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August 9,2012 Edition

August 9,2012 Edition

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Published by Emerald Starnews
Emerald Star News August 9, 2012 edition, Freeport, Florida, Walton County, editor Frank Wolfe, PDF editions are available for download.
Emerald Star News August 9, 2012 edition, Freeport, Florida, Walton County, editor Frank Wolfe, PDF editions are available for download.

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Published by: Emerald Starnews on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume: 4
Issue: 16
Aug. 9, 2012
bi-weekly Edition
merald Star News
alton county -
Freeport, Florida 
A style of it’s own
a community Based Newspaper
offered ‘free’
…….from our business Advertisers inside this week
Made possible by your localadvertising businesses in this edition.
Teen Slang for Cough andCold Medicine Abuse
Parents, if you overheard kids talking or tex-ting about getting high on cough or cold medi-cine, would you know what they were talking
about? There are many slang….…...
Page 3
Walton County SaltwaterBeach Monitoring Results
Walton County - The Walton County HealthDepartment conducts regularly scheduled salt-
water beach water quality …..……..
Page 5
Another Postal Related Arrest
 As reported by WZEP AM1460
The Okaloosa County Multi-Agency DrugTask Force, along with Federal Postal Inspec-tors, intercepted a package containing cocaine,
 prescription pills ………...………..
Page 7
Auto burglaries on the increasein South Walton
The Walton CountySheriff's Office has recently seen an increase inthe number of auto burglaries. Most of the
victims are families on …………...
Page 9
 Hello. These weeks are flying by like birds in the wind
lately. School is already starting too. Didn’t they just get out
from ending last year? Anyway, buckle down for another school year. Help your children become the best at what they want. Theyare our future.
Being that we are midway of the summer Olympics, I’d like to bring up a subject on
the topic of children and the sacrifices of sport and self. I am most definite that morethan half of society would say that those children are forced by those parents to compete
at very young ages. Especially when the latest overtone is being fair…..everyone’s a
winner attitude. Tell that to those who compete.It is as early as 4am when some gymnast practices, all because they have a dream togetting a gold ribbon. This is not a chore, nor a punishment, it is a routine that there parents conditioned them for since as early as age 3. What? You know how many sto-
ries we’ve heard of tough parenting when it comes to drill sergeant mentality? Not let-
ting their kids be kids kind of stuff. How wrong they say it is?What is your take on it? Does it appear to you that society looks at sports in a muchmore different level than any other one thing that children do most of? Sure we like tohave them be active and have friends. Play soccer or something. It is all in the eye of the parent /coach to see potential in something and they decide whether or not to pursue
them as the next hero. I’ve witnessed kids work so hard only to not get picked at school,they become depressed with feeling as if they don’t fit in. Kids are funny, who picks
who?, who likes who? Believe it or not that has an impact that will carry them intoadulthood and beyond. You can try but No one can control it, it just forms and there itis. That is when an inner desire is lit to go on through the struggles yet to come, or not.The Olympics has numerous categories from countries to the event. The event to see
who is “the best”. Have them get up on a podium and show it to the world that you are
the one in your event. You rarely see an athlete have more than one field of sport they participate and compete in. To win at different distances is one thing but to be a runner and a gymnastic person in the same is not how it works. There probably is a few parentsthat feel differently about that.To parents all around the world who want to see their children succeed at whatever itis they do. Being young has sports written all over it. How hard do you push your kids
into that? Do you make them do it….always? I am surprised that children haven’t spokeout against what they would have rather done then dream of the Olympics. The one’swho don’t succeed seem to attempt to bring others down too.
 The knowing of what competition and strategizing against one another-is what drivesyou as an adult in a business world too. There will be high times and low times but totry daily to get the best from your efforts is really what we all are doing everyday. Makea dollar, win a medal-similar motives. If you look at it that way.Do you feel that just because a company has a large office and many employees that itis the best? Of course not. It is the small businessman who works from sun up to sun-down thinking about a better way. To offer the best service they can for you with whatthey have to offer overall. Learning through sports helps many young adults cope withdaily pressures of school success going into college or not. To learn from doing not just by watching, to actually feeling the pressure from sports to reach that goal and win. Not
to play it in PlayStation and think you know what it’s like. That would be foolish.
They should make new games that have business minded sense of management, ship-
 ping procedures, protocols to succeed. Let’s see where that may lead to?
Dent & Bent Groceries
Lunch meats-Frozen Foods
near date groceries &
-Food Stamps, EBT, Debit & Credit cards
(850) 880-6175
located on Blueberry Rd.-
FREEPORT in 331Plaza
Stop in and see what we have, great prices!Editorial
Views expressed in
do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. The staff of 
 pride ourselves in our efforts to ensureaccuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third party);therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 3000 copies printed bi-weekly.
Frank Wolfe Jr.
(850) 585-0262
Check us out on FACEBOOK!
E-mail info. to:
Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
Web Designer
 Lee Cox
Contributing Editor
 Dr. Summers
Guest columnist
 Erica Beck 
Allison Van BlaricumRiver Stewart
Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, August 9, 2012
Look us up online
: Emeraldstarnews.com
Mail invoices and other information to:
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Florida 32439
Quote of the week :
The Wolfe’s Den
From the businesses advertising in this issue.Thank each one as you go to their store
Yes it’s true. The rising demand for this newspaper our delivering needs we
could not meet each week. If you live a bit further out we will get it to you.We need advertising help too, just give me a call today!
The Emerald Star News is published bi-weekly
We are locally owned and operated in Freeport
“Nobody can
go back andstart a newbeginning,but anyonecan start to-day and makea new end-
“You looked too”!!
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Page 3
Thursday, August 9, 2012
Walton County Sheriff Office……. K 
 As reported by WZEP AM1460
“Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his
friends.” This verse from John 15:13 expresses law enforcement’s feelings
 towards their fellow officers, both human and canine. Corporal Nick Bearden
of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office K 
-9 Unit says having a K-9 to work with is a mix of a patrol zone partner and a member of your own family, allin one. You become close to your dog. The relationship between K-9 handlersand their partners is one that can be described but can never truly beunderstood, unless you walk in the shoes or paws of the K-9 officers.
The Walton County Sheriff’s Office currently has four dedicated officer 
 teams in the K-9 Unit that assist patrol, school resource officers, andother law enforcement agencies. The unit has been recognized for their achievement in the field of K-9 training and drug detection.In 2011, Deputy Sheriff Steve Key won the 4th quarter award from the USPCA
(United States Police Canine Association) when he and his partner “Ella”
 located 30 lbs. of marijuana in a secret compartment of a fuel tank while
on a traffic stop on Interstate 10. Deputy Key and “Ella” won the 1st
 quarter award in 2012 for his continued fight against the war on drugs with19 drug arrests made between January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012.
Deputy Sheriff Matt Key and his partner “Kayne” have been working together 
since 2010. “Kayne”, a German Shepherd, are also an award
-winning team.At the USPCA Region 1 Field Trials, they placed 3rd in indoor and outdoor competition, and won 3rd place overall. Deputy Key credits his time spentas a Police Explorer when he was a teenager to his interest in lawenforcement. His love of dogs has led Key to work as a K-9 officer notonly at Walton County but other agencies as well.Deputy Sheriff Chad Biernacki has been in the spotlight recently, both with
and without his partner “Nero”, a Belgium Malinois. Biernacki was recently
 honored by the American Federation of Police Officers and ConcernedCitizens and by Sheriff Michael Adkinson for his actions in saving the lifeof a 6 day old child. On July 12, Deputy Biernacki won the 2nd quarter USPCA Detector Case award for the hard work put forth on a traffic stopthat lead to seizure of several bags of MDMA (also known as Ecstasy), alongwith narcotic equipment used in the process of distribution. Biernacki and
“Nero” have been working as a team since 2009 and placed 1st in the outdoor 
 competition at the USPCA Region 1 Field Trials.Corporal Nick Bearden and his K-
9 partner “Lee” are the last of the team
members. “Lee” is the seasoned veteran of the group, with 9 years of 
  performing as a K-
9. Even though “Lee” has some age on him, don’t let that
fool you. “Lee” is still working hard every time he comes on shift and
 recently assisted patrol deputies in locating two burglary suspects whose
“track” was approximately 8 hours old. Cpl. Bearden and “Lee” won the USPCA
 Region 1 field trials by scoring a 199.5 out of a possible 200, which
earned them the “Top Dog” Award. During the competition they also placed
 2nd in outdoor and indoor testing. Bearden has recently been nominated for the 3rd quarter USPCA Detector and Patrol case for his recent work in thefield.Since 2009, the Walton County Canine Unit has recovered two stolenvehicles, approximately $40,000 in cash, seized seven vehicles related tonarcotics trafficking. There have been numerous felony arrests made for trafficking in controlled substances and there has been a seizure of over $200,000 in counterfeit merchandise. 40 pounds of marijuana, 175 Ecstasy pills along with 97 grams of Ecstasy powder, 45 pounds of cocaine, 6 ouncesof crack cocaine, and 4 ounces of methamphetamine have been cleaned up fromWalton County by the K-9 unit alone.Whether they are helping deputies locate narcotics or track down fleeingfelons, the four-
legged members of WCSO’s are proving everyday they are not
only “Man’s Best Friend” but are his partners in crime
-fighting as well.
Teen Slang for Cough and Cold MedicineAbuse
Parents, if you overheard kids talking or texting about getting high on cough or coldmedicine, would you know what they were talking about? There are many slang wordsfor dextromethorphan abuse. Get to know them. By educating yourself in drug slang,you can help protect your child.
A common abbreviation for dextromethorphan, a drug in many cough and coldmedicines. It's abused by some teens because it can cause hallucinations and dissocia-tive effects at high doses.
Dex or Drex.
Street terms for cold and cough medicines with dextromethorphan.
Getting high on products with dextromethorphan.
Orange crush.
A term for some cough medicines with dextromethorphan. It may stemfrom the orange-colored syrup -- and packaging -- of brands like Delsym.
Poor man's PCP, or Poor man's X.
Products with dextromethorphan, since they'recheap but can cause effects similar to those of PCP or ecstasy at high doses.
Red devils.
Another term for Coricidin tablets or other cough medicines.
Red hots.
A term for capsules or tablets with dextromethorphan. The term comes fromtheir resemblance to the candy.
Usually a reference to cough syrup with dextromethorphan. It derives from the brand name Robitussin, but it is common slang for any cough syrup.
Abusing products with dextromethorphan, like cough syrups.
Combining cough medicine with soda or alcohol.
A term for someone who abuses dextromethorphan.
Abusing products with dextromethorphan. The term refers to the hallu-cinogenic trips that people experience at high doses.
Cold and cough medicines with dextromethorphan. "Rojo" is Spanish for "red,"and refers to the color of many syrups and gelcaps.
Usually applied to Coricidin tablets with dextromethorphan, since they have asize and shape similar to the candy.
Another term for abusing products with dextromethorphan. It applies specifi-cally to using Coricidin tablets, sometimes called Skittles after the candy.
Syrup head.
Someone who uses cough syrups or other products with dextromethor- phan to get high.
Triple C’s or CCCs.
A term for Coricidin tablets with dextromethorphan, which havethree small C's printed on each tablet for "Coricidin Cold and Cough."
Another term for cough syrup with dextromethorphan.
A term for using products with dextromethorphan. It refers to cough syrupssuch as Tussin or Robitussin.
Velvet or velvet syrup.
Cough syrup with dextromethorphan.
Vitamin D.
Another term for medicines with dextromethorphan, often applied to Robi-tussin products.

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