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Lyra Earth Connection

Lyra Earth Connection

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Published by fcukya

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: fcukya on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Contents
Introduction Page 3My Days of Channeling Page 5Connecting with Multidimensional Selves Page 6How Connection Works Page 7Relationship With The Lyrans Page 7
The Lyran Channelings
The Beginnings of Lyra and the Birth of Humanity Page 9The Alpha Draconians Page 17More on Lyra (Chat’ka) Page 20History of Earth Page 25Teachings of Oneness, Synchronicity, Higher Page 29Densities and SoulAdditional Information From My Other Page 39Multidimensional Selves
Conclusion Page 42
I was originally born in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. I come froma large family of 4 brothers and 1 sister. My whole life from birth toteenaged years did involve a religion. A religion I honestly hated so much. Itwas the religion of the Jehovah’s witnesses. The experience of being insuch a religion, which I think is a compliment to what I feel it really is in allhonesty tarnished my feeling of spirituality so much, that I had no moreinterest in spirituality. It affected me so much, I didn’t even want to believethat a God existed. Because if God was personified with the way he waspersonified through that religion, I didn’t want to believe in such a conceptof God at all. So I guess you could say this almost made me an Atheist inmost respects.Spirituality is something I thought I would never get into. The path I havebeen seeking out now was something that was never my original intentionto do. But one day it just clicked in. And it all began on the idea of a novel.I was always heavy into science fiction. Ever since I was a kid, I wouldalways gaze up at the stars and have that feeling that one day, myexperiences in the future would lead me up there. I didn’t know how at thetime, but it’s as if the feeling of being out there past this earth was withinmy grasp in the distant years ahead.I decided I wanted to create a novel that was widely entertaining and basedon very factual events admitted to a selection of former Black Opspersonnel or channelers, or psychics or experiencers. These things alwaysfascinated me. So I went on YouTube one day and I wanted to startresearching information for the novel I was going to create called “DayZero.” As I continued to research all this information from various sourceson YouTube, I started to become addicted to these experiences that somany have had. What was stranger was that I found so manycommonalities in what was being talked about. It intrigued me so much. After about a solid week of non-stop research online, something wasstarting to happen to me. Its as if I was being filled with a cup of knowledge.Like the cup was having liquid knowledge added to it every time I wouldresearch more and more. It finally reached the point where that cup of 

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