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The Vampine Saga Contest Entry

The Vampine Saga Contest Entry

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Vampine Saga.
Book I: The Demon’s Game
By David J. Wayman
Chapter 1The Hunt.When I woke up this morning I had no intention of being shot. But here I was. Standingwith a bullet in my chest yelling at the guy who had shot me, and he was only a human no less.
The guy looked frightened, and I could understand why. It’s not often you shoot a guy in
the chest and the only reaction you get is for him to start yelling at you.
It’s not like the bullet didn’t hurt, I mean it stung a little bit but it wasn’t going to kill me.
Actually I was more upset about my jacket.
“You put a bullet hole in my jacket you pathetic pile of slime!” That was me. “Oh andlook! I will never get that powder burn out! I’m
going to
kill you.”
 It was at that point that he ran, which was probably a good idea.
I let him go; he wasn’t going to get too far. I took my jacket off and set it on the arm of achair in the guy’s apartment. It was a little rundown place, perfect for a rat like him.
 I unbuttoned my shirt and looked at the bullet, pathetic; I thought it had actually piercedthe skin. The bullet had just flattened itself against my chest. I pried the slug from my skin,buttoned my shirt back up, grabbed my jacket and left the apartment.When I was on the street I caught the guys scent, it was easy to find; cheap cologne andfear, and began to follow him.As I turned a corner the phone in my pocket began to vibrate. I pulled it out and with a
quick flick of my wrist I had it open and to my ear. “Drake here.”
“Drake, what
happened? How could you let him get away?” Count on Oz to ask that
question. Drake the scourge of the Netherworld thwarted by a human. If this got out I wouldnever live it down.
“He shot me Oz, I couldn’t blow my cover. You know the rules.” That was tru
e. Therules were very important to our survival.
“Whatever, Roc is waiting in Central Park in case he gets away from you.” Which wasn’t
“Thanks Oz, I can handle it. Call the NYPD and tell them that the guy they have been
looking for those jewelr
y robberies is in Central Park and will want to give a full confession.” By
the time I was done with him he would be singing his confession. Literally.
“You going to give him The Eyes?” Oz loved The Eyes.
“Yes Oz. Just call the cops.” I hung up the phone
and placed it in my pocket. I hadreached Central Park and I looked around, it was nighttime and nobody was around. Nobodyhuman at least. I coiled my legs and jumped the ten feet to a thick branch in the tree above me.I bent my knees slightly and popped the knuckles in my hands. I was a little out of practice but then again, I was Drake. I pushed off with a big burst of energy and sailed throughthe air to the next tree maybe twenty feet away. Sometimes being part Elf was the best part aboutbeing me.I steadied myself on the branch and caught my prey
s scent again. He was close, hiding insome bushes maybe a hundred feet away.I made three quick jumps and found myself in the tree above his hiding place. Slowly Iclimbed down from the tree until I was close enough to touch him. His breathing was ragged and
his body was covered in sweat. I couldn’t resist. I tapped him on the shoulder. “Hello Jeremy.”

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