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Imperator Lewis Performed as an Alchemist (1916)

Imperator Lewis Performed as an Alchemist (1916)

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Published by sauron385
Imperator Harvey Spencer Lewis performed as an alchemist. Article published in The New York World on Sunday, July 2, 1916, in the Metropolitan Section.Here is a page that is too big to fit in the scanner and has to be scanned in three parts.
Imperator Harvey Spencer Lewis performed as an alchemist. Article published in The New York World on Sunday, July 2, 1916, in the Metropolitan Section.Here is a page that is too big to fit in the scanner and has to be scanned in three parts.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: sauron385 on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Eiffhtv-trvevth street, which it fitted up as a temple, H.
rotwy<JeijeriLir »lt ^afclc to'bAc^ at*r
 Lewis, Imperatot of the order,-performed the mystioal transm
m-rolltop deaka. Kllmalehto ta a
 \j<rcm<my. He placcd flfteen-4nffr*di*nti-i»~tL~c™clble^lH!?‘:4l_U>riat*t_by
trade, Lewi* need to go
rith hi
 flnoen und tUthe rfid^reVglil^mim^
to-hlm-wUh-an^occa^oilAr job.andcl Ic*Vd d own’t
e *w1
metal. ' Everybody present ups profoundly Impressed, believing
ihLprodnacdra pi/HM-pfj/oldt 
lair.. ljf.CAflr/« We//on.He ears h* isn't outT wtil surprlM
bo w
th'e~ ' t otn * k *nj on o y andh a* no t h 1DCto^^Vnm' In ' tMnpl. Ml).. W.>I3««i
71'^*^JIboys who were In t*rihcl'pal John Burke's graduating clae« Jn
M. NO.•eYettr'I^eUt«r*d-AB^drasa-aa|rt<^t^^^UbUub<^thaX-thefe-^jiuiin23^<lZ2ital”-tVrJlng that for ths first time in Ancer* x money In making gold-thet-wey.:~soms_fllJta-OOAtent|Jnto_the pin
lea I would demonstrate the secret T<« get only a little bit
all and touched a matoh U>It. lm- Koeillf was not the only studentprooees of iraftenwtetlon
-ilyoor-pains.** mediately the temple was filled at his task. There 1. an average‘For hundred* - of years-- the" 7-Was U~lfte~r*ular good^the-~*rith-an odOr-llke aoomblnatJon f—of-a ea*n
Kldw Brothers of our order .in real ituffokir 1asked. cayenne pw«r, myrrh, sweet mar* work It In t absolutely n«*W.Efypt„worked-vat_th«lr_*prucibieiJN»^>J!Q<K4-trMWKflV.t.?4Iri^.9^.*L™.#-L_ jorrwn-
tnd other things. that they all wear robe., but mostand wrestled wltlh the problems of als." said Lewis, making a state*alchemy tu an atUmpLt^apply the^-flKn^Jpetaad of a reply, "la theTlure are strange gplng*-on upNorr-te- W*»t—&ih4y seventh:Btroet— goluga-on full of enywtlclKWand the pungent aroma of Eastern s"Will, you:be good inough, Mr.splCes. Student*
the oooult.-cled
fcrwlr/4*l^sk*dr1Jte tell ue )u*t-haw.
In the robe* of the Ro*aecruolen y&u do the alchemy atunt by whlohN• Orand-Master-fc^^ai-^^CWW.r^e^^buey-M^ai^al.am^*wter. It may alao surprlae . olook trying to get remits In eel-^r-goWr..'*i ef the people who ten years . enoe, electricity and other thing! _/,.:J»3tunt u good,**. replledf the Im->ebrteTw IJVth^ Pay-
by • fo»ow lag- whereaaeyer. -Ui^'y.PVl^p£atofc^.yy
w^to^hygip^ remem-itfaitn or ao year* ago to learn* ‘Tsf Lewi a. a* some of themWcall him, It now a higKtlssmck ‘ft* Lh^ oCcultbuslnes*In that way •they bocame
acquainted. •“rcalled-at the temple on Wedne*—day. Mr. Both, who I>a studenttlaa tomb with, m^ ^ant along. phy andjiclence. At laat Vbey eu*Two*,;?ad~iiaud»'‘w*ie,‘e»ie«i4»J ^—1eeeded lu ■tnaemntitlna,:•Qn m
nVlh!iY*lWWr't?»4'froffl*fthepaA,spread out over oar head* apdderr lt-5*aa e^llal^~warWk^td^to 't^W\l^aad^in" tti« “dTna»tr~of*Thutmoee-in.r-. aome oLHhe dArknee*. ;
^ ^Bere Wil L&4BUUQlUMAthe
Hulave*UiatAnn>j.... x>
ut, - -^burv-buUwe— fredleata-wera auoh .aa-xxxUht. ba^inn ,Ja,~a^a^rrp^onr^^hra^^^doyt^Men<r^riu'^^wrn^r^TOW~^*Xoun(|; aale-^-^BaWrt »t^hhi, m'und ' ^"btf Voiind Jface.^lng t>n our^atduVTeHTTOltthe hiphtrrTnltttf.tmrthwerrwere1*1hy. big, round "body and Nvery itx>ut*~of our. cbhVTBktlonr'^hloh-wa* air not arpong theoa." Salt wae one.—ATNttft*’# no goin« bfcok of tt>e arms andvlega. He 1*thirty-three tended b/^he Torch-bearer and the mi in fuU tloom wae another, alLewla—Ii—In" the'niysttc^~years'OHI">And -talks-regular New Veita^Vjri1ht.the twelve other offmaterial plane.*'The member* ef^who waa the hu«band,of.UUl_ Th"> _our Fourth Degree being the moat Obellek In Central Park, one of the taeeenc* of a very Ull’aad etralfbtt f*n thft f^i t^ maAa^two erected In Egypt by Thutmoae flirure, gained from neck to heel* Inthe demonstration for th*. flr*t III. and* Intended' to" etand «om* •a brifht-red-gament-aad-topped.£jtoealn thl* country.r . day in!*the country, where thi^eagle with a turban. He itood at the
^rteen-^^readirJU-irlM^V1^- member* ..to.bring a. certain I ogre- ^tenktveor eeal of tbi oHier a* .well.d 1«n< ^>nd im a y_»ay that tfceee In- a* many other authentic and.Roaae-of <hem -do.—The dlflertnt-degreeehave different robea^ome red andthere .blue ojvwhlte. j
chemical UboraU)i7.1*.. Just,back of Che temple, in what uaed tontntfv bwfof^jbea-.ftac
Imperator-«-mo.v*d/lu.-.The rtbra1'.tlon**and philosophy department*ware In another part of the building.Getting back to that yellow bit._cuftiLiP6d._wfodow :v«Kft»;-iuirrt«6-.;r ^:. “May I aak what yetf arjricKngJ*’^-1- tnquJred,-aAd>th*Lr1Um^tOXSf  jmicajauaiE-•with Authority that au" auggeslloQ athat It might be sent to the labora-r^o^the-Obeltrtrrlilr-wordthat they were there
goodtjtoufh you wouU not pkk a rosej—«i>ongh <for tne.
in a kitchen. .*1■; **When I
went - ttF^Toolouae,Thro^we-^tad-a boUl*.
to* ia:
secure~ permit* T toTd bewt* tlhatr^ilw^s^M^*1^^*^::fiin^^tQTXiruni'irmtWli and
w«ad-tUaaaa-^ErO^JCdliimW2,Unlxettltj^PC^MamlnattoTi-^oi—assayed** will-<>e^raSTISwr^rhT metalSHIT-bewith a crueible, ftre and a' pair orpinchers—all the necessary outfitI am busy with ths w|raises.**I asked his name and he’said hs-war Hairr Koenli.r^aZtt^tflcal^;--electridaa^—He-used-to^woA _atie^BWrhty*ee^enth^BtT>e«iTemple as &prised jewel of theorder.__:rV‘_Lr--The-Imperator will not "againduuiled 'water.aad a cube.of .ilncZ; ^i^-to-fo^d2^S^O^'f^lll thIi">~'Cot>ans-Theatre ead ajeo. at ths^,MWI^iss-aagdettT^ *“Well, wheal-erer/thtnf Z:^^-ieJr^9»^w1q^d~iarTAprtl'li--^lw theialat ehoMf-tluJMtnH-: jreadj^I. aske<LtH_ftft^_b«^*«,^tad~»eWtereTtonoome. iorwartL~arttJi^ ^ignsdr.aatt:thiEjipWIta^TIt* fi|aa£their offerings. No one knew whattie e>Crs h«dr-^The'varlo<a*-tngre>--iwpr«ada.it4.wlng*,‘**.^ll^nts were VUtied In tte’cruciblewith the lump of tine, whkh hadbeen tested with nitric *cld and,.welgtoed. rjTbl* 1atirredr with* my finger* for eereral mln- sutee, axtd I might add- that I
woorohed my ftn#er* In the prooes*.At the proper moment I stoppedstirring, and with a pair of plnoemtook from the crucible a bit of yel-low”metaJ—the transmuted metal—wtilch stood the acid test and wastfhlle la ll*drtd I fell fruva *taowalaln tate a nest of snakes, batthey didn't bite me b«oaaae theywere rattled.The rhlaooerro* whkh Xsaw laChile had never b*«& to'* morln*picture showr' That Is what mak**the rhlno-Serioas.
The canal* of Vento* remind maof a poUdoian as hoth «o throughthe ofty. One day I lost lay wajr on theoodld norte until lflS, and eo Iwaited and studied and fitted my*Job at preeefitWliile .he wae tel ling me th«ItlS. thl1charter wa* drawh up andIn nthe <>6iiatry“w1ier»~the eagle‘fe«ot
t>e heard.^We
ac^doanysojitti ornery'At my sugvetUcm w« wer* per>mitted to enter (£« temple proper,which Is the third room hack onIhe-jaerlQrt rootn wasmeavlly curtained. The crucfUostkadi in front of th* Imperator'sdeak.
electric bulb U inside thebowl, and when th* currant tsturned
lights ot several oolor*Siujw. Th* crucible has a circularpan around Its edg*.Thl* wa* Ailed with what looked- said tfoenlgf *#l^w*^mit'rlnTTASidpick up bits of news. it. is ratherdull to-day.**Whil* Roth and Callahan weretrreath.lnf the fume* of Che-burning incense"af t^e other, end of.therootn I aii^psd the (wireless receivers over my ears. Koenig waeright It wa* a dull day..The Instrument was not ad justed properly,
Student Koenigturhed a.thumMcrew on a keyboard amu^ecseot and, what tomy untrained ear*, sounded Ilk* a
Prom “The Passing Show
h* coudd direct m*. He told me toask the cigSkTmafcer on the corner,as he knew all th* ropes.Leaving the ,*e*fCh*r behind uswe shot over to Bootlaad.
l b
Ialighted frocn. th* boat I haard aScot^relllng* that his little boy hadfallen overboard. I Jumped Intothe water, kw.am to. the lad andbrought him safely aabor^. H*rolcJally
[ took 
him to his father andaald: *HereVBo that aftarnoon I left for Jfer*I la. As I study botany t vlaitedthe ’famous animal park. WhenI went to the window to buy mytkket of admission I saw a mamwith .*eveote*a children.-„H*2sald: "Do 1luv» to buyseventeen ticket*
seventeenchildren as 1am the tather of theseseventeen chlldnwat’"No, you don't have U>lake themto see the saaimals^. Walt a minuteta
l|N.Harry 1Cchmi%» « Form«
it fitted up at a temple,
-performed the my$tioal trammu
Uy-hlm-wRh io-^ocsAi<MUl:job7and~ prooees of iruwmvUtlaa,
 profoundly Impretitd, beUtvino
In that way •they bocame .ec . ‘Tor hundred* of year*- .
qualnted.. . Kldw Brothers of 
demonstration of trsnsmuta-
FollokAng . ths long . entab
^oHdvllvcr "the-
bhh are to keep their individual #shares of the ssc/sL No onsjadl*
vldusl knows the mixture, -but cot-
cayenne pepper, myrrh, sweet mar joram, terebinth and other thinfs.
pea.spread out over ocr hsids spd
Wi*Fitremlsr toode— the -—with-aa odor-1Ike a combinedon:of—of* doasn^men and women—arAU, ^ ^r-«kir leaked ' cayenne pepper, «yn*. eweet
w * + ~ ''* K 
kbToluteirhrtrtUryleotirely ther^n-the-rormula^la.
lint lort«Jn h.Uo'tout day..Mr. Bolhi wh0 , .tud.nt m wroottot wltfc armMm of . .** »M Uwl.. m.Uoc a out.- drr^traww«»*>W ^ tko »».«>*«« ,«rt;wr «*e *** y« ,f.w« iSw «r£or"
1- ; "i " ~litttr-w Ktf-onco - oiplor«d- ooVIITP- UkorttaiTla' Jn*t il •Prot»Wfr'tt»“n«t^Tinn*ton-*(
,. Ttaow *M ot<»n*e wtao-tm. »» . Uin tomb wlto. end Ml«w. At lut (taw »uo.~-4orr-It-woo «UbllM ^
L.—»1 .'Nic-TI Wt,t"6lii> fnil.ll li.no. «« ■««—<«d.lo ■■<<li'f—iit»ltnB~:»¥~'HI«-la-ttH-dTJ»ItT-of-Ttautm««-lII.,- »om. oLfeo d*rkoo.
......._ ...frr Iwfonitft* «h» Ohrluminf 
lUfle Kirlo
 f iWm*rT&
*" ” - -
n.ouri.1 Pl.00." H.0 m«mb.root~ »ko.oTtk7' UUBU»» .. * *n.Wot
I -
Obollok lo Control P»rk. out of ttaoT^ooooooof »V.r
t»llo»dotr»lrtit Iaporotor’-moTod. ta._ Tko rwro^t-romwoii um ino ooio w mo,two oroctod lo Cirpt to Tta«ti»
M tturo. luM from Book to hoolo lo '-tlon ood pkllooopkjr doportmjoto _ «r*“W ,‘V *"* Tit
tn' .und .Ami •‘e brirht-red Barment-and-topped-^*™ I®another pan of the building. . the Grand Lodge will be preyent.
*T*tZ. JS^vSLTS^
7uT* M U totkot yollow Mt
cromwon UhU. ro«.*r^--
i-dt»-Wlnf •/-bears the-ear*.__«if talned, wfndow: h*fdKtltt?bld*£r°* "®ul that-the jmperator.. said..r ,the„lmperatorjs three children. .
or ' W
^a.^.tald ^^ ^
„, ,, ~T-a. many other anthenUe and.Rosae. May I aak whaTj^firTddlnf^at aU“s«.Uoni ..
n Street*—folnfton full ot w/wivmu :n and the pungent aroma of Eastern -x,. ‘*>ieiH; you; e good snoufh. Mr.
Ii spikes. Students of the ooouU.-clad
bewtw^l-askedr^UI In the robes of the Rosaecruolan yt>u do the slehemy stunt by wbioh
a; olook trying to get rernlU in •o**rrrgoldf*.v^-r enoe, electricity and other thing! .^^“gtunt is good.r replledT the' lm-r
materia! plane.* ' The/ members ef-our Fourth Degree being the mostmake rtbs demonstration for the. Arstr.tl»<Ll|'thls country.
by fo|lowlng>whar^oe»ar..th^V.^j^patatoi^VNflK^tfljy^^rfme«1_dlen»^andjLP»y^y^that theee_ln:<d7~ boTf>T thQnc t fn trtl tr^ct
x^wJe ie a ^rL^Nionr^tft *
a h»g, round teosd. a bly roundfjtaSK^leg On oursiiou^er
:a big, round 'body and ^ very $tout'~of our. con Vpwatlon
e arms an d^ legs. He Is th Irtysh ree tended bj^the Tor cl
arms an d\ legs.' V tand -talks-reguler. New
"donH^Re^end lowlTaVe'^wrniu^n>w*“,'“ ^ound'. fiP^ttyTtttdMen-^^aT.
"r**" ~tjn>dirir:ofl:tbmiphi*- r-^ - -
tlonr^whi^i -was at*Torch<bearer and the rose In full bloom was another, al-Vesta^Vlrgln^the^twelve other offl*though you -wouli not pick a. roseIn a kitchen.Zcr&a*K1* T'toTd Lewbr ttatrwhlle^was-not-
r^ttSf^lkinieri^tn^t^rtheserwerejTH^j^^arurtll"lynMi tndanyone then - 8sJt wae one.-'
'ItiufniSnRwnr'^^ metal '^SHnFbe
I in boor wttta Itao wtroteo.' prUod Jowol
lashed hla name and he said he ;: *r. " Jr^-had-a boUis..JTiaU<adaF>^ secgrs~ permt^^lactricUnr—He-ueed ^U^wortT^t The-Imperatoir^ win notthat they were there wabiooongh-for «ne.
___________ _____
._____ ._ .*^hen ~I “ went ~ MF=*Tdhlouae,~ war HanT-Koenig^aT.tfceatflSnl^l..
u* .
dlstiiled wster.Aod a cube.of.sXn£Z: ~rtoa - bo -f rte^ToWJf with a cruetMe,' fire and a' pairplncbere—all the necessary outfit-->*Well,: whenl erwrythiag ~wta* jreadI. aakeCtheJIft^Jbroth ers^
thslr oflerJnga. No' ens knew 'what' _
tWwttm hsbd^The-varloo#-IngreL-I^preeds.lU.wlng^/ 
^lienU were'pladed In the* cruciblewith the lamp of tine, which hadbeen teeted with nltrtc acid and"V-jqpretyiUx'^ .weighed. <fTbis J stirred*' wtth my fingers for eereral mln* H' utes, and I might add that I
 I y.
woorohed my fln«ers la the prooess." At the proper moment I etoppodivstirring, and with a pair of plnoere*took from the eruc)ble a bK of yet-lowtnetai—the transmuted metalwhich stood the acid test and waeebUld *not" be until ltlf, and ao 1waited and studied and fitted'my*WTWrtWnroft ladTBTiprll-lr>16. thf charter was drawn up and
Jba ,4>irlart P^ujr^«
vbearily curtained. Th<At my suggestion we wers per^mlttedf to enter the tediple proper,which Is the third room hack onroom waeTbs cmcfblostkada in- front of tbs Impe re tor'sdesk.
electric bulb is Jnslde tbsbowl, and when the current Isturned on lights of eereral colorsifeow. The crucible has a circularpan arotxnd its edge. •»This was filled with what' iooked
Job et prseeft.WhUe he wae telling me theee
hlngs-the ialnt eilcA^of. the Jttft ru-L:
' th«nt could be heard.
Tplck up hits of new*. - It. la ratherdull to-day." *. C^v*'*
While Roth and Callahan warehreath.lnt the fumes of the-bem*.lag lneenae~ afr tys other end of.theroom I elided the rwlrefese reoelr*ers over my ears. Koenig waeright U wee a dull day. *. The *Instrument wee net ad*Justed properly, to Student Koenigturhed a .thunbtcrew on a key*board arrangeafent and, what tomy untrained earn, sounded like a
Tourist Jokes,
While In Hedrtd I fell from amountain tabs a nest
anakee. hotthey didn't bite me bfoease theywers rattled*The rhlaooeroe which
saw laChile had never been to‘a movingpicture showr That is' what makesthe rhtno-eerlous. .
The canals of Venloe remind msof a pollOotan ee both
*throughthe otty,
.One.day I, loet asy way on the
From “The Passing Show”
hs coudd direct ms! He told ms toatk the dgarmaker on the ooraer, .as he knew all ths ropes.Leaving the feather behind u«we shot .over to Bootlaad. As Ialighted from': ths boat I heard aScot Telling* that his Uttls bey had-.-:fallen orerboard. I jumped Intothe waiter, kwam to. the lad andbrought him aafejy aehor^: Heroic^ally I took hlfa to hie father andSo that afternoon I left for Berlin. As I study botany Xvlsltsdths *famous animal park. WhenXwent-to the window to buy mytkket of admission I aaw a maawith-aeventsea children.-jHe^Hl^t _*T>o,. I_ have to buy•eveateen; tScketa for seventeeochildren as i aa the (athsr of these'seventeen childrenr*-"No. you don't have to take them
stic Temple Where Imperator Lewis (Formerly of FL S..
)..Performed as an Alchemist-
------------V, ........................ _,.. ..
 jt *-,1
Hi«h School of Commerce boy give a demonstration of trtDimuU-ownoU*
ofthe. Ancient-atid~:s
SKtrP?r_ o JthedwUingat 
 AtteQ up at a
the mystical trantmu
>>mcj*> in the front parlor .He and Thor TUlm alehto;' floorrotary-Cenera.17 alt back to-back" atrolltop deaka. Kllmalehto la aprinter by trad*, Lewli need to gon(nuT<si'1fcif7idrtf«7"a'biJ
to-hlm-with': an-occasional lob.aud;
undly imprctttd, btllkviny
lair; He aaya he.Un't outujonoy and ha* nothing toare atrange g<?teg*-on up;-+d-"W*oi—&Eb4y eeeeath'ccr» •and .others of^the- advanced*' order- to ^ Uie-namber^okthlrtjr-;«sYen.I~delW*r*d-«JfcJuidr*M.MLj^lor that for the first tfioe in Ancer*lea. 1would demonstrate the secret: proor-ea;of_trai»aH»UU®n.—«4,For hundreds *of year*found'to be a trin«‘heavier Ifca* ., like, powdered dried leaves.Rwery _one preienL «iw_
Kllmalehto etepped Uito a cfoeot,1-lL—I-jnjgh U^d^tixkCthefe-.LT £0^.^money In making gold that-way.- ~a
AtentfJnU_the panTon get only a little bit for ail and touched a match to it. Im-_1 yoar-palna.** mediately the temple
w m
T-Wu 1nfle'fegiilar rood*—the —with an odor-llkeaooinbiiiationof ~cayenne pepper, myrrh, iwnit mar*Joram, terefolnth and other ttalnt*.ThVlhiM^&kr'»yee-J'fronrthe=High School of Commerce boyoommunlcatlnf a baseball result t*>•iJTfrtcnl-- InL-Manual^ Trainingcl I eked do wn~ t h 8 "w1rr,"In that way •they boca
..qualnted..Elder Brothers of our order .In real *tuffgoldr 1asked.—rcalled atthe temple on Wednea-—E^pt_worked-_at_th«lr_ prucible« ^—!T9<H4Jr*JVNaVV^ f^r_rcL!day. Mr. Koth, who la a student and wreetied with th*-problem* of als,” said Lewis, making a state- ,;'9r~hlBrMiy|>hlc»r;*»d Call*
alchemy ta an atUmpt to^applj th*^_^n^Jn®tead_of * j^p1^ U the
pan ,spr'
nl?-wbi**^r baV,^Ko^nee' eiplored1 ahVJBgy *~~ facKlaxnental - lawa^ v*^tlan tomb witfo rpe,__w«nt_ along. pby and eclenee. At iaat they *uo»'--derr It-wa* eatabllaaed way back’>d to t
oaflln»~aad dia>
"an itt" ttn-dTQ|uity-of-Thutmo#»-lll,f 
aotna oLtha darknew.;1L: w ----------ntwtiwnrKoeilfr waa'not the only atudentat hi* task. There la an averageof * doa«ix«^mext and women-—at'work. It ian*t abiolutely'“heteaikry'that they all wear robea, but moetof-th*m ^do.~ Tho dlflt rtn t-d eg ret*-hate different robe*-—aome red andothera .blue of,.whlte._i
iujkk*JXli^«li«mt6al - W>w*M>nr_.i*;Justbaok of the temple, la what ua*d to4U-.fruiUr’afive a demonstration of tranamutA-tk>n. - Follokdnf •the long - eatab- ^llabed~guat<>m^yu^JlJtfeh member*"^(rdritrVmtHhe^raw- *'h^m are to keep their individualaharea of the aec/eL No ono lndl*,vldual knowa the mixture, but cot-lbctlrely they- own-the-forit)uIa-—lathe event of the paaelng of the Import to r-1 b e~ fl fleca._ma/_ o-_lolnga-on full of'cQ^tctara“M- ^
material plane/ Thei meaban
- who waa the hoaband.ot IaU. The There wae toen nattCTUWd 'tfaepungent aroma of Eaatern 1^wui .you be good enough. Mr. our Fourth Degree being the moat Obeliak In Central Park, one of the ~2tfje*taci*of a rerTUirand'itralrbtStudents of the oooolt.-clad
fcrrtr.^-l aakedr^to tell u* )uat-how
f f«*lt th<^cail to make
two erected in Egypt by Thutmoae ' fljrure. gart>ed from neok io heela Inrot>ee of the Roaaecruoltn yt>u do the alchemy atunt by which the demonatratlon for the. flrat fil. and" Inlen’ded'to" eUnd eome a^^bright*red-garment-and-topped..end* lntg^; tj^i^l^ thie conntry. -•r -day
country, where th^ea*Ie with a turban.ying to get reeulta In *01*goidr*.**~/*! ha<T~(fffeeffir"liacfli^^of>Ofteenl-^ajreadar-JU .ytOJa/ beeo-a th^-oar-—. ^urtalned wfndow before, JLbTela^.Botricity and other thing!'X^*'3tunt ia good.“. replledT the Im-_ m^mbere. to bring a certain lagre^ ; towtve or eWl of 'tbVor««r a‘e .well ^ifcito-rdeeltr'jL^'-wl'lli •athoHtr^arairaS«OTdD«irlim~whereaQeyef..tiift_iy.n^^_^Ip*rator^>_,l'Now. to
.dlent^and I_maf_aay that theee In* aa many other authentic and.Roaaa- ^. “Ma
I at* what yoc..:>r.»____________»____________________________________hiranc
Der’wv^itT^g-n^ta-o^b^g^buUwa-. gT^*^iT-_»^g*...«irih aa_inif^ha^ci^Ihnfltrttl
,' -l-tnquired,~and-the^tUuf.*^.tUXRy^Je a^ ejiorr prhsonr with^ -^^m^t^MeniT^o yaVe'^w "iound'. (iT lhr'Ttltdtlen-^ey, atle- |^vx toTd LewV*'ttiatrwtlltf^wae-notnd^eadt_a~blg 'round* fac^_^iijg^t>n'our^ako'u^rerfT'Onithe^^twrthe»er-irenrF~^i]^^Qj*|^tli*iyttWI^^ wiuw WWM. wvw..
....... ..
~■--■ - -- —
----------- ---
not anyone Cheoa. Balt wae one.~ A—eaxtx^a^-the Cm^ltlrrhli-word
^feMKim* w4tK
gether three year# thereafter, andrepeat the ceremony. 'Probably rlh<T“n exr^ttraotion-TO f=“real" 1rnpoHaticV tbe the ohrjatenlng of^UMe KarJe ;^ TWd'ile'oT IB I!.C.-—rr?r-be -the tyitlara aj
*Imperator^»oyad.la.^.The ribrfti
.... Cromwell
Uwla.^tlon'and philoeophy departmente ^.’cerjmpny has not been flied, butare In another part of the building. . the Grand l^odge will be preaent.Getting back to that yellow bit Earl Cromwell it the youngeet^ of of metal that -the Jmperator.. said„the„Imperatorja three children.oundJbod y and vvery atoutidylega. He la thlrty'threeId iand -talka regular. New: of our convp«»tionr-whloh -waa attended b^fne Torch bearer and theVeataL-vfrgln^the twelve other o/B-Balt wae cne/~ A:roee in full bloom wae another, al- that they were there well goodthough you wouU not pick a. roea^—aooagh^or me.
, \_In a kitchen. *■*nKThen rI -• wentfcad-a bottle .JtulUC:can. be ealdthat U aicbt be sent to the labora-,^v turned dovniT-The metaldiauiled <water-«nd a cnba.of.ilncwith a crucible, fire and a pair orplachere—all Oui nece*e*ry outfit-"WelU“ wbeal_ererythlaf  joady.I.«==«WiitllE=aad^rartotere ? to^oom e llorwanUaritJi^: ^i^ed.?AnaTtbiEj£ateaSti^i^:p|wViW!^e;a^'Jldt:dor<m^ae^their oflertaga. No one knew what ; In ’th^ c^untry- wliera-the ejLrle—aald^k^lij7wl^ we^^rrli^AbitW erttoere had^—The tarloc# tngre^_ iwpraada.lte.wlntf.* **.
^l^nta wereVlaied Is tSxe’<ruciblewith the lamp of tine, which had^ been teeted with nltrte acid and*Vj^ure^lj .welgtied. rfPhia l ctlrred' wlth' my Anger* for awreral mln- >tttea. and I might add- that Iwoorohed my fln#era la the prooeaa.At the proper moment I etoppedeilrrlng. and with a pair of plnoeratook from the crucible a bh of yet-ltnr'inetai—the transmuted metal—wtilch atood the acid teat and wae
»t th.
I aaked hia name and be eaid he . ^ .
tdF’Tottlouee, -7* war Harry Koenlgi^in lJOS to eecure* permi^ - ^leciriclaii.—-He-ueedto-T^d^^oytHQff'nttii Cobaa^-T^eatrw-aad-ajeo^at-lhatrniwii ■■ "**-W4aie»- <la rdeni' ^wrt «it »ootild not U untU 1*16. and eo I *Job at present,waited and etudlad and fltted
Wbtle .be wa* tejllng me tbeee»f:fOl^^e*TO^-and^-April-l-4hln«»the^alntcncMfthe.lJiJtnK_1916. tht charter wae drawh up and ' tn«nt oonM be beard.r. At my eugfeeUcm we were permitted to enter the teciple proper,w^jlch la the third room back on jtoa-narlot,floor^t-JIhe rootn waamearlly curtained. The crucibleatkada in- front of the Imperator'adeck. An electric bulb
inside thebowl, and when the currant teturned on light* of several colorsiHhow. The crucible ha* a olrcularpan around its edge. j.Thia wae Ailed with Vhai looked♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦pick up bit* of news,dull to^ay.**While Roth and Callahan warebreathing the fume* of the-b«m-ing inc«nee~af t^e other-emt'of .theroom I ell^pad the rwlrelese receiver* over my ears. Koenig waaright. It wa* a dull day.TheInstrument wa* not ad* juated properly,
Student Koenigturhed a.tbumMcrew on a k*board arrangenent and, what tomy untrained eare, sounded like art>mth«_CmclbU^*«»-Th<»r
Tourist Jokes,
While iaMladrld I fell from amotratain tube a neet of anakes. butthey didn't bite me bfoaoae theywere rattled*The rhlaooeroe which I saw laChile had never been to'a movingpicture iribowr That is what make*the rfetooHMrioua.
The canals of Ventae remind meof a potltiotan aa both no* tkroughtfcs ofty. rOne.day I. loat ay way on the
From The Passing Show
he coudd dlrsot me. He told om toatk the clgarmaker on the ooraer,ae he knew all the
pea.Leaving the feather behind uswe ahot. over to Bootland. As Iallghtad from "the boat I he^rd a8cot zyelling* that his little boy had- ■fallen orerboard. I jumped Intothe wefter, fcwtm to. tbe lad andbrougl^ him safely aabor^: Heroic'ally I took bUn to hi* father and"Hera's ^ar 'eon.** The.fk>that aftamoon I left for Berlin. As I study botany I rlaltedthe -famous animal park. WhenXwent to the window to buy myticket of admleelon I saw s maawith .seventee a children,i—He2 »ai^: _*rDo^ I bar* _to buyseventeen‘atScketa for seventeenchildren as 1am the tat her of theseseventeen children f* 1you don't have to take themto t** the sata&alav.WaK a minute

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