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May 17,2012 Edition

May 17,2012 Edition

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Published by Emerald Starnews
A Walton County, Florida based newspaper

The Emerald Star News
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Fl 32439

Need for advertising sales people needed. 20% comm. call today-start today. Contact Frank

850-585-0262 or frank@emeraldstarnews.com
A Walton County, Florida based newspaper

The Emerald Star News
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Fl 32439

Need for advertising sales people needed. 20% comm. call today-start today. Contact Frank

850-585-0262 or frank@emeraldstarnews.com

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Published by: Emerald Starnews on Aug 16, 2012
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Volume: 4
Issue: 10
May 17, 2012
bi-weekly Edition
merald Star News
alton county -
Freeport, Florida 
A style of it’s own
a community Based Newspaper
offered ‘free’
…….from our business Advertisers inside this week
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Inside this WEEK:
Tax Vote Follow-Up
 Now that around 60% of the Waltonvoters who turned out agreed to increase thesales tax by half a cent, what happens next
and how long will the tax …......
Page 3
Florida Commission OnEthics Dismisses ComplaintAgainst DFS Council
The Florida Commission on Ethicsrecently met in executive session and
considered a complaint…….…..
Page 7
Former TDC Director Dead
The former director of the OkaloosaTourist Development Council (TDC) was
located May 4th around………..
Page 8
 Hello to each of you. I hope this finds you all doing well.During the past few weeks I have noticed that Walton countyresidents strongly wanted to vote YES on the tax and NO tothe TOLL. That was the biggest topic for the week. Over 6000 votersturned out to vote YES on a tax. Now prepare yourself for the construction zones to con-tinue for some time to come.
There have been several close calls I’ve witnessed on Hwy. 331 with drivers passing
with little to no room. Especially with so many young new drivers on the roads today. Be
careful for we have seen a few ‘not so’ lucky drivers cause serious accidents lately. I
would even be in favor with a no passing zone from Hwy 20 to the bridge. Slower issafer in the long run.I know this column may be of several topics but there is so much going on in my mind.Just this past week I witnessed a dog fight. Not staged, a break away, got loose and at-tacked another dog that was chained up for once also being a nuisance itself. This hasetched in my mind what animals can do instinctively or not. They are animal.Of course the first thing that people want to ask is what type of animal? A dog, a pit- bull. Actually 3 total. The owners were away but had taken good precautions to keep thedogs separated. Typical scenario. All what looked fine suddenly within minutes changedto a dangerous situation. This is what happened.We were tending to our business and saw the one dog tied up and barking endlessly atus. As we went on about our business, we noticed another dog was out. (Not sure how or where it came from). Within minutes another dog was out. Their tails went straight and
still as they gazed into each other’s eyes. The mood changed in an instance. We felt thatit was going to ‘get wild’ and before we could find anything to help us and boom it was
on. There was no calling the dogsTwo of the dogs went straight into each other biting and ripping all the while. Thenoise of the bark went to new levels, scary. We scrambled for rope or anything to try and
stop this. As the dogs ‘tired out’ from fighting the house dog got in on it and continued
the scene for awhile. Grusom sight but true. The reason I tell of this is because you seemto know or run into so many bulldog owners who claim they have a bad rap. From what Isaw the rap was given to the right breed. The lockjaw, the attack, the way they struck ateach other come from deep within the breed. We luckily located some rope and was ableto tie one dog at a time to a tree far away from each other. All the while praying for noattack on us.This particular story has a good ending for no one got hurt. Other than the dogs, but allof them lived. The scenario could have gone so many different ways than it did. I couldsee easily how someone that may have tried to pull them apart would have gotten bit. Isee how a child could have easily been overwhelmed of the severity of the attack. It
wouldn’t have taken much for the animal to confuse your arm or leg as part of the attack 
and tear it off. People please understand that I did not write this to scare you or to ridi-cule dog owners. I am asking that each of you with these type of dogs to be more careful.They are more of a possibility of harm than one would like to imagine. Problem is thatall across this country there are thousands of pit bulls causing harm to everyday life for some people. From policeman to garbagemen, everyday jobs are of worry of instances of  possible dangers. Until you see it for yourself will you know the reason why so many people want to outlaw these types of dogs. Please take the greatest precautions when you
are around them. Leash laws are one thing but when you can’t control your pet the situa-
tions can arise to a serious nature for us all.
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FREEPORT in 331Plaza
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Views expressed in
do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. The staff of 
 pride ourselves in our efforts to ensureaccuracy of the publication contents. However, there is no guarantee of the accuracy of all the Information nor the absence of errors and omissions (especially when sent through a third party);therefore, no responsibility can or will be assumed. 3000 copies printed bi-weekly.
Frank Wolfe Jr.
(850) 585-0262
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E-mail info. to:
Main Office/Sales - 850-585-0262
Web Designer
 Zamir Wolfe / Lee Cox
Contributing Editor
 Dr. Summers
Guest columnist
 Erica Beck 
Guest Columnist
Colin Richards
Page 2 The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc. Thursday, May 17, 2012
Look us up online
: Emeraldstarnews.com
Mail invoices and other information to:
P.O. Box 1133
Freeport, Florida 32439
Quote of the week :
The Wolfe’s Den
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Page 3
Thursday, May 17, 2012
Walton County Deputies save two young lives
For most people, a day in the office consists of staff meetings, returning emails and phone calls, writing business proposals, or dealing with the occasional angry customer;however, for Deputy Sheriffs Chad Biernacki and Tommy Thillet, their day in the "office"varies from one moment to the next. From taking an impaired driver to jail to breaking upfights, these deputies see it all in a 12 hour shift. Both of them had the occasion in the past few weeks to save two young lives, both on the job and off.K-9 deputy Chad Biernacki said the call he went to on the night of April 29, 2012 was oneof the most stressful he's ever gone to. Deputy Biernacki was patrolling the Freeport areawhen he heard a call go out of a child in distress. He was closer than the unit that hadoriginally been dispatched to the call so he notified the Communications Center that hewould take the call and be en route. By the time Biernacki arrived on scene, the 6 day oldchild was turning purple. He took the child and performed back thrusts until the child began to spit up. The child's mother then began to suction out the baby's mouth. Thechild began to make noises and the color came back. "Going into it was like second na-ture, thanks to the training I've been afforded," Biernacki said. "Afterwards though, theemotions hit." Biernacki said he started thinking about his little girl and is thankful."It's good to know that we are trusted by the community, on duty or off, to help peoplewhen they have problems. They know we are there to help," Biernacki said. Deputy Bier-nacki has worked for the Walton County Sheriff's Office for almost 7 years and this callwas the first in which he encountered saving a child's life in such a manner. He began hiscareer in the Patrol Division covering South Walton County. He currently works in theSpecial Operations Division as a K-9 deputy, with his partner, Nero. Nero is a certifiednarcotics, tracking, and article search dog.According to Biernacki, he deployed Nero approximately 300 times last year. Biernackireceived his Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida State University in Criminologyand said one of his goals is to one day work in the Criminal Investigations Division as anarcotics investigator.Deputy Tommy Thillet proved that being a law enforcement officer doesn't stop at the endof the shift. On April 30, 2012, Thillet had just arrived home after his shift for the day.He heard a knock on his door and when he answered it, there was no one there. As hewalked out onto his driveway, one of his neighbors said another neighbor's baby was dy-ing. Deputy Thillet saw a woman a few houses down trying to get into her vehicle withher child. He ran over to her and took the 9 month old child from her arms. The childwas unresponsive and mucus was coming from its mouth. He began back thrusts andchest compressions. Thillet said he kept thinking to himself, "Please God, don't let this baby die!" After several rounds of thrusts and compressions, a penny was dislodged fromthe baby's mouth and the child began to breathe again.Deputy Thillet credits his training as an EMT and law enforcement officer as to how hehandled the situation. Thillet has been employed by the Walton County Sheriff's Officefor 5 years. He previously served as an EMT in Okaloosa County and as a lifeguard. "I'mhappy to be part of an organization that focuses on keeping its officers up to date on train-ing." Currently, Thilletis assigned to the PatrolDivision and works inthe Sandestin area of South Walton. He is amember of the SWATand Dive teams. DeputyThillet said that as longas he can remember, hehas wanted to serve the public as a law enforce-ment officer. Thilletcomes from a family of law enforcement officers,and he attributes his loveof law enforcement togrowing up having thoseinfluences in his life."We do this job becausewe want to help people.It's not for the money. Itfeels good to know thatI've saved a life, whether it's on duty or off," Thil-let said.
Tax Vote Follow-Up
 As reported by WZEP AM1460
 Now that around 60% of the Walton voters who turned out agreed to increasethe sales tax by half a cent, what happens next and how long will the tax last?Tax issues are generally considered hard to get passed. When the WaltonCounty School District proposed the shift in tax dollars from the capital to theoperations budget, even though it was to be a swap, they had to lobby hard withthe public to get the approval and re-approval. With a down economy, some saidadding a sales tax was not the right decision for the businesses. At first the pro- posal was for a one cent sales tax with a less than 10 year pay off. This wouldhave made Walton the highest sales tax county in the state. The commissioners put the half cent question to the voters. Their answer was yes. The sales tax or atoll was needed as a dedicated revenue stream to allow the county to borrow $75million for its share of building the bridge. If the answer had been no, then thecommissioners would have had to decide if they wanted a toll, wanted to turndown any offers from the state or try to find another option.The Florida Department of Transportation came to Walton after around 50years of locals asking for help in getting U.S. 331 widened. The FDOT hasalready widened the section south of the bridge to Highway 98 and will soonstart a section north to Highway 20. There is also a small section underway north
of Owl’s Head and a meeting will be held Thursday afternoon to discuss planned
widening from the new construction to Edgewood Circle in Woodlawn. Thatmeeting is from 5-6pm at the DeFuniak Springs Community Center.WZEP First News talked to Walton County Administrator Greg Kisela. He saysthe tax vote has a mechanism built in that will require the half cent sales tax togo away after the loan is paid off. Kisela says the tax cannot be extended withoutanother vote.He also says the loan will be structured in a way it can be paid off quicker thanthe projected 15-18 years. When looking at how the $75 million could be fi-nanced, the county used conservative numbers based on past sales tax incomewithout taking into account what could be increased revenue.Kisela says he expects the loan to be paid off quicker than the 15 or more yearsand this means the tax rate will come back down.Visit South Walton is a driving destination. Driving a two lane 331 with kids inthe car for eight hours makes some drivers very ancy, especially when behind aslow moving vehicle. Kisela says the roadway accesses in the neighboring coun-ties are a marketing concern when considering the destination. He points out that better roads to the east could mean vacationers might start taking those routes if 331 becomes more congested.He points out Okaloosa has a $150 million debt for the toll bridge and a high
toll, but the bridge is only two lanes. With Tuesday’s vote, Walton will have a
$75 million debt and a four lane bridge and four lanes from I-10 to 98.Kisela also says about 60% of the sales tax comes from visitors to the south part of the county. If there was a toll, they might pay the toll a few times a year, but the main burden would be on the local users. He notes many of the users are
 people who live north of the bay and work south of the bay. The FDOT’s own
statements say that 40% of the out of the area collections do not get collected.By using the sales tax instead of a toll, he says the loan will get paid off quicker and the burden will be shifted more to the tourist industry users.Kisela also points out there is a $5000 cap on large purchases. This means, if you buy a car or boat in Walton, you will only pay the additional half cent salestax on the first $5,000.What about the option to do nothing and tell the FDOT Walton does not wantthe deal. Kisela feels, after many years of getting no real progress, the project isneeded. He says the $75 million investment by Walton will not only mean a sec-ond bridge, but repairs to the existing causeway and four lanes all the way to I-10.Remember theveterans thatsacrificed for our freedoms.Memorial Day isMay 28th.

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