bed to run after her.CUT TO:INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSCattleya enters the living room wearing a matching Victoria

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