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Published by UNHCR_Thailand

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Published by: UNHCR_Thailand on Aug 16, 2012
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© UNHCR/K.Nagasaka
UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Bangkok Office newsletter, 2012 − Volume 4
Annual Report 2011:
Our Past Year’s Achievements
Annual Report 2011:
Our Past Year’s Achievements
Mr.James Lynch, UNHCR Regional Representative hands over 5,000 solar lanterns worth 7.5 million Baht toMr.Pranai Suwannarat, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior.
© UNHCR/S.Bhukittikul
Message from UNHCR Regional Representative
Dear UNHCR Supporters,The year 2011 was challenging for Thailand, with thecountry facing the worst oods in 50 years. I wish toexpress my sympathy for the loss of life and theoods’ devastating consequences. UNHCR donatedcash and solar lanterns worth nine million Baht forThais affected by oods. This was our way of thank-ing Thailand and the Thai people for the country’shospitality in hosting refugees for nearly fourdecades. The natural disaster has tested the spirit ofhuman beings. Thai people have proved to be resil-ient and already rebuilt their lives.In other parts of Thailand near the border, refugeeshave lived in difculty for over twenty years. Unfortu-nately, budgetary constraints forced UNHCR toreduce its livelihood programs for refugees along theborder last year. This just emphasizes how essentialyour continued contribution is to enable the UNrefugee agency to continue to provide adequatesupport to refugees.Despite these obstacles, we did make progress inimportant areas last year. With your support, we areable to ensure that children born in refugee campsreceive birth certicates. Almost 2,000 birth certi-cates were issued last year to children born in thecamps in Thailand. These documents, which most ofus take for granted, are essential to keep childrenfrom falling into the limbo of statelessness and willbe invaluable for proving their identity wherever theygrow up.We continue to help refugees nd new lives in othercountries through our resettlement program. In2011, more than 9,000 refugees from the campsdeparted to nine countries, including the US, NewZealand, Finland and Japan. As a result, the numberof registered refugees dropped from almost 95,000at the beginning of 2011 to some 88,000 by the endof the year.Your contribution has played a critical role in theprogress we made in 2011. Thank you for yourkindness in supporting refugees in Thailand. I hope2012 will be a pleasant year for Thai people. How-ever, I also want to reassure that UNHCR will standby you in any times of difculty; the same way thatyou have extended your compassion to refugeesduring the past few years.Best Regards,
James Lynch
Regional RepresentativeUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR)
Annual Report 2011
Number of countries inwhich UNHCR is present:
Persons of concernto the HighCommissioner:
Staff membersat Headquarters:
Number of UNHCRoffices worldwide:
States party to the 1951Convention and/or the 1967Protocol:
Ratio of staff membersto people of concern:
1 per 5,292
 Total 2011 UNHCRexpenditure (USD):
2.18 billion
UNHCR regularstaff members:
Staff membersin the field:
Number of NGOsworking as imple-menting partners:
The High Commissioner for Refugees is mandated by the United Nations to leadand coordinate international action for the worldwide protection of refugees and theresolution of refugee problems.UNHCR’s primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. Inits efforts to achieve this objective, the Ofce strives to ensure that everyone canexercise the right to seek asylum and nd safe refuge in another state, and toreturn home voluntarily. By assisting refugees to return to their own country or tosettle permanently in another country, UNHCR also seeks lasting solutions to theirplight.
Mission Statement
Refugees living in camps in Thailand were forced to ee from violence andconicts from their country. There are about 88,000* registered refugeesand some 8,000* asylum seekers who live in nine camps in four provincesalong the Thai-Myanmar border. Most of them are ethnic groups, mainlyKaren and Karenni from Myanmar. Many have lived in camps for morethan two decades. UNHCR takes the necessary steps to protect them,helps them rebuild their lives; provides them with skills to becomeself-reliant and nds durable solutions for them.
*statistics by end of 2011
2011 UNHCR Thailand OperationBasic Facts
© UNHCR/T.Falise
Main Objective and Targets
• To ensure access to asylum, protection and physical security for refugees and asylum seekers.• To strengthen national bodies and procedures in support of a national protection regime.• To improve the social and economic well-being of refugees and find durable solutions for them.

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